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“Even if your father is here, he still has to give me some face.

Youre causing trouble in my territory Who do you think you are!”

Faced with Lin Yes strict questioning, Lei Jia was immediately suppressed into submission.

Although he did not know what the other partys identity was, he was not stupid.

The man that the other party brought was far stronger than him!

Moreover, his uncle had already lowered his head and did not dare to say a word.

If he still tried to act tough, wasnt he courting death!

“Todays matter can be settled just like that.

Ill take the person away and you guys can do whatever you want.

But Im warning you guys.

If you still have any interest in Ye Feng, your group can just wait to be notified of the merger!”

Lin Yes domineering attitude instantly shocked everyone present.

Under Lei Jias uncle and nephews gnashing teeth expression, Lin Ye forcefully bailed Ye Feng out.

After all, in Wuzhou City, his authority was as high as the heavens!

Seeing that the two of them were about to leave, Lei Jia couldnt hold it in any longer and became furious.

Since young, when had he ever suffered such humiliation

Lei Jia didnt care about the other partys identity.

Today, even if the Jade Emperor personally came to bail him out, he would still make way for him, Young Master Lei!

“Since you are disobedient, then go and die!” Lei Jia suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed toward Ye Feng.

He wanted to completely kill Ye Feng.

Ye Feng glanced at Lin Ye and saw that the other party nodded slightly.

Ye Feng immediately understood and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He raised his hand and threw a punch toward Lei Jia.

Ye Fengs speed was very fast.

With just a casual punch, he had already hit Lei Jias chest.


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The sound of bones breaking rang out.

Lei Jias entire body flew out and fiercely crashed into the wall.


Lei Jia spat out blood, and his expression suddenly changed drastically.

“You guys are really shameless enough.” Ye Feng snorted coldly and looked at them disdainfully.

“Who do you think you are You actually dare to make a move in the police station!”

“Kid! Are you courting death” A black-clothed man saw his master in such a miserable state and immediately walked over, preparing to punch Ye Feng.

This black-clothed mans strength was around B- grade, and he was also a very powerful character.

Being able to be Lei Jias bodyguard, he naturally wasnt a low-level character.

But the mistake was that the black-clothed mans opponent was Ye Feng!

Ye Feng coldly glanced at him.

“What, you want to attack me too”

The black-clothed man sneered.

“Not only do I want to attack you, but I also want to cripple your cultivation and turn you into a trash!”

“Trash I dont believe it!” Ye Feng stood up.

“You think you can easily defeat me just because you are B- grade”

“You can try!” The man in black laughed arrogantly.

“Let me tell you, you are now trash, and trash amongst trash.

Not only can I defeat you, everyone can defeat you!”

After saying this, the black-clothed man rushed toward Ye Feng, wanting to grab Ye Fengs shoulder and cripple his cultivation so that he would completely lose his ability to fight!

Ye Fengs lips curled into a cold smile as he raised his hand again and punched toward the black-clothed man.


Under the black-clothed mans shocked expression, he was directly sent flying by Ye Feng and smashed onto the wall.

He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and fainted.

The remaining black-clothed men looked at each other and were prepared to charge forward together.

“Enough!” Lei Jiao shouted angrily.

With a furious roar, he stopped the actions of those black-clothed men who were about to charge out.

Seeing that Ye Feng effortlessly killed two of their companys experts, their faces instantly turned livid with anger.

Lei Jiao and the others had already seen clearly just now that Ye Fengs strength was not something they could afford to provoke, nor was it something they could afford to provoke.

Therefore, he was also prepared to tactfully leave this place.

“Wait, dont be in a hurry to leave!” Ye Feng suddenly said at this time, “Theres still a debt that hasnt been settled yet!”

Lei Jiao suppressed his anger and said coldly, “What debt!”

Facing the other partys forces, Lei Jiao naturally did not dare to do anything.

However, if he really had to do it, he would do it.

He also had B- grade strength.

Even if he could not deal with Ye Feng and the others, it was more than enough to leave this place safely.

Ye Feng smiled and then turned to look at Lin Ye.

He said respectfully, “Uncle, these people wanted to set a trap and wait for me to jump in!”

“In order to set this trap, they even used that extremely precious ancient mithril coin as bait to lure me in.”

“Unfortunately, the real fish is not me, but them!”

As Ye Feng spoke, he summoned a small Slime and played everything that happened in the hotel.

The evidence was conclusive.

Everything Ye Feng did was just to protect himself.

As for the loss of the ancient mithril coin, it had nothing to do with him at all.

But when Lei Jiao saw that he used [Shadow] to place the ancient mithril coin in Ye Fengs pocket, his face instantly turned white!

He knew that his plan had been exposed!

Ye Feng had long known that he had a plot and deliberately led him to this step.

“You… what exactly do you want to do” Lei Jiaos voice began to tremble.

Lin Ye shook his head.

“I should be the one asking you these words! What do you want to do”

“I… I…” Lei Jiao stammered, unable to say a complete sentence.

“If you dont speak, then you can just wait to die!” Ye Feng coldly glanced at Lei Jia.

Ye Feng was not a bloodthirsty person, but Lei Jia wanted to kill him over and over again.

This made him unable to tolerate it.

After Lin Ye heard about what Ye Feng had encountered, he analyzed for a moment and said, “Since thats the case, then you guys will definitely have to compensate.”

His words were the most authoritative at this moment.

If he was not convinced, then there was basically no way to negotiate.

“Thats good too.

80 million and not a penny less.

Ill exchange it for my recording,” Ye Feng said coldly, a satisfied expression appearing on the corner of his mouth.

“I sold it to you back then, but you didnt buy it.

Now, theres no way to negotiate.

You still have to give me 80 million for free.

Otherwise, Ill make this recording public!”

This time, he really stirred up a hornets nest!

“Kid, youre so vicious! You even used such a method!”

“Not only are you trash, youre also a despicable and shameless person!”

“We wont let this matter rest.

You just wait, Ye Feng.

Its going to be the Promotion Exam soon, and at that time, well definitely not let you off!” Lei Jia viciously said, his eyes staring fixedly at Ye Feng.

Because a few of his ribs were broken, the moment he moved, he would immediately cry for his parents.

The scene was not lively at all!

Lei Jiao was even more furious at this moment.

He did not expect that he would actually fall at the hands of a puny Ye Feng.

This was simply a great humiliation!

Lin Ye sneered, “Hmph, who do you Lei family think you are”

“Hmph, Ye Feng, just wait.

Sooner or later, I will make you pay the corresponding price!”

“Lets go!”

After saying that, Lei Jiao had the remaining black-clothed men drag Lei Jia, who was covered in blood, and the black-clothed man, who had already fainted, out.

“I think well have the chance to meet again!” Lei Jiao threw down a ruthless sentence and left in a rage.


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