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“Well, youll know tomorrow.”

Not long after, Professor Lei raised his head and looked at Ye Feng.

“Student Ye Feng, I hope you get good results in this Promotion Exam.

I wont hide this from you.

After all, whether you can get first place or not will affect whether you can continue to come to the Academy in the future.”

“Teacher, dont worry.

I will definitely get first place!” Ye Feng looked full of confidence.

“Hehe, you really have confidence.

Since thats the case, you should go back and rest first.

I will inform you at 8:30 pm.” Professor Lei smiled.


Then, Ye Feng left Professor Leis office.

After leaving, Ye Feng did not immediately return to his bedroom.

Instead, he walked to the lawn on the field.

During this period of time, Ye Feng had already gotten used to the environment here.

Ye Feng sat on the lawn and quietly enjoyed the stars in the night sky, enjoying the rare peace.

Ye Fengs mood seemed to be slowly calming down.

Although there was not much of a ripple, this kind of state could indeed calm peoples mood down, and even make people somewhat intoxicated.

At this moment, ading dong sound pulled Ye Fengs thoughts back to reality.

Ye Feng opened the bracelet and took a look.

“This is… 80 million…” Ye Feng was a little stunned.

He didnt expect Lei Jia to act so quickly and send this 80 million over.

But when he thought of Lin Yes help in the dark, Ye Feng wasnt surprised by this speed.

This also meant that Ye Feng now had a huge amount of money to buy cultivation items!

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Although the freshmen conference would start tomorrow, it was uncertain when the Promotion Exam would start.

There was still time for cultivation.

Ye Feng did not go to the Academys flea market.

He immediately returned to his dormitory and opened the Zhutian Mall to start shopping.

After all, 80 million was not a small amount.

Basically, if Ye Feng saw something that was not too outrageous, he could almost enter blindly.

“F*ck, with so many resources, it looks like I can go on a shopping spree here.” Ye Feng saw the dazzling array of goods on Zhutian Mall and was immediately dazzled.

Very quickly, Ye Feng bought 100 pills to increase the purity of his magic.

All these magic pills added together were worth more than five million.

Normally, Ye Feng would never buy such pills, but now that he had money, he could buy as many as he wanted!

Although Ye Feng had money, it was limited.

He did not plan to spend all 80 million.

Ye Feng bought a lot of cultivation items.

Ye Feng exchanged all the cultivation items he needed and spent a huge sum of 40 million.

He finally had it all.

The items that Ye Feng exchanged in the system store had many cultivation items, many of which could be used.

Among these items, there were some that could increase ones cultivation and some that could increase ones lifespan.

Ye Feng also bought a lot of medicine and cultivation techniques manuals.

These things were essential to him, so he did not waste money.

The remaining money that Ye Feng had not spent yet, all of it had been deposited into Ye Fengs account in Zhutian Mall.

Moreover, Ye Feng had also exchanged for quite a number of high-quality Spirit Fruits from Zhutian Mall.

These were all things that could greatly assist in increasing the efficiency of cultivation.

There was one item that had been snared just now that made Ye Feng somewhat surprised.

This was an extremely exquisite jade bottle.

The jade bottle contained Spirit Liquid!

Spirit Liquid was the liquid form of spiritual energy.

Its purity was not something spiritual energy could compare to.

If one had to distinguish the purity according to the ratio, the ratio of the two was about 1:10,000.

But from the ratio, one could tell that Spirit Liquid was very rare and its purity was extremely high.

It was especially suitable for leveling up or refining some high-level pills or medicines.

‘System, how exactly is this Spirit Liquid produced Ye Feng asked curiously.

[Host, based on the characteristics of this Spirit Liquid, we can infer that this Spirit Liquid was collected and not artificially produced.

Moreover, the requirements for spiritual energy are extremely high.]

[Looking at this quality, only high-purity Spirit Springs can collect this kind of Spirit Liquid.

However, Spirit Springs are basically extinct in this world.

Therefore, the value of this Spirit Liquid is extremely high.]

“I see.” Hearing the systems explanation, Ye Feng came to a realization.

“Since thats the case, then Ill buy a few bottles to try!” Ye Feng did not think much and directly bought 10 bottles of Spirit Liquid, spending 10 million.

“No matter what, lets try it first!” Ye Feng said.

Spirit Liquid could be directly ingested.

Not only could it greatly improve ones physical fitness, but it could also bring a different increase to oneself.

In any case, this Spirit Liquid was used to increase ones strength.

So even if it failed, Ye Feng wouldnt care too much because Ye Fengs body had already far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

And basically, it was impossible for Ye Feng to fail.

“Lets see if theres anything else that needs to be purchased among these cultivation items…” Ye Feng looked at the pile of cultivation items and suddenly felt a little excited.

Such a huge pile of things… He was really looking forward to getting even greater improvements.

Very soon, Ye Feng took a fancy to a blue crystal.

The surface of this crystal emitted a faint blue light.

It was very beautiful, just like a diamond.

When Ye Feng saw this crystal, he had a familiar feeling.

He seemed to have seen it before.

‘System, what are the attributes of this crystal Ye Feng asked.

[The system has detected that this crystal is a Water Elemental Crystal.

It has a very obvious effect on the improvement of the water element.

It has the effect of consolidating the source and speeding up the progress.]

The water element was a form of water.

Moreover, due to special reasons, it could produce a large amount of water elements.

Therefore, this crystal could greatly improve the purity of the water element and could provide the replenishment of the water element.

At the same time… It could also be used for healing.

“This crystal is not bad!” Ye Feng smiled.

He did not expect to encounter a piece of Water Elemental Crystal when buying cultivation items this time.

This was a rare treasure.

Ye Feng decided to keep this Water Elemental Crystal first.

Ye Feng spent 10 million to buy it with one click.

At this moment, Ye Feng suddenly felt that there was an additional piece of information in his mind!

This crystal could actually resonate with him.

Ye Feng was slightly shocked in his heart.

He could resonate just by getting close to it.

If he refined it, how much of an improvement would he gain!

“I want to see how much of an improvement can I get from so many cultivation items!” Ye Feng smiled.

His mood immediately became great.

He was simply overjoyed now.

He looked at his inventory and the things he had just bought.

In a short period of time, Ye Feng basically had no shortage of cultivation consumables.

Suppressing the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse was a piece of cake.

“I didnt expect that I had already spent so much!” Ye Feng looked at the balance in his account and suddenly felt a little cold.

The balance that was originally over 80 million was now only 10 million.

Although there were only 10 million left in the end, to others, 10 million was also a huge sum of money.

Ye Feng saved it for later to buy some cultivation consumables.

“Looks like I have to break through as soon as possible!”

Ye Feng bought a bunch of things, but he did not have time to cultivate.

He still had a freshmen conference to attend tomorrow.

So today, Ye Feng had to rest well no matter what.

Otherwise, when the time came for the Promotion Exam, he would enter a new round of a battle of attrition.


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