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“Ye Feng, how are you!”

At this moment, Professor Lei, who appeared at the door, saw Ye Feng and immediately ran in.

Along with Professor Lei were Teacher Andy, the other professors of the Academy, and his classmates.

More than a dozen people squeezed into a large room at the same time.

“I feel good.

Theres nothing wrong.” Ye Feng felt a little embarrassed when he saw so many people come to visit him.

He felt a little flattered when he saw Teacher Andy was also there.

After all, the news of him killing the Water Elemental Dragon King had at least been known by the higher-ups of the Academy.

Ye Feng did not care about the public opinion effect that this matter would have on the outside world.

In short, he believed that the Academy would cut off the live broadcast at that time.

After all, the impact of this matter was too great.

Now, the audience only knew that the Water Elemental Dragon King was killed in the end, but who killed it, and how it was killed, these were all unknown.

But most people, at the last moment of being cut off from the live broadcast, saw Ye Feng still persisting in the battle, so they naturally thought that it was Ye Fengs masterpiece.

But when comparing the strength of the two, most people thought that Ye Feng picked up a loophole.

In the early stage, it was Lin Xiaoyue who constantly consumed the Water Elemental Dragon King.

In addition, the Water Elemental Dragon King was temporarily awakened and affected by the spiritual energy tide, so its strength was also not at its peak.

In the end, Ye Feng found an opportunity to kill it.

Of course, this was only a common guess.

After all, everyone knew that the Academy had intervened, and the live broadcast was also closed.

Everyone had different opinions about the result.

There were more than ten thousand related topics, and in short, no one was convinced by the other.

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“Its good that youre fine! This time, the dean has come to visit you.

Youve done very well in this matter.

As expected of the rising star of our Cloud Mist Academy!!” Professor Lei saw that Ye Fengs condition was very good, and he was also very happy.

“This time, were not only here to visit you, but also to announce the results.” After Professor Lei finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Teacher Andy, who was the Wind Elemental Human Ceiling of combat strength.

Teacher Andy smiled slightly.

“Young man, your performance has indeed surprised us.

This is the reward for being the first in this assessment!”

As he spoke, Andy took out something.

It was a card, but its appearance was very stable.

Moreover, the luster of the metal was very different.

The whole thing gave Ye Feng a unique and noble feeling… One look and one could tell that this thing was a good thing!

Ye Feng also noticed that there was a strange symbol on the card.

It was as if a gaze was looking here.

It was as if one was born with a gentle breeze surging from the bottom of ones heart, carrying with it a gentle spiritual shock.

In short, all of this did not have any effect on Ye Feng, but there was an indescribable strangeness.

Only when Ye Fengs analytical ability was released did he know that this was actually a [Certificate of Inheritance]!

And it was the wind elemental [Certificate of Inheritance]!

“Hehe, I believe you have already guessed what this is.

This is the reward for first place [Andys Wind Elemental Inheritance],” Teacher Andy said as he handed this card to Ye Feng.

“Hehe, thats right.

I believe you also know the origin and significance of this card.

You are now a member of our Academy.

Having this [Certificate of Inheritance] means that you are one of the students favored by our great dean!” Professor Lei smiled and explained.

“Then what is this card used for” Hearing this, Ye Feng could not help but ask again.

“This card, the full name [Andys Wind Elemental Inheritance], is also known as a [Certificate of Inheritance].

The patterns carved on it represent the wind element, one of the four major elements.”

“Only with the [Certificate of Inheritance] can you go to the Land of Inheritance and receive the great inheritance.

This also means that you are now considered a quasi-wind element successor.”

Looking at the beaming Professor Lei and the gratified expressions of the people behind him, Ye Feng suddenly felt a little smug.

He did not expect that he had just obtained the water elemental inheritance, and not long after, he also obtained the title of quasi-wind elemental inheritance.

According to Ye Fengs understanding, generally speaking, the title of the inheritance, especially the [Certificate of Inheritance], was the card in Ye Fengs hand.

Only the descendants of an ancient symbiotes family could obtain it.

An average symbiote family basically had no chance of obtaining such a great opportunity in their entire lifetime.

And Ye Feng, as the first place in this freshmen assessment, did not expect to actually obtain such a reward!

This reward was a hundred times more valuable than all sorts of rare and precious fruits and all sorts of divine equipment.

This was a wind elemental inheritance!

One of the Four Great Elements, the wind elemental inheritance!

Although the water elemental energy in Ye Fengs body had not been completely refined and fused, over time, he had absorbed and refined a bit of it.

The strengthening of his body was visible to the naked eye.

Now, Ye Fengs origin energy was unprecedentedly powerful!

Now that the dean had given him such a reward, it was actually equivalent to giving him a special lesson.

After all, such a precious thing was something that only the descendants of an ancient symbiote family had the chance to enjoy.

Unexpectedly, the exception this time was actually an ordinary person like him!

“Thank you, Professor, Teacher Andy, Professor Lei, and everyone else.” Ye Feng hurriedly bowed and thanked them.

At the same time, he also looked at Teacher Andy gratefully.

If it wasnt for him appreciating him, he would probably have to wait for a long time before he could obtain the identity card.

“Its fine.

Its our Academys honor that you were able to stand up in such a dangerous situation and save so many students!” Teacher Andy nodded his head in appreciation.

An aura that came from a strong person was constantly emitted from within.

It was as if you didnt need to carefully sense it.

This aura could let you feel that the person in front of you was far from being as powerful as you imagined.

‘Could this be the aura of a Human Ceiling Ye Feng thought to himself.

At this moment, he thought of Walters matter.

There were only four people known as the Human Ceiling of combat power.

Moreover, these four people were all super top-tier combat powers.

There was no reason for them to be defeated by the Water Elemental Dragon King.

Ye Feng was puzzled.

It seemed that there was another reason.

No matter what, Ye Feng had to go to [Eden] and find the soul of the Water Elemental Dragon King.

He had to find out the reason!

Although the situation was indeed critical at that time, if Ye Feng had not made a move, not to mention the lives of the students of the Water Training Hall, the entire Earth would have been in danger!

Although this Ye Feng was only a student, he was able to fight bravely in such a harsh environment and protect the lives of so many people.

It was indeed worthy of praise.

Ye Feng did not speak.

He knew that this [Certificate of Inheritance] was not only a reward, but also glory!

Moreover, Teacher Andy also knew that there must be some special reason why Ye Feng could survive.

If it was not for Ye Fengs special ability, the extra points Andy gave him in the beginning would probably have allowed him to die in the hands of his companions dozens of times!

“Teacher Andy is flattering me.

This is also what I should do…” Ye Feng said humbly, while secretly remembering this favor.


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