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She hurriedly placed the pile of things on the ground and began to examine it.

“These are… Dragon Scales!”

Upon seeing the black palm-sized items that Ye Feng took out, Liu Ruyan was instantly excited.

This was simply a priceless treasure!

“This, I remember that I saw a long Dragon Horn just now, right Why didnt I see it”

“And this, Dragon Blood, oh my god!”

“This is…” Liu Ruyan inspected it carefully while muttering.

What shocked her the most was a huge Dragon Bone that was emitting a dazzling golden light!

“This is a true Dragon Scale, not a Quasi-Dragon Scale.

Its said to be the scale of the Dragon race, and its a top-grade Dragon Scale.

Its priceless.” Ye Feng pointed at a golden Dragon Scale and spoke with a smile.

“True Dragon Scale” Liu Ruyan was stunned for a moment.

“The Dragon race is a noble existence.

How could they have such a thing”

The Dragon race was a divine beast-level creature.

How could they get Dragon Scales from them!

Even they themselves would find it difficult to refine them, unless they possessed Dragon Blood!

Dragon race items, not to mention the most common Dragon Scales on the body, even the fragments that fell from the body of a Dragon were priceless!

Moreover, this piece of Dragon Scale that Ye Feng obtained from the Water Elemental Dragon Kings body was also priceless on the market, and the price could even reach 10,000,000 a piece!

Or even higher!

This was an extremely terrifying number.

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“Ke ke, the Dragon race can change their body shape at will, and Dragon Blood can allow them to possess a powerful recovery ability.

Hence, Dragon Scales are nothing to them.” Ye Feng smiled as he spoke.

“Where did you learn all of this from It has only been a few days since you went to Cloud Mist Academy.

How do you know so much about the Dragon race”

“Then this is… Dragon Tendon”


Dragon Tendon was also an extremely rare material.

It was usually used to make top-tier weapons or defensive equipment.

Moreover, among top-tier defensive equipment, those that needed to be stretchable also needed to learn Dragon Tendon.

Normally, the Dragon Tendon, Skin, Scales, and so on on the body of a dead Dragon were all tightly protected by the Dragon race.

Outsiders simply could not obtain them.

But now, this pile of things that Ye Feng had obtained from the Water Elemental Dragon King actually had all of them.

What was going on

Ye Feng handed this pile of things to Liu Ruyan.

Liu Ruyan carefully examined it, and her eyes sparkled with excitement.

These things were too precious, especially the scales, blood, and tendon of a true Dragon…

Her eyes grew brighter and brighter.

She now had a sense of urgency.

“The Dragon race is also a very powerful race.

They have many secrets that are not known to outsiders.

Moreover, the lifespan of the Dragon race is very long.

Just like the Dragon race in modern society, it is not a problem for them to live for hundreds or thousands of years.” Liu Ruyan paused for a moment and continued.

“So it is very normal for them to have this resource.

It is just that these Dragon Scales are very rare, so they are very precious in this world.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng also smiled.

“It is rare.

That is why I want to give these to Teacher as a treasure.”

After saying this, Ye Feng looked at Liu Ruyan with a smile and handed the piece of Dragon Scale in his hand to Liu Ruyan.

Then, he gave some of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings items to Liu Ruyan.

After all, when Ye Feng killed the Water Elemental Dragon King, he took everything that he could.

It was more than enough to give some to his teacher.

Therefore, Ye Feng was very generous.

After all, he was the teacher who had always taken care of him.

Ye Feng had to thank her properly.

Gift Dragon Scales!

Hearing Ye Fengs words, Liu Ruyan was instantly stunned.

Her eyes were fixed on the Dragon Scales in Ye Fengs hands.

Her heart almost stopped beating.

These were real Dragon Scales.

Even if they were placed in the secular world, they could cause a stir.

Moreover, if they were placed on the black market right now, it would definitely be a huge sum of money that could not be earned back in a lifetime.

Didnt he just say that Dragon Scales were very, very precious

He actually gave it to her so easily!

Although these Dragon Scales were very precious, they were still lacking compared to a true Dragon!

Ye Feng actually changed so much in such a short period of time.

This was indeed a little out of Liu Ruyans expectations.

All along, Ye Feng had brought her a lot of surprises.

But this time, the surprise was incomparably big.

This was something from the body of a true Dragon.

Not to mention ordinary people, even top-notch experts would not be able to see a true Dragon in their entire lifetime if they did not have the opportunity.

Seeing a true Dragon did not necessarily mean that they would be able to obtain the things on its body.

Because they still had to fight, the combat strength of the Dragon race was generally extremely strong.

Not to mention top-notch experts, even if a super expert came, they would also be at a disadvantage.

But Ye Feng had so many things of the Dragon race on him.

How could this not shock Liu Ruyan

“How can this be How can I accept such a precious thing” Liu Ruyan quickly refused.

“Its not expensive.

Take it.

I still have a lot here anyway,” Ye Feng said with a smile.

“Theres still a lot Oh my god!” Liu Ruyans mouth was wide open, and shock filled her face.

It was the first time in her life that she had ever experienced something so exciting.

This student of hers, to be honest, was a bit of a badass.

On this point, he really did not lie.

When Ye Feng had killed so many sub-Dragons and the Water Elemental Dragon King and obtained his belongings, apart from some relatively precious and rare items, he put it all in a bracelet for storage.

The rest was basically swallowed by Ye Feng.

Not only that, in the storage space of this bracelet, there were many other treasures, such as Dragon Scales, Dragon Tendons, Dragon Skin, Dragon Blood, and so on.

“This… Alright then!”

Liu Ruyan finally agreed to Ye Fengs proposal and accepted it.

This time, she really had a bountiful harvest.

Ye Feng gave her so many things, which made her very moved and also full of gratitude to Ye Feng.

Moreover, Ye Feng had also obtained Senior Walters strongest water elemental power.

Not only that, Ye Feng also had a large amount of Dragon Seed purity in his body.

However, Ye Feng did not plan to tell Liu Ruyan about these things.

After Liu Ruyan accepted these things, Ye Feng chatted with her about the situation of the Dragon race.

This Water Elemental Dragon King was one of the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race, the Water Elemental Dragon King.

Moreover, the Water Elemental Dragon Kings bloodline was not weak.

Not only did it have a powerful aura, but its bloodline power was also very rich.

Such a bloodline was considered very rare, very rare.

“I really didnt expect that you would be able to meet the Water Elemental Dragon King!” After hearing Ye Fengs account of what happened during this period of time, Liu Ruyan could not help but be speechless.

Ye Feng shook his head and said, “This is also a coincidence.

If it werent for the Water Elemental Dragon King hiding in the deep sea, I wouldnt have had the chance to see it.

But my luck is really good.”

This time, his luck was very good.

First, he met the Water Elemental Dragon King, and later, the Water Elemental Dragon King was killed by Ye Feng for various reasons.

It was equivalent to picking up a big mistake.

His luck was too good!

“You can actually meet the Dragon King! It really lets me envy you!” Liu Ruyan said.


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