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Back at home.

Ye Fengs parents had been keeping watch in the hall all night.

When they saw Ye Feng walk in safely, they were instantly overjoyed.

“Fenger, they didnt make things difficult for you, right” His mother rushed up at the first moment and touched Ye Fengs body, asking incessantly.

Ye Feng smiled.

“Its fine.

They didnt dare to do anything to me.

In the end, it was Uncle Lin Ye who stepped in and I was able to escape.”

“Lin Ye Who is he This name seems familiar, but I cant remember it clearly.

I must pay him a visit some other day!” his mother said.

She turned to look at his father, wanting him to confirm this person.

“Lin Ye I seem to have heard of him.

The head of the Lin family is called Lin Ye!” His father thought for a moment and spoke involuntarily.


How could Fenger possibly know the head of the Lin family Could it be someone with the same name”

“I dont know him.

Just ask Fenger and youll know!”

With that, their gazes focused on Ye Feng.

“Actually, its the Lin familys patriarch…” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Under the shocked gazes of the old couple, Ye Feng explained the entire process in detail.

“Heavens, Fenger, youre really amazing.

To actually be able to know such an important figure.

Its fortunate that you have him.

Otherwise, it would really be difficult for you to escape this calamity!”

“Thats right.

One day, you must treat him to a meal and personally thank him!”

Ye Feng nodded.

“Haha, thats enough.

Im fine now.

Both of you should rest early.

Ill go back to my room to rest for a while.”

The two elders nodded.

Looking at their son, they were extremely gratified.

After returning to his room, Ye Feng revealed a smile that he had not shown for a long time.

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It was not that he was really tired.

It was that he had yet to digest the large amount of power within his body!

This was an opportunity, and it was also a great improvement for Ye Feng.

Because he had not completely digested the energy in the Water Training Hall, Ye Feng still had quite a bit of spiritual energy reserves.

If his cultivation went smoothly tonight, Ye Feng would be able to obtain a considerable improvement!

Ye Feng sat cross-legged on the bed and began to circulate the energy in his body, slowly absorbing it.

“Hu~”Ye Feng took a deep breath and began to adjust his state.

Actually, Ye Feng had not cultivated in-depth for a long time.

It was also not long after he came out of the Water Training Hall that he encountered Lei Jias incident.

He did not cultivate after that.

Now, Ye Feng could be considered to have officially started cultivating.

Moreover, this operation completely ignited Lei Jias anger.

In the future, when he participated in the advancement exam, Lei Jia would surely make things difficult for him.

Ye Feng had to prepare for this potential risk.

Although Lei Jias threat wasnt big to Ye Feng, dont forget that Lei Jia was rich and overbearing.

He could completely use small tricks to make some powerful opponents make things difficult for him.

Moreover, there were many experts in the advancement test.

Those he had seen before and those he hadnt seen before would all appear together in this advancement test.

Therefore, this was also a great challenge to Ye Feng.

As long as Ye Feng could completely refine the ultimate water elemental power that Walter had given him, then his overall strength would reach an extremely terrifying level.

However, how could the ultimate water elemental power be so easily refined

Currently, every time Ye Feng used this power at the most critical moment, he would expend a huge amount of energy.

Every time he released his power, he would faint.

This was also a backlash reaction of the most powerful power.

However, if Ye Feng completely refined it and converted it into a part of his bodys power, then this power would be at his disposal.

The consumption of releasing the power would still be there, but it would not be that great.

This was also the reason why Ye Feng had not refined it for a long time.

It was not that he did not want to, but this power was too powerful.

It was not something that a power of his level could refine.

Moreover, every refinement consumed a huge amount of energy.

This was already several times more than the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse, or even dozens of times.

Ye Feng naturally could not bear such a digestion.

After all, this was the power of a Human Ceilings existence.

Putting aside the fact that this power was extremely rare, it was also an extremely powerful elemental power.

Just these two points alone were not something that an ordinary person could use.

Therefore, it was definitely not that easy to refine it.

Moreover, as Ye Feng continued to absorb this ultimate water elemental power.

Ye Feng discovered that the water elemental power in his body had also been assimilated and strengthened along with it.

It could be understood that all water elemental power was based on the ultimate water elemental power.

The ultimate water elemental power was not only the beginning of all water elements, but also the endpoint.

The reason why Ye Fengs water elemental power could be strengthened so much was because of this reason.

At this time, when Ye Feng was refining the spiritual energy in his body, a transparent aura had unknowingly wrapped around him.

As the strength increased, this aura also increased at the same time.

It was like a spider, continuously releasing a spider web, wanting to wrap him up.

It made Ye Feng look as if he was wrapped by a very mysterious and powerful aura.

As the aura got heavier, the power released by Ye Fengs cultivation was also restricted.

Normally, when others cultivated, the final benefits they obtained from cultivating their power actually had a value.

For example, if they cultivated 100% of their spiritual energy, but if they added in the 40% that was used up, the final amount that was converted into their own power was only 60%.

This kind of loss of power was also a difficult problem that every symbiotic cultivator had to face.

This kind of loss of power was not only caused by the cultivation method, but also by various factors.

But Ye Fengs cultivation was indeed able to achieve nearly 100% of the benefits!

But the appearance of this layer of aura restriction still gave Ye Feng a fright.

“Oh How can such a phenomenon appear Is it my misconception” Ye Feng frowned in confusion and then shook his head.

“Forget it, who cares as long as there are benefits”

After saying that, Ye Feng took a deep breath and exhaled a large amount of turbid air.

In an instant, he entered a meditative state.

At this time, the advantage of [Starfire Meditation] was displayed.

In almost a breaths time, the increase in magic that Ye Feng received was already twice that of a normal person.

As the number of cycles increased, no matter who it was, it was impossible to compare to Ye Fengs increase in speed.

Moreover, Ye Fengs [Starfire Meditation] was already very practiced.

As long as he cultivated meditation, he could convert a large amount of energy in his body into the airflow in his body.

This way, not only could he increase the speed of his cultivation… But it also had a certain auxiliary effect.

Therefore, while Ye Feng was cultivating, he also started to meditate.

And at this time, the outside world had changed.


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