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“Ye Feng, let me introduce you.

This is my uncle, Lei Jiao.

He is the general manager of our Lei Corporation and also the strongest fighting force of our family!”

“Next, with him as a witness, I guarantee that you wont suffer any losses!” Lei Jia explained with a smile.

The middle-aged man walked over and stared at Ye Feng with a smile.

He nodded his head with an expression of admiration.

“The young mans strength is not bad.

As expected of the young man who obtained the wind elemental [Certificate of Inheritance].

He will definitely become the strongest person in China in the future!” The middle-aged man continued to laugh.

“Why did you call me here If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.” Ye Feng coldly threw down these words.

Looking at the group of flatterers in front of him, he suddenly felt somewhat unfathomable.

“Dont be in a hurry to leave.

Young people are full of anger!” Lei Jiao laughed loudly.

While comforting Ye Feng, he walked toward Lei Jias direction.

“Right, you also accepted a Spirit Fruit worth 1 million.

This face cant possibly not be given to us, right Even if you dont give it to me, my Uncle Lei Jiaos face should still be worth something!” Lei Jia came out at this time to smooth things over.

“If theres anything, just say it!” Ye Feng replied.

“Its like this.

Were very interested in your [Certificate of Inheritance].

You name a price and well buy it.” Lei Jia also stopped acting and directly threw out a sentence.

Ye Feng smiled, thinking that something good was about to happen.

Next, it was very likely that he wanted to make a deal.

With a thought, a few small Slimes were split out.

Ye Fengs small Slimes had the ability to share vision.

In the subsequent opportunities of evolution, the basic abilities of the small Slimes increased.

For example, listening, monitoring, recording, playback, and so on.

These functions were the most basic.

Ye Feng directly distributed these small Slimes and used them as a monitor.

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Ye Feng could record everything that happened next.

This also left a path for himself.

If something happened, Ye Feng would have a way to retreat.

At the very least, he would not be a suspect that could not be cleared.

Ye Feng was powerful enough.

Even if he released the little Slimes in front of them, the other party still did not notice anything.

Lei Jiao, who was at the perfect B grade, also did not notice anything.

He was still smiling as he stared at Ye Feng.

It was as if Ye Feng was a monkey.

Everyones gaze was focused on Ye Feng.

Thinking about Ye Fengs identity, everyone naturally wanted to pay attention to him.

After all, there were very few people who could obtain the [Certificate of Inheritance].

In a country, there might only be a few people who had the chance.

When the time came to choose the final successor, it was not just in a country.

It was to choose one person in the entire Earth.

That person who was chosen was the only successor!

Ye Feng thought about it.

If the other party really wanted to buy it, it was not impossible.

“What price” Ye Feng said.

He did not really want to sell it.

He just wanted to know how much it would be worth if it was really sold.

After all, this was a priceless treasure.

Even if Ye Feng really wanted to sell it, the other party might not be able to afford it.

“Thats easy to say.

The [Certificate of Inheritance] is a priceless treasure.

The price is naturally up to you.” When Lei Jia heard Ye Feng unifying the transaction, he immediately grinned and laughed.

Ye Feng roughly calculated that the value of the consumables that he would need to use in the next half a year would be about 70 million.

If it was a little extravagant, it would at least cost 80 million!

And this was only half a years worth of consumption.

This astronomical figure, if it was the expenses of an ordinary person, would already be equivalent to the annual income of tens of thousands of households.

This figure was not only an astronomical figure, but it was not something that anyone could afford.

Even if it was a super rich second-generation, to take out this amount of money, it would have to go through countless reviews and approvals.

In the end, it would take a year and a half to get all of it.

At that time, Ye Feng would have already taken the [Certificate of Inheritance] and entered the trial mystic realm of the wind inheritance!

“Then Ill just casually name a price, 80 million!” Ye Fengs voice was clear and crisp, not giving the other party any time to react.

“Wh… what! 80 million!!”

Lei Jia was so shocked that he couldnt even speak properly.

He had an expression of disbelief.

He didnt expect Ye Feng to ask for 80 million in one go.

The few people present, including Lei Jiao, widened their eyes and looked at Ye Feng in disbelief.

They were clearly frightened by Ye Fengs bid.

“Thats right.

80 million.

Why Dont you have the ability” Ye Feng looked at everyone indifferently, but he was secretly pleased.

He could finally rip these guys off ruthlessly.

Lei Jia turned around and looked at his uncle, Lei Jiao, with a pleading look.

It was impossible for him to take out this amount of money.

This amount of money was not a small amount.

Even if his family business was so huge, it was impossible for him to take out this amount of money immediately.

Lei Jiao cleared his throat.

Although he knew that this was a sky-high price, his expression was still calm.

“No… No problem.

I wonder how you plan to sell it” Lei Jiao took a deep breath, regained his composure, and asked.

“Thats simple.

Ill give you an account.

You just have to pay.” As Ye Feng spoke, he casually took out a piece of paper and wrote down his personal account.

As long as the money was transferred to this account, Ye Feng could use it immediately.

Hearing this, Lei Jia and Lei Jiao, the two uncle and nephew, also furrowed their brows tightly.

They couldnt take out this money no matter what.

“Of course we can, but you also know that this isnt a small amount.

It requires some time to prepare,” Lei Jiao said at this time.

Then, he walked over and patted Ye Fengs shoulder.

“How about this After a week, well prepare the money.

When the time comes, well decide on another place.

Well pay with one hand and deliver the goods with the other.

How about it”

Ye Feng nodded, indicating that it didnt matter.

As long as he could give this price, he would make other plans.

After all, Ye Feng was still short of money.

After that, Lei Jia and the others left.

Before they left, Lei Jiao did something when he patted Ye Fengs shoulder, and Ye Feng saw it clearly.

Just now, when Lei Jiao patted Ye Fengs shoulder, a shadow secretly put a very strange little coin into Ye Fengs trouser pocket.

Because the coin was very small and almost weightless, it was an item that was easy to ignore.

But Ye Feng knew all about it.

All the images were recorded in the memory of the little Slimes, and Ye Feng could access it at any time.

“The symbiote is actually a shadow” Ye Feng left the hotel and left the little Slime there.

Thinking back to the scene just now, Ye Feng was still a little surprised.

According to the records, it was possible that a symbiotic body was a shadow.

There was a high probability that it was a symbiotic body called [Shadow].

However, Ye Feng felt that this [Shadow] was definitely not an ordinary Shadow.

Perhaps, it was a human-shaped existence.

Not only could it be controlled through the host, but its strength was also far stronger than the host.

It could completely be used as a substitute.

Most importantly, the Shadow was indestructible.

Other than not having an independent consciousness, it could be said to be perfect!

After Ye Feng knew all this, he did not care anymore.

Instead, he directly left this place.

Anyway, there was nothing to do next.

Ye Feng wanted to go home.

He had been out for more than a month and had not seen his parents for a long time.

He really missed them.

Taking advantage of the time, Ye Feng wanted to go home and take a look.

Anyway, there was evidence.

He wanted to see what kind of trap Lei Jias uncle could set for him.


“Uncle, what should we do now!” Lei Jia looked at his uncle and revealed a very wretched smile.

Lei Jiao glanced at him and replied fiercely, “Call the police first.

The reason is that Ye Feng stole an ancient mithril coin for fun!”


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