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The next day.

Ye Feng exited from his cultivation state early.

“Looks like the effects of this cultivation are not bad.

The many days of hard work have finally paid off.” Ye Feng looked at the changes in his body and nodded in satisfaction.

Last night, Ye Feng had already felt that his body had already reached a critical value.

As long as there was a suitable opportunity, he could break through the bottleneck and reach a new realm!

‘I can still leave the hospital after a day of rest since my injuries are not serious, Ye Feng thought in his heart.

He wanted to make use of the time to prepare training resources.

After all, in order to stabilize the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul in his body, he had to use a lot of resources.

And now that the freshmen assessment had ended, many people had suffered serious injuries as a result.

The Academy had decided to postpone the award ceremony to a month later.

Therefore, Ye Feng had a lot of time to find cultivation resources.

If not for his extraordinary body, Ye Feng would probably have been in the hospital for half a month and would not have been able to get up.

‘Lets go back to the dormitory first.

I always feel uncomfortable here, Ye Feng thought to himself.

After putting on his clothes, he went through the discharge procedures and left this place.

After walking out of the hospital, Ye Feng realized that this hospital was also a school!

Moreover, it was not far from the training hall.

From afar, Ye Feng could see that many students were practicing in the training hall.

Generally speaking, the spiritual energy content of the training hall was denser than that of other buildings.

This was also an effect set up for the convenience of training.

Ye Feng breathed in the air and sighed, “What a magnificent school.

I hope I can learn something in the next few years!”

There was nothing interesting in the vicinity, and Ye Feng did not want to wander around outside, so he directly returned to the dormitory.

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Almost all of the freshmen who were in the same batch as Ye Feng were now lying in the hospital.

This allowed Ye Feng to wander around without being discovered.

Otherwise, he would definitely gain a bunch of underlings.

After all, everyone who participated in the assessment basically understood Ye Fengs strength.

Even if they did not see it with their own eyes, they had at least heard of it.

Ye Fengs level had already reached the terrifying stage where he could kill a Flood Dragon.

This was a realm that no one could compare to.

Of course, even the top five of the ranking could do it.

However, it was not as easy as Ye Fengs.

Moreover, they did not see Ye Fengs potential.

They only saw Ye Feng Kill a Flood Dragon.

After that, he entered the bottom of the lake.

No one knew what happened.

However, Ye Fengs deeds seemed to have fermented and spread everywhere.

Ye Feng did not care about this either.

He was confident in all his actions during the assessment as well as the abilities he released.

After all, he knew that many Air Detection Eyes were watching him 24 hours a day.

If they discovered something extraordinary, not to mention how the audience would react, the dean and the elders would not let these images spread.

After all, as teachers and professors, they were all highly respected existences.

Naturally, they valued talents very much.

Even if they knew Ye Fengs true level, they wouldnt expose it so easily, not to mention they didnt know!

While thinking, Ye Feng came to the entrance of the dormitory, swiped his student card, pushed open the door, and walked in.

Sure enough, there was no one there.

That boy Su Bai must have not come back for an entire night.

He said he had something to do.

Maybe he went somewhere to pick up girls again.

Ye Feng returned to his bed.

It was so comfortable and familiar that he couldnt help but stretch his waist.

The freshmen assessment was indeed cruel enough that Ye Fengs nerves were still tense up until now.

This kind of state would last for a few more days.

After all, he had changed his environment, so he still needed to get used to it.

“Lets see what good stuff the school sent me,” Ye Feng muttered.

He opened Zhutian Mall and immediately saw that his account had received more than a dozen items.

Ye Feng was extremely excited.

He clicked on it and took a look.

[Spirit Herb x100]

[Breathing Fruit x10]

[Flame Fruit x3]

[Sky Fruit x1]

[Strengthening Potion x1]

[Recovery Potion x1]

[Dali Pill x10]

[Shugan Jianwei Pill x10]

[Water Arrow Magic Book x1]

[Cloud Mist Points x1000]

Seeing the dense pile of words, Ye Feng was dumbfounded after reading it.

“These are all high-grade Spirit Herbs And theres even a high-grade magic book! And there are even 1000 points! How is this possible” Ye Feng muttered.

Ye Feng looked at the detailed words written on it and felt that his eyes were blurred.

He rubbed it with all his strength and realized that it was still there.

This scene made Ye Feng almost go crazy.

These were all high-quality goods!

This was too exaggerated!!

Ye Feng knew that these things were good at a glance.

There were even a few items that were priceless treasures that Ye Feng did not recognize.

However, he was sure that these things were definitely very valuable items.

He did not expect the Academy to be so generous.

These items were enough for Ye Feng to cultivate and absorb for a period of time!

There were a total of ten items, and they were all high-quality items!

Looking at the pill and potion, Ye Feng was immediately somewhat puzzled.

“Whats the difference between these two”

If it was during normal times, Ye Feng would not have entered Cloud Mist Academys platform.

The thing that he came into contact with the most was the potion.

It was not considered the thing that he came into contact with the most.

After all, it was something that he had learned from his textbooks.

However, the concept of potions appeared far more frequently in Ye Fengs impression than the pill.

A pill was an enhanced version of a potion.

It was a kind of buff-like item that continuously increased its effects.

In other words, the difference between a healing potion and a healing pill was that the effects of the medicinal pill could be seen immediately after consumption.

As for a healing potion, after drinking it, the effect would increase continuously.

Moreover, the duration of the effect would be judged according to the quality of the potion.

Therefore, generally speaking, the pill would only appear on the real battlefield, or in some battles.

Moreover, the price of a pill was high.

Usually, only the children of some rich families could afford it.

However, Ye Fengs heart suddenly bloomed when he received so many potions and pills at once.

Other than consuming the Spirit Fruits and some cultivation resources, Ye Feng also noticed that among these rewards, there was actually a magic book!

Ye Feng opened the details page of this book and looked at the explanation in the mall.

[Water Arrow Magic Book.]

[The magic book for Dungeon Mages was said to have taken 81 days to complete.

It can shoot water arrows at a very fast speed, and the consumption of magic power is also reduced to the minimum.]

The introduction of this book was simple and clear.

But such a simple and clear introduction shocked Ye Feng, because he saw many incredible things in this book.

In other words, if he learned this magic book, then the speed of his [Water Breaking Arrow] could not only be increased, but could also reduce the consumption of magic power!

And most importantly, this magic book was actually a water elemental magic book!

That also meant that Ye Feng could not only increase the casting speed of [Water Breaking Arrow], but he could also obtain different degrees of enhancement effects on other water elemental skills.

This was simply the magic book that Ye Feng dreamed of.


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