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“Even if I were to take out all the edible things I obtained in the Water Training Hall, such as the Spirit Fruits and Spirit Herbs and consume them, I wouldnt be able to reach a stronger level.”

“The consumption of this seal has truly exceeded my imagination!”

Ye Feng could feel the surging power in his body and couldnt help but exclaim.

If this continued, his resources would be used up sooner or later.

Moreover, his resources, which could be eaten, were only left with a few Flame Fruits.

He still wanted to keep these things for consumption in the future, or maybe leave a few for Su Fei.

Even if he consumed them himself, the power of a few Spirit Fruits wouldnt be enough to support him to continue strengthening the seal.

Right now, the only way seemed to be to buy these consumables back.

Be it Zhutian Mall, Cloud Mist Academys flea market, or Cloud Mist Academys points mall, they could all be bought or exchanged.

But all of these required more money and points.

Ye Feng had a slight headache.

It wasnt that he was unwilling to spend money, but the consumables he needed were simply too many!

“My current strength is much stronger than before.

If I didnt meet the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul this time, I probably wouldnt have such an opportunity,” Ye Feng said with emotion.

Such an opportunity was really rare.

Normally, it could only be encountered at some critical moments, but Ye Feng encountered it and even successfully advanced.

This time, not only did Ye Feng obtain a large number of resources, he also obtained a large number of beast skins and bones.

These were all very valuable.

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It was also sufficient for Ye Feng to train for a very long period of time.

“In any case, lets go and take a look first!”

Ye Feng stood up and stretched his body.

The muscles all over his body bulged out one by one, just like a lump of muscles cast from steel.

It emitted a dazzling light and was filled with explosive strength.

Such a body was basically no different from a giant, filled with explosive strength.

He was prepared to go and see if there were any good things in Cloud Mist Academy.

He would definitely have to go and take a look at such good things to find out.

Before this, Ye Feng took out that magic book once again and carefully examined it.

He wanted to first master all of this magic book before taking it out and selling it.

After all, Ye Feng wasnt particularly rich at the moment.

The total amount of money in his personal account was only 300,000.

But the consumables Ye Feng needed were far more than this amount, so ye Feng wanted to master the Water Arrow Magic Book and sell it at a good price.

Zhutian Mall sold for 1 million yuan.

Even if he bought it at a discount, it would still be 500,000 yuan.

This wasnt a small amount.

Then, Ye Feng quickly entered the cultivation state again.

“[Analysis] sequence, [Epiphany], [Immersive Reading], activate!”

As Ye Feng whispered, the Water Arrow Magic Book in his hand was like a childrens book.

The obscure words in it gradually turned into illustrations and pictures.

For a moment, it gave Ye Feng a great visual impact.

As the sequence abilities deepened, Ye Fengs mind seemed to enter the magic book, and countless words in it sketched out individual characters.

It made the entire scene move.

“Its indeed magical!” Ye Feng exclaimed.

The scene kept refreshing, and his thoughts also moved.

Waves of white light emitted from Ye Fengs body, instantly turning into a powerful water element power!

These powers flowed through Ye Fengs body.

Ye Fengs strength was also soaring rapidly!

“Oh Its actually the water element!!!” Ye Fengs face revealed a shocked expression.

This magic book was really powerful!

The spell recorded in this book was the [Water Arrow] spell, but it contained the usage of a large amount of water elemental abilities.

This was because the foundation of [Water Arrow] was to be used based on the water element.

The [Water Arrow] was equivalent to a building, and the water element was the foundation of this spell!

After all, the Water Arrow Magic Book also belonged to the large category of water elemental spells.

Ye Feng integrated the power of the water element that he released into his body.

At this moment, he finally understood why the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul could easily penetrate his defense and even directly tear his body apart.

So the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul had such an ability!

The power of the magic book integrated into Ye Fengs body, and his body became tougher again.

No matter how he attacked, Ye Fengs body was like this.

It was indestructible, incomparably tough, and undefeatable.

He felt the surging power in his body, and he felt that everything was so real.

It was as if he was in the real world.

This was the power that Ye Feng had comprehended.

This was his sequence ability!

Ye Feng closed his eyes once again and felt this surging power.

This power was so wonderful that it made him feel incomparably excited.

‘If I can comprehend it, not only will my [Water Breaking Arrow] obtain a new realm, but my water elemental magic will also be affected! Ye Feng thought to himself.

He felt that the power in his body was much stronger than before, and even a little stronger.

He felt that this power was about to break free from his shackles at any time and stand out.

He had a premonition that if he broke through again, his strength would be even stronger, even much stronger than before.

“Looks like my strength is going to increase quickly.” Ye Feng smiled.

With this thought, Ye Feng directly swallowed the remaining few Flame Fruits.

During the cultivation process, consuming the Spirit Fruit not only allowed one to quickly recover physical strength, but it also had the effect of accelerating.

Just like drinking bitter coffee, one must add sugar.

Of course, one could choose not to put it, but the effect would be completely different.

Moreover, the Flame Fruit itself also contained a trace of fire element, which could replenish the vitality in the body.

Ye Feng looked at the last Flame Fruit and revealed a faint smile.

This Flame Fruit was given to him by the Murlocs.

That was their only Flame Fruit, also known as the Murloc Flame Fruit.

The effect of the Murloc Flame Fruit was very obvious, even stronger than ordinary Flame Fruits.

This was because a Flame Fruit that could be produced in water would definitely not be afraid of water.

This was also the reason why the Murloc Flame Fruit got its name.

Ye Feng picked up the Murloc Flame Fruit.

The surface of this Flame Fruit was still emitting a faint luster.

The fire red fruit was like blood.

It was bright and lustrous, causing people to drool.

Ye Feng directly threw it into his mouth.

This Flame Fruit was directly stuffed into his throat.

The temperature of this fruit was extremely high.

Once it was bitten down, the flames would start burning.

However, the energy of this Flame Fruit was not something an ordinary fruit could compare to.

As soon as this Flame Fruit fell into his stomach, it immediately turned into a raging fire that surged out along his intestines and meridians, igniting Ye Fengs entire body.

Ye Fengs consciousness instantly became blurry, as if his entire body had fallen into a sea of fire.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Feng immediately circulated the Water Arrow Magic Book, and white light instantly filled the surroundings.

A powerful water elemental energy instantly attacked Ye Fengs mind.

This feeling made Ye Feng feel extremely incredulous.

At the same time, he could also feel that his water elemental energy was also a few times stronger.

It was just that there was no place to use the [Water Breaking Arrow] here.

Otherwise, Ye Feng would have used a few tricks.

“This magic book is useless to me now.

Ill take it out and sell it later!” Ye Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

His body also became very relaxed.


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