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The other party was already an extremely strong person.

Originally, there was no reason for him to praise himself.

However, the other party still said these words.

It also meant that Ye Feng still had the strength that he had displayed.

It was still somewhat shocking.

Ye Fengs position as the first place was confirmed.

No one dared to have any objections.

Especially the classmates who participated in the freshmen assessment with Ye Feng.

They could be considered to have seen Ye Fengs strength.

Just destroying two regions, this kind of power was already enough to make them feel terrified, not to mention the battle that would follow.

They might not even be able to withstand the spiritual energy tide, let alone go to the most dangerous deep sea region to kill the Water Elemental Dragon King.

They didnt even dare to think about these things.

Because the difference in their strength was too great!

They finally understood Ye Fengs strength.

“Little Brother Ye Feng, your assessment this time can be considered to have completely established your position in Wuzhou City.

Your talent is really too strong! I believe that in the near future, the entire China will know of your reputation!” Lin Ye said with a smile.

“Alright, alright.

I wont keep you from resting.

You should hurry up and rest.

This time, its all thanks to you saving Xiaoyue.

I will remember this favor in my heart.”

“During this period of time, I will be at Cloud Mist Academy.

When you have time, we can chat together and Ill treat you to a meal” Lin Ye patted Ye Fengs shoulder and looked at Ye Feng with a smile.

Ye Feng smiled and nodded.

“Then I wont disturb your rest.

We will contact each other when the time comes!” After Lin Ye finished speaking, he left.

Looking at the backs of Lin Ye and the others as they left, Ye Feng suddenly felt that there was an unprecedented challenge.

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After all, many people knew that his deeds were both true and false.

Now, he could clearly feel that the various large factions were continuously trying to rope him in.

Ye Feng felt somewhat distressed about this, but all of this was not a problem.

After all, his own strength was everything.

Now that he had obtained the water elemental inheritance, he would soon be able to go to the wind elemental inheritance land to accept the inheritance test.

This was already a huge test for him.

Not to mention, he had to find the opportunity to find the city in the sky, open the spatial door, and head to [Eden] to kill the last trace of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul!

“Ye Feng, who was that just now Why does he have a different aura He seems to be quite powerful.

He doesnt look ordinary.”

Then, a familiar voice came from the door.

Ye Feng thought of something and quickly turned his head to look at the door.

A fat man walked in leisurely with a basket of fruits in his hand.

Strangely, he was holding an apple that he had just eaten.

He was none other than Ye Fengs roommate, the senior who had been held back for ten years, Su Bai.

Seeing him, Ye Feng couldnt help but sigh, “Brother Su, you finally came to see me.

Ive been waiting for you!”

“Hehe, I just came to see you.

I knew you must be hungry, so I brought you some fruits and a big strawberry apple.

Look at how fresh they are!” Su Bai said with a smile and handed over a basket of leftover fruits.

“That man just now is Lin Xiaoyues father, Lin Ye, the richest man in Wuzhou City.”

“He is very powerful.

He is the number one family in Wuzhou City, the Lin family.

I dont know why he suddenly appeared in Wuzhou City.

It seems a little strange.

Plus, he is very overbearing.

Ordinary people dont dare to provoke him,”Ye Feng said and picked the biggest apple and bit it.

“Hmm, its really sweet!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

It had been a long time since he had eaten such a sweet apple.

“Right Im not lying to you, right Im telling you that this apple is very expensive!” Su Bai said with a smile.

“Oh right, Ye Feng, your assessment is over, right I heard that you guys met with some trouble during the freshmen assessment I thought you would just die!”

Ye Feng was speechless: “Hey, who bribed you Whats in it for you if I die!”

“No! No! How would I dare! I also heard about your battle record.

Its really amazing.

You killed the Water Elemental Dragon King alone.

Youre Invincible!” Su Bai quickly shook his head, indicating that there definitely wasnt anyone who bribed him.

“I didnt kill him.

Someone else did!” Ye Feng argued.

“Of course I know that.

The Water Elemental Dragon King was demonized by the spiritual energy tide.

Its strength was less than half.

Thats why there was an awakening stage later.

You took advantage of it.

Plus, Lin Xiaoyue consumed a lot of energy in the early stage.

Youre just picking someones head for nothing!”

With that, Su Bai revealed a sly smile.

“But your self-vindication has piqued my interest.”

“Think about it.

Killing the Water Elemental Dragon King is such a great achievement.

People are in a rush to take credit.

Who would deny that they did it” Su Bai continued.

“This, this…” Ye Feng was at a loss for words.

What Su Bai said made some sense.

But Ye Feng didnt want to admit that he did it.

After all, this contribution was too great.

Once he admitted it, his strength would be completely exposed.

Then trouble would come one after another.

“Hehe, you dont have to explain to me.

Lets not talk about this!”

Seeing Ye Fengs awkward look, Su Bai laughed.

“I didnt do it, I really didnt do it!” Ye Feng continued to argue.

He opened his mouth unconsciously and the apple skin fell to the ground.

It looked hilarious.

“Haha!” Su Bai couldnt help but laugh.

“Hey, what are you laughing at Let me tell you, I dont want to say this!” Ye Feng looked like he was afraid of being cheated.

“I wont say it either!” Su Bai replied with a smile.

Ring, ring, ring… At this time, Su Bai received a phone call.

Then, he said something and left.

“Alright, if theres nothing else, Ill leave first.

Call me if you need anything.

Ill wait for you in the dormitory!”

Looking at Su Bais disappearing figure, Ye Feng cursed in his heart,D*mn it, I fell into this guys trap again!

But Ye Feng was not worried about what this guy would expose.

Even if he was exposed, he had no evidence and no proof.

And the mainstream version was exactly what he said just now.

If people knew that it was Ye Feng who killed the Water Elemental Dragon King alone, all the major media outlets would have surrounded this place by now.

Who did not want to grab a hot headline!

This liveliness was not so good to watch.

Ye Feng did not want to watch.

“Alas, in this world, strength is the most important principle!” Looking out of the window, Ye Feng let out a sigh.

Then, Ye Feng lay on the bed and fell asleep.

He had been exhausted these few days.

Although he had practiced [Starfire Meditation], he still needed to replenish his energy and recover his energy.

“Forget it.

Anyway, he has already left, and no one will come now.

I can also relax.

I need to have a good rest,”Ye Feng muttered.

These few days, ever since he had entered the Water Training Hall, it seemed that he had not been idle for a single day.

He was either fighting, or on the road to battle.

Moreover, the things he encountered were all high-level existences, such as Murlocs, Flood Dragons, and sub-Dragons.

Any of these things were things that ordinary people would never encounter in their entire lives.

But Ye Feng had encountered them all!

In such high-intensity battles, it made him physically and mentally exhausted.

He had to have a good sleep and recover his energy.

If there was anything else, he would talk about it tomorrow!


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