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Professor Lei nodded.

“Youre right.

If you only want to protect yourself, theres no need to do this.

Only with team spirit will you behave like this!”

Teacher Andy also nodded.

“Welcome to the big family of Cloud Mist Academy.

I hope to see your figure frequently in the future!”

This was because Ye Feng, this brat, had already exceeded his expectations.

He was even on the verge of becoming a wind element inheritor.

If he could obtain such a [Certificate of Inheritance], then his potential would be even greater, and the space for him to grow in the future would also be greater and greater!

This was also why he wanted to personally issue this [Certificate of Inheritance] and give Ye Feng such an honor.

This could also be considered as increasing Ye Fengs prestige.

“There are also some rewards for clearing the level.

They are all sent to your account in Zhutian Mall.

You can take them out at any time,” Professor Lei reminded.

“There are other rewards” Ye Feng smiled, somewhat surprised.

“Yes, yes.

Not only that, because you are the first place, the rewards are also abnormally generous.

Not only are there rewards given by the Academy, there are also rewards for killing the Water Elemental Dragon King.

These are all rewards that you deserve!”

Ye Feng nodded his head, feeling somewhat happy.

If he remembered correctly, the Academys rewards were usually distributed in the form of points.

Moreover, the Academys points could not only be used to exchange for items in the Academys points store, it could also be used for high-level consumption by the various academies.

It was a good item!

The Slime Crown that Ye Feng had taken a fancy to previously was a very precious item in Cloud Mist Academys points store.

If he could obtain enough points to exchange for it, it would definitely improve his Slime and bring about a great leap in speed!

After chatting for a while, the professors greetings were considered to be over.

After which, they left this place.

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After all, they were all high-level professors and teachers.

Time was also extremely tight and there were things waiting to be dealt with almost every second.

To be able to free up time was also giving Ye Feng a lot of face.

Before the professors left, Teacher Andy took a look at Ye Feng, and a sentence entered Ye Fengs mind.

“What happened to Walter” Andy asked.

There were so many people just now, so it was hard to say.

After all, they were all top-notch human combat strength, the hope and hero of all humans.

Every action would deeply affect mankind, so their actions were usually very mysterious and would not be revealed on their own initiative.

Once people found out that there was a problem with the hero in their hearts, it would be enough to cause a global uproar.

Ye Feng was stunned, and then he sighed.

He did not expect that he still could not avoid Andys meticulousness.

After all, he was a top-notch human fighter, and nothing could be hidden from them.

Ye Feng thought for a moment and said, “Senior Walter, he…”

Andys figure paused and turned to look at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng ultimately could not say the worddied.

Seeing Andys gaze, Ye Feng opened his mouth and was about to say something.

He was stopped by Andy and did not say anything more.

He only said one sentence, “You rest well.

I will contact you again.”

After saying that, he left the place.

Facing the death of his old friend, Ye Feng did not know what would happen to Andy.

However, he could feel that Andys heart was also filled with unhappiness and pain.

At their level, they were already extremely cold at the top.

He did not have many close friends to begin with, and now, his old friend had died.

This news was too heavy.

After everyone left, another group of people came.

The leader was a very fashionable uncle.

Behind him were a few big men in black.

Those who did not know would think that it was the big brother of the underworld with a few underworld underlings.

The fashionable uncle walked into the room.

When he saw Ye Feng lying on the bed, he immediately took off his sunglasses and approached him happily.

“Young man, I remember you! You are Ye Feng, hahaha!” The old man laughed and said, “I finally meet you!”

“Oh, may I ask who you are” Ye Feng rubbed his eyes and squinted at the uncle in front of him.

Although he recalled carefully, he still did not have the slightest impression.

“Did you get the wrong person Perhaps we have the same name” Ye Feng scratched his head, indicating that he did not have any impression.

After the uncle heard it, he waved his hand and immediately laughed out loud.

“Its normal that you dont recognize me.

My name is Lin Ye and I am Lin Xiaoyues father.

Although we have not met before, I remember you very clearly!”

Ye Feng was stunned.

He didnt expect Lin Ye to appear in front of him.

This surprised him.

He remembered this name too well.

Lin Ye was the number one family in Wuzhou City.

No matter if it was their connections or power, they were second to none.

Moreover, Lin Yes cultivation level was also very terrifying.

According to the latest list of symbiotic cultivators in Wuzhou City, Lin Ye became one of the most powerful people in Wuzhou City with his A cultivation level!

His strength had also reached the Human Ceiling level!

It was precisely because of his super strength that the Lin familys influence in Wuzhou City was incomparably huge.

The Lin family was basically present in all walks of life.

Ye Fengs family was poor and had once received relief from the Disaster Relief Foundation of Wuzhou City established by the Lin family.

Therefore, from this point of view, Lin Ye was still Ye Fengs benefactor!

It was also at this time that Ye Feng dreamed of becoming a rich person like Lin Ye when he grew up.

If he was rich enough, he did not have to worry about food and drink, and he could also help ordinary people.

But Ye Feng also did not expect that Lin Xiaoyue was actually Lin Yes daughter!

This… was too coincidental!

“So its Senior Lin Ye.

Nice to meet you! I wonder what Senior Lin Ye is here for” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Hearing Ye Feng address him assenior, Lin Ye appeared very satisfied, and the smile on his face became even brighter.

“Little Brother Ye Feng, Ive also been watching the live stream of Cloud Mist Academys freshmen assessment.

In the end, when the spiritual energy tide erupted, didnt Xiaoyue go over as a rescue team to rescue students But later on, she encountered the Dragon King and almost lost her life.

If it werent for you, Im afraid that Xiaoyue wouldnt have been able to escape this calamity!”

“I came here to thank you!”

“I heard that you are also from Wuzhou.

I sent people to visit your family.

I heard that you got first place in the exam.

They are also happy for you!”

“I have to say, Little Brother Ye Feng, your talent is very high.

I believe that in time, you will definitely become one of the top fighters in Wuzhou City!” When Lin Ye said this, his tone was very positive.

“Hehe, Senior Lin Ye is flattering me.

I dont dare to dream of becoming a top combat force.” Ye Feng shook his head and was very modest.

Lin Yes words gave Ye Feng a great sense of pride.


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