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Ye Feng picked up his phone to check.

As expected, he found his own freshmen assessment post on the forum.

But after Ye Feng looked carefully, he found that the topic of everyones discussion had already shifted to the Promotion Exam that was about to start this year, especially in terms of the participation specifications and rewards.

This years Promotion Exam had yet to begin, but he had already heard that there were already quite a number of people who wanted to participate.

Moreover, there were also quite a number of people who had met and fulfilled the requirements to participate in the Promotion Exam.

Therefore, this also meant that although there were many spots this year, with a total of ten, it would also be an extremely intense competition.

After all, the Promotion Exam could be considered an annual competition within Cloud Mist Academy.

This examination not only faced the freshmen, but also faced the older students.

Within Cloud Mist Academy, this Promotion Exam was a rare test.

This was because entering the final stage, one would obtain a spot to advance to the Academy.

Although Ye Feng did not know what this was, he knew that it was extremely valuable.

It was something that countless Cloud Mist Academy students yearned for.

Ye Fengs current level was B .

Facing this so-called Promotion Exam, Ye Feng did not panic in the slightest.

His level was already the most dazzling existence among this batch of freshmen.

And the publicly acknowledged strongest freshman was only a B grade existence.

Ye Feng had already won first place by too much.

However, due to his crazy advancement, his origin was still somewhat unstable.

In addition, there was also the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse.

The current Ye Feng also urgently needed to raise his level.

This night, Ye Feng slept very comfortably and woke up early the next morning.

After washing up and eating, Ye Feng went straight to the venue of the freshmen conference.

This address had already been sent to his phone by the Academy yesterday.

Therefore, Ye Feng followed this address and quickly found this place.

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com) to read, pls!

Looking at this open-air auditorium that was like a football field, Ye Feng was somewhat amazed.

He did not expect that any random place in Cloud Mist Academy would have such a high level of configuration.

Even if it was a football field, it was still a rare auditorium.

Ye Feng walked into the football field and was attracted by the lively scene in front of him.

The entire football field could accommodate more than 30,000 people.

This was only a conceptual value.

In reality, it could accommodate a total of 30,000 people.

In the football field, there were a few huge computers and countless screens.

In the middle of the football field, there was a huge arena.

It was more like a mysterious enchantment that divided the space.

In the vicinity of the arena, there were countless cameras in all directions.

This meant that there was going to be a live broadcast of a big match.

The audience seats in the distance were filled with people.

Most of them were students.

The freshmen conference and the opening ceremony of the Promotion Exam were held at the same time.

The scene was also extremely shocking.

This was a completely closed arena.

Unless someone opened the door from the outside, it was impossible to enter.

Unless this arena was open and allowed people to enter to watch the game.

At this time, the football field was already filled with people.

This was a group of young people, both men and women.

‘I searched online last night.

The venue of the freshmen convention is also the venue for the Promotion Exam.

Will the Promotion Exam also be held in the next few days Ye Feng thought to himself and walked in.

As his field of vision widened, Ye Feng finally made up his mind.

For ordinary people, this was definitely an opportunity for a carp to leap over the dragon gate.

In fact, Ye Feng did not notice that the moment he entered the auditorium, everyones eyes in the auditorium were all focused on him.

Moreover, Ye Feng felt that there were pairs of eyes looking at him, and they were even scanning over his body.

Among these peoples gazes, there were those that were curious, suspicious, jealous, envious, and even a trace of killing intent.

Ye Feng was not afraid of these peoples gazes.

On the contrary, he felt that these peoples gazes were very piercing.

He felt as if he was being stared at by a group of poisonous snakes.

However, all of this did not matter to him.

It was true that he was popular, but of course, Ye Feng also had the ability to deal with all of this.

If he were to play the fool, then the outcome would not be so good.

Ye Feng found a seat in the hall far away from the edge of the ring and sat down.

Firstly, he did not want to attract too much attention.

Secondly, he wanted to be a bit further away.

There were fewer people, so it was easier for him to observe the strength of his opponent.

Very soon, the freshmen conference was held.

As this conference also announced some matters regarding the Promotion Exam, there were not only freshmen present, but also many older students.

“Did you know This year, our Academys main campus actually wants to recruit ten students! Moreover, the shortlisted students will each be rewarded with a million purchase funds!”

“These are ten exam-free spots.

Everyone wants to register! I remember that in the past Promotion Exams, there were only two or three spots that were shortlisted.

This year, there are actually ten spots all at once.

I reckon that this years Promotion Exam will definitely be very lively!”

“You dont know, theres a senior in the second grade whose name is Li Feng.

According to rumors, hes also going to participate in the Promotion Exam!”

“Li Feng That Li Feng who goes by the nickname Humanoid Combat Machine! Is that the senior who made a name for himself previously”

“Thats right, its him!”


Ye Feng listened to their conversation on the side, but when it came to Li Feng, their voices were suppressed so much that Ye Feng couldnt hear the content of the conversation clearly.

However, this second-grade senior indeed made Ye Feng somewhat curious.

Judging from their tone, this Li Feng was probably a troublesome fellow as well.

He had to understand it in advance.

Subsequently, Ye Feng heard the content of the conversation on the other side.

The current Ye Feng could hear it very clearly even if he did not activate his spiritual energy.

“Didnt they say that freshmen can only participate in the assessment after the assessment period expires”

“You dont understand this, right The rules of the freshmen assessment are that once the recruitment of freshmen is over, the Promotion Exam will begin.

Moreover, there is no restriction on the grade of the students, only their strength.

As long as they reached C grade, they can participate in the Promotion Exam.

Moreover, there are also many outstanding genius students who were exempted from the restrictions and directly registered!”

Ye Feng sounds very reasonable.

The Promotion Exam rewards were so rich.

There would be a lot of people fighting over it.


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