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“No, actually, [Eden] is called the Divine Realm not because there are gods in it, but because there are countless Spirit Fruits growing in [Eden], also known as Holy Fruits.

There are many of them, and their effects are extremely great.

Even the weeds by the roadside contain extremely powerful lifeforce.”

“Especially the Holy Fruit of [Eden], which can contain all kinds of power.

The existence of this thing can only be traced back to ancient books.

Let alone whether this fruit really exists, no one knows whether [Eden] is real or not! ”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head and said, “Whether there are gods amongst them or not, I also had doubts before, but I also have no way of knowing.

After all, no one has been to this place before.”

“Spirit Fruit Holy Fruit” Ye Feng thought to himself.

‘What is this

This place was too mysterious.

Ye Feng could not help but feel desire.

Even if it was to kill the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul, Ye Feng had to go to this place.

‘I wonder if the teleportation device that Su Fei gave me works Ye Feng could not help but have a crazy idea.

Since he was going to [Eden] through the spatial gate, could this teleportation device simulate the spatial gate Or could it directly cross the concept of the spatial gate to achieve the effect of crossing over and directly go to [Eden]

Of course, Ye Feng did not dare to casually try.

After all, he only had one teleportation device.

If he tried, even if he succeeded, he would not have any extra teleportation devices.

Moreover, this experiment was very risky.

If he offended the Divine race, if such an existence really existed, any pressure would be a destructive blow to the human world.

“How strong are the Divine race” Thinking of this, Ye Feng couldnt help but ask.

“I dont know about this.

I dont know how strong the Divine race is either.

But as far as I know, their strength is unfathomable.

It may have already exceeded our understanding.

Its far beyond A grade.”

“The strength of the [Eden]s Divine race should be at least S grade.

The main reason why [Eden] can give birth to the Divine race is that there is a rule in the [Eden] of the Divine Realm.

That is, only the strongest Super S grade in Eden can become the tribe leader of Edens Divine race, which is also the Godly King,” Lin Xiaoyue said.

“Super S grade God King! What kind of rank is that” Ye Feng continued to ask.

“I dont know about that either.

I only know that in [Eden], other than the extremely powerful Divine Emperors and God Kings, the rest can only be considered as an ordinary Divine race!” Lin Xiaoyue replied.

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“Okay.” Ye Feng nodded.

He couldnt ask any more questions from Lin Xiaoyue.

After all, these concepts were extremely vague to them.

Just the concept of beyond A was already beyond what Ye Feng could understand.

Not to mention that there were still some unimaginable things in the [Eden] because these things were not things that ordinary people could understand at all!

Lin Xiaoyue stood up, patted her butt, and said, “I still have something to do at school.

I should go!”

“You woke up and your limbs are healthy, but you can still ask so many questions.

Your brain should be fine.

You should be fine after a good rest.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“Wait, also, dont let strangers get close to you during this period of time.”

Ye Feng asked in puzzlement, “Why”

“Nothing, Im just reminding you.” Lin Xiaoyue turned around and left after saying that.

“Alright!” Ye Feng shrugged and did not delve into this matter.

Ye Feng looked at the blue sky outside the window and stretched his body.

At the same time, he began to think deeply.

According to the current situation, Ye Feng would definitely need more cultivation resources to suppress the backlash of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul in his body.

If he wanted to completely eradicate this Soul Curse, he had to kill his way to [Eden] and kill the hidden Water Elemental Dragon King there.

Otherwise, such consumption would greatly affect Ye Fengs later cultivation.

The most important reason was to fulfill his promise to Senior Walter.

The most troublesome thing was the path to [Eden].

At this time, Ye Feng suddenly slapped his head and was overjoyed.

‘Isnt there a system

Thinking of this, Ye Feng decisively called out the system.

‘Help me deduce how to get to [Eden].

After all, this system was too heaven-defying! Moreover, with the [Analysis] sequence, Ye Feng was practically cheating.

[Ding, Hosts thoughts have been detected.

Proceeding with deduction.]


Following the sound of a notification, Ye Feng received a piece of information.

This information was about how to get to [Eden].

The Divine Realm [Eden] was located at a certain point.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to directly go there.

One had to trigger certain conditions before something called a spatial gate would appear.

This condition was to trigger some sort of powerful elemental power, or some sort of large-scale disaster would appear and disrupt the flow of the elements, which would trigger such a spatial gate.

There was another method, even if it was to open a fixed spatial gate through a specified route.

Ye Feng paid more attention to this route.

After all, it would be quite difficult for him to send out a powerful elemental power with his current strength.

Moreover, his strength had not reached that level, so this method was a probability trigger.

It would be better to consider the latter method and activate the fixed spatial gate.

Comparatively, Ye Feng felt that it was simpler.

This method first had to go through a section of the [Burning Thorny Road].

In this domain, there were all kinds of fire-type and wood-type creatures.

Only then could they reach the top of [Babel Tower].

In the [Babel Tower] area, there were also thunder-type and earth-type creatures.

All kinds of alien races would occupy this area.

If he passed through these two areas successfully, he would finally be able to open the narrow door in the city in the sky.

This narrow door was the spatial gate that Lin Xiaoyue mentioned!

It was also one of the ways to the Divine Realm, [Eden]!

‘It seems that I still need to find a specific route to find these areas.

If I have the chance in the future, I must consult Teacher Andy! Ye Feng thought to himself.

After all, his strength alone was still limited.

Right now, he did not have the strength to head there.

The Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul contained in his body was something he still had to deal with.

But he believed that he would soon set foot on the path to [Eden]!

The only thing Ye Feng was worried about now was that he could not find the coordinates of the spatial gate.

However, now that Ye Feng had the help of the system, it was not a problem for him to find this point.

Ye Feng was not afraid that danger would appear inside [Eden].

As long as he could grasp the opportunity, he could still smoothly enter [Eden].

The most important thing now was to find the entrance to the land of [Eden] and then find the escaping soul of the Water Elemental Dragon King!


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