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Ye Fengs cultivation had already been completed.

Now, he only needed to recuperate and recover some of his strength before he could leave this place.

Not long after, clusters of water mist condensed around him and enveloped Ye Feng within it.

Under this environment, his water element power would grow even faster.

This was also the reason why Ye Feng needed to use this power to strengthen the seal.

In this place, he could cultivate water elemental magic even faster.

Beside him, wisps of water element continuously gathered, forming water droplets that floated in the wind.

‘Lets see what else I have, Ye Feng thought to himself as his spirit seeped into the storage space of the bracelet.


Just as Ye Feng finished speaking, a list of items and numbers appeared in front of him.

Sky Fruit x1

Strengthening Potion x1, Recovery Potion x1, Breathing Potion x1

Dragon Scale x100, Dragon Skin x3, Dragon Horn x2, Dragon Blood x100 (Drops)

Shugan Jianwei Pill x5, Dali Pill x5

There were also a few magic books.

Other than the Water Arrow Magic Book that he had just obtained, the rest were already there.

The wristband that Ye Feng bought was not only intelligent, it could satisfy daily communication.

Moreover, the storage space was also very large.

In addition, it also had an intelligent inventory function.

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Even if Ye Feng randomly threw it in, the wristband would activate an intelligent program and classify all of them, putting them away one by one.

Ye Feng carefully looked at the panel in front of him.

There was only one Sky Fruit now.

This fruit was not very useful for his cultivation, but it was expensive.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not eat it.

All that was left were a few bottles of medicine and potions.

Of course, there were also Dragon Horns, Dragon Scales, and Dragon Skin that he had collected from the Water Training Hall.

There was nothing else.

Materials from Dragons were very precious, so this was also Ye Fengs wealth and resources.

By selling these things, Ye Feng could make a lot of money.

He knew about the existence of the Sky Fruit, and he had heard of the Sky Fruit.

It was said that as long as one ate one, one could obtain a great improvement.

This was of great help to the cultivation of the human race.

Other than these things, Ye Fengs gaze fell on the Dragon Scales, Dragon Horns, and Dragon Skin.

These were all good materials.

If used on weapons, they would be an excellent sharp blade!

Moreover, Dragon Scales, Dragon Skin, and Dragon Bones could all be used to make weapons.

Using them to make weapons would be very good.

“Dragon Horns and Dragon Bones can be made into weapons,” Ye Feng muttered to himself.

“I wonder what the effects will be if they are made into armor”

Ye Feng had many ideas.

Because these could all be sold at a good price.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng felt that the power in his body was gradually stabilizing.

This was the characteristic of having finished regulating his breath.

“Lets set off now.

Lets go to the flea market to see whats going on first,” Ye Feng muttered.

He packed up his things and set off.

Although Cloud Mist Academy was extremely huge, with the help of the smart bracelet, Ye Feng was also extremely familiar with the surrounding situation.

Very quickly, he located the closest flea market to Cloud Mist Academy.

It was currently evening, and it was also the most lively time of the flea market.

Quite a number of people had gathered here, setting up stalls to sell or buy goods.

The value of the goods here was many times higher than any shop that Ye Feng had seen before.

This was because there were many strange goods here that Ye Feng had never encountered before.

This also caused the popularity of this place to be extremely exuberant.

Ye Feng walked into the market.

This market was very vast.

There were many stalls inside, which specialized in selling all kinds of strange and strange items.

There were also some that sold some strange and strange goods.

There were many small stalls with many shops.

The goods in these shops were dazzling.

Some of the things were very rare.

They were the fur of some rare and strange beasts, and some were medicinal herbs, there were also some stalks of other plants.

Of course, these things were very rare.

Ordinary people could not have them.

Even some noble families might not have such things.

Therefore, these things did not have a high status in the market, and it was very difficult to sell them.

In short, there was everything here.

On both sides of the street, there were all kinds of shops.

There was also an endless stream of people on the street.

It looked very prosperous.

This was a wide road.

There were buildings on both sides.

Many of them were ancient buildings and they looked very hard.

Ye Feng stood at the entrance of the flea market for a moment and then walked in.

This was a large commercial street.

The goods inside were dazzling.

Many vendors were shouting and hawking inside.

It was very lively, making Ye Feng feel very curious.

Ye Feng saw many novel items, but they were all relatively common items.

Many pictures appeared in his mind.

Many of them were things that Ye Feng had never seen before.

These things were all strange stories, and there were even many legendary treasures.

As he walked, his footsteps became slower and slower.

He also saw a huge billboard, there were a few words written on it: “My shop has just opened.

I hope that all interested friends will come.

The price is fair.

I will not treat you unfairly.”

At the top of the square, there was a banner with the wordsBlue Sky Auction written on it.

These words were drawn in ink and looked very lifelike.

This was a place calledBlue Sky Auction.

Ye Feng had heard of this name before and knew this place.

The items auctioned here were definitely first-class, so it attracted a lot of people.

Moreover, the items here were not simply priced, but a huge sum of money.

“Looks like I have to go take a look!” Ye Fengs eyes flashed with a bright light.

The location of this auction was not far from Ye Fengs current location.

Ye Feng wanted to go and take a look because there were many treasures stored in his bracelet.

Since this auction specialized in selling these treasures, it was definitely a very good place to trade.

He walked toward the square in front of him.

He walked to an auction house with extremely luxurious decorations.

Ye Feng thought for a moment and directly walked in.

This auction house occupied an extremely large area.

It had a total of two floors, and the furnishings inside were also extremely luxurious.

On the wall hung a huge portrait.

It was a person wearing armor and riding on the back of a huge fierce beast.

He looked awe-inspiring.

Moreover, beside this person hung a few pieces of drawing paper.

The drawings on the drawing paper were the auction items of Blue Sky Auction.

There were Dragon Scales, Dragon Bones, Dragon Skin, and Dragon Blood.

Blue Sky Auction would also carry out the auction items that were suitable for the customers according to their preferences.

‘There are indeed a lot of things in this Blue Sky Auction.

Moreover, there are quite a lot of expensive medicinal herbs.

Its worth going to take a look, Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

The auction had not started yet.

Ye Feng planned to take a stroll around the area and enter when the time was right.

“Young man, are you here to participate in the auction” At this moment, an old man stopped Ye Feng and asked with a smile.


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