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Lei Jia looked at his uncle and suddenly realized, “Uncle, this move of yours is really ruthless.

We wont be able to take out this money, but if we can get him into the police station, then well be able to control him!”

“We have people in the police station.

When that time comes, wont that [Certificate of Inheritance] be at our disposal!”

“At least youre smart.

Lets do it this way!” Lei Jiao spat and revealed a cunning expression.

“Lets go to the suite to capture him now!”

Lei Jiao and Lei Jia brought a few thugs and rushed into the suite room.

“Where is he!”

Lei Jia was a little dumbfounded when he saw that there was no one inside.

Although he left first, he had only left for a few minutes.

During this period of time, normal people would be in such a luxurious presidential suite and wouldnt be willing to leave!

Moreover, there was food and drink here.

How could he be willing to leave so quickly!

Lei Jia was certain of the thoughts of the poor, so he left with ease to make arrangements.

He didnt expect Ye Feng to leave directly!

“Dont panic.

Look around.” Lei Jiao wasnt in a hurry.

He stroked the stubble on his face and spoke calmly.

“Manager Lei, Ye Feng left the Academy.

The last place he appeared was the station…”

At this moment, a man in black walked in and reported to Lei Jiao.

“What This d*mn guy, where is he going!” Lei Jiao immediately roared when he heard this.

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“Manager Lei, I have already sent people to follow him.

Ye Fengs goal is to take a bus home,” the man in black recalled.

Lei Jiao immediately became anxious when he heard this.

If Ye Feng left, wouldnt his plan this time be completely foiled!

“Isnt he going back to the Academy!” Lei Jia asked.

“Cant we just wait here for him to come back”

“Idiot!” Lei Jiao gave Lei Jia a hard knock.

“What do you know! If he finds out about our plan, then he will also be able to see through our plan.

If he were to discover and escape, then all our efforts would be in vain.”

“Then what should we do!” Lei Jia asked unwillingly.

“What else can we do We can only wait for the right time.

When the time comes, we can make a move together.

I believe that with the strength of the two of us, we will definitely be able to capture him and obtain the [Certificate of Inheritance]!”

Lei Jia nodded and agreed with his uncles actions.

“Hmph!” Lei Jiao coldly snorted and said to the man in black, “You continue to keep an eye on him.

If you have any news, immediately tell me.”

“Alright, Manager Lei, Ill do it right away!”

After saying that, the man in black left the place.

“Go and tell the people in the bureau that Ye Feng will appear in Wuzhou City in the future and have them go over there to search for him!”

Lei Jiaos gaze was extremely vicious.

He glared at Lei Jia before angrily walking out of the hotel.


On this side, Ye Feng had also returned to Wuzhou City.

This time, he did not say anything when he returned.

After all, he had sneaked out this time.

Moreover, if there was anything, they would also call him.

Now that he had not received a call, it also meant that no one was looking for him.

This also made Ye Feng feel more at ease.

There was still a month before the award ceremony.

Ye Feng had a lot of time to rest, so he was not in a hurry.

Not long after, Ye Feng returned home.

It was still the same familiar feeling.

As soon as he entered the door, he felt a stream of heat flow into his body.

This heat flow flowed through Ye Fengs body, constantly nourishing every inch of his skin and bones.

This feeling was very comfortable, as if he was soaking in a hot spring.

Moreover, Ye Feng also discovered that this heat flow was not like ordinary heat flow, but carried a strong spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy was very compatible with his soul, as if his body was his soul.

This was a barrier that he had set up at home previously.

It was able to give himself time at home to greatly improve, and at that time, it was also to facilitate his cultivation.

That was why he used a certain enchantment to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy.

Now that he was back, he once again felt this seemingly strong but actually very weak spiritual energy.

Ye Feng immediately felt how weak he was previously.

If he did not have the opportunity to take the freshmen assessment at Cloud Mist Academy this time, he would not have obtained so many opportunities and would not have appeared in front of his parents in such a bright and beautiful manner.

Ye Feng felt the changes in his body and made his own decision in his heart.

This time around, he did not return home just to visit his parents.

At the same time, he also wanted to get used to the state of his body.

The taste of home was really comfortable.

Ye Feng took a deep breath, as if his entire body had become relaxed.

“Dad, Mom, Im back!” Ye Feng called out to the two elders in the house.

“Fenger! Why did you come back all of a sudden!”

“Why didnt you tell us when you came back so that we could pick you up!”

Father and Mother Ye were also very excited to see Ye Feng.

Since the last time Ye Feng left home, there had been no news of him, which made the two of them worry for a long time.

“Dad, Mom, I came back specially to see you this time!” Ye Feng said to them with a smile.

Mother Ye had always missed Ye Feng, but she had never had a chance.

Now, it was finally here.

She also did not ask Ye Feng what he had encountered along the way.

After all, Ye Feng had been studying during this period of time and had even participated in the exams.

He must have been very tired.

Therefore, she only asked briefly and did not mention anything else.

“You child, why didnt you tell us earlier so that I could prepare your favorite food!”

Mother Ye was overjoyed.

She tidied up and was about to go into the kitchen to prepare the dishes.

“Dad, Mom, I prepared some gifts for you today.

See if you like them.” After saying that, Ye Feng took out a bunch of things from his backpack.

“Wow, these are all rare medicinal herbs.

Fenger, how did you get these things”

These were medicinal herbs that Ye Feng had picked from the Water Training Hall.

They were all very rare and expensive.

Although the quantity was not much, it was enough to nourish his parents bodies.

Drinking more was beneficial.

Whether it was mental energy or a healthy body, they were all very useful.

Generally speaking, these kinds of precious medicinal herbs could only be enjoyed by eating in a big hotel or by a prestigious family.

And even most people who were rich would not be willing to eat it directly.

Although Ye Fengs parents knew these were good things and thought they were quite expensive, if they knew the truth, they would definitely be scared silly on the spot.

Because these things were obtained from the Water Training Hall.

The Water Training Hall was a mysterious place.

Ye Feng did not know where they were, but his identity was not ordinary.

Therefore, he could freely shuttle through the Water Training Hall and collect some medicinal herbs, there were even some rare and precious treasures.

“Fenger, what are these” Looking at the things that Ye Feng took out, Father Ye also looked at them curiously.

“These are some rare medicinal herbs that can let you live for a hundred years!”

“Ah, is it true!”

Hearing Ye Fengs words, Father Ye and Mother Ye were instantly stunned.

They did not think that Ye Feng actually had such abilities.

They were not people who cultivated, so they naturally did not understand the secrets on Ye Feng.

“Yes, its true.

These medicinal herbs are the most basic to me.

In the future, I will slowly find more powerful ones for you.

I guarantee that your bodies will be excellent, and your ages will become younger and younger!” Ye Feng said with a very happy expression.

He did not expect that the medicinal herbs he casually collected in the Water Training Hall could make his parents so happy!

Although before he left, Ye Feng gave them a large amount of money for daily consumption.

That money could also buy a lot of good medicinal herbs to nourish themselves.

But Ye Feng knew that they were used to being frugal.

Even if they had such a large amount of money, they would not spend it carelessly.

“Alright, why dont you use it to make soup tonight! Ill go out to see my teacher first.

Ill be back before dinner!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

“Alright, alright, alright.

You have to go see your form teacher.

She usually takes special care of you.

Dont forget this favor,” Mother Ye said earnestly.


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