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Moreover, the Promotion Exam wasnt just for freshmen.

This meant that many people would come and register.

Ye Feng looked at the bustling crowd and basically completed his registration.

Only then did the conference officially begin.


“Now, please ask our host to explain the specific rules of the Promotion Exam!”

When it came to the segment that Ye Feng wanted to know the most, his ears immediately perked up.

‘If there are many people in the Promotion Exam, then I have to pay more attention to my own strength, Ye Feng thought.

At the same time, his gaze was also very firm.

‘I heard that this test will be very grand, even more important than the freshmen assessment.

The opportunities obtained will also be unprecedented.

After all, with so many experts, it would be easier to expose his own strength.

Ye Feng had to think of a foolproof way to deal with such a situation.

Ye Feng listened carefully.

After listening to the content of the speech, Ye Feng finally understood what kind of Promotion Exam this was.

This assessment was actually a comprehensive score.

The ranking was determined by the victory or defeat of this competition.

“The Promotion Exam this time will be conducted in the form of a round robin tournament.

The results of each match will be determined by drawing lots.

As long as both sides have reached an agreement, they can choose to announce or not announce the results.”

“The location of the assessment will be within this football field.

The middle area will become an arena.

On the day of the assessment, a powerful defense will be set up around the arena.

Therefore, no matter how much strength is released, it will not affect the surroundings.

On the contrary, students with stronger strength will also have an advantage!”

This rounds assessment mainly tested ones actual combat ability and skills.

The Promotion Exam was actually no different from leveling up.

It only increased ones actual combat ability and there were also rewards.

These would be announced after the assessment.

This times assessment was held on a huge arena.

Overall, it looked even more grand and huge than all the arenas Ye Feng had seen before.

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“The final ten winners will be given the opportunity to enter the Symbiote Continents main campus to study.

At the same time, they will be given a big gift pack and a reward of 1 million yuan!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng was a little confused.

‘The amount of information is a little big, but its not too different from what those people said just now.

So the district that Im currently in is just a branch school district Ye Feng was a little shocked.

At the same time, he did not understand what the geographical location of the Symbiote Continent was.

Ye Feng thought of what those seniors had said before.

The Symbiote Continent was very vast, but it had many different spaces and many powerful places.

He didnt know if it was really so.

But now Ye Feng didnt have time to think about this.

He could only try his best to improve his strength and try to stand firm in the highly competitive Symbiote Continent.

However, what he needed to do now was to win the Promotion Exam and win the promotion to the main campus.

Ye Feng thought about it in his mind for a long time, but he still could not figure out where the Symbiote Continent was.

However, he knew that this was definitely a mysterious world, and it was a very powerful world.

The Symbiote Continent was a very mysterious and powerful new world.

The appearance of this new continent was also due to a legend from a long, long time ago.

At that time, the Symbiote Organization had discovered the entrance to the Symbiote Continent in Changbai Mountain in China.

This was the seventh continent on Earth, and it was also an extremely mysterious continent.

Since ancient times, there had been countless living creatures that had recovered their spiritual essence.

Not only the living creatures, but also the plants, were all extremely huge.

Not only was the spiritual energy extremely dense, but more importantly, the elemental energy here had greatly increased.

As a result, with the deduction of time, countless humans had entered and explored this place.

Until now, the Symbiote Continent had already arrived at the modern era.

Although Ye Feng had heard of it before, he had never had the chance to understand it.

Therefore, when he heard that the main campus of Cloud Mist Academy was established on the Symbiote Continent, he was still dumbfounded.

“If I can enter the main campus with the most abundant resources to study, wouldnt that be a supreme honor in itself” Ye Feng was a little excited in his heart.

Moreover, he had never been involved in this continent before.

Moreover, Ye Feng had also heard that the main campus of Cloud Mist Academy was several times better than the branch campus that they were currently in.

Because the flow of elements on the Symbiote Continent was completely different from the current world, all the living genes on the Symbiote Continent were also much stronger.

‘Other than the freshmen, the students participating in the Promotion Exam today are all experts with extremely powerful auras.

Even the lowest ranked ones already possess the strength of C grade, and most of them have reached C grade and above.

Such a lineup can be considered as a top-notch fighting machine in any Academy! Ye Feng thought to himself.

“There are no special judges in the arena.

Before the start of the competition, a life and death agreement has to be signed.

Any accidents or even deaths during the examination have nothing to do with the Academy!”

“Furthermore, everyone will be given a piece of paper with their name, personal information, and battle prowess written on it!”

“In this examination, everyone will have to defeat their opponent and obtain first place, second place, third place, fourth place, and fifth place until the top ten names appear!”

At this moment, a middle-aged man walked over with a solemn expression and a dignified appearance, he looked at everyone and said, “Everyone now knows the rules of the Promotion Exam.

I now announce that this Promotion Exam has officially begun.

The first match will begin in ten minutes!”

The heck It was starting now!

‘Ten minutes.

Thats quite a lot of time! Ye Feng smiled before walking toward the direction of the arena.

Although he thought that it would only be held a few days later, he did not expect that the Academy would use todays conference to directly announce the start of the Promotion Exam!

“This Promotion Exam will last for a total of 30 days, which is also a month.

I hope that everyone can take it seriously!”

After saying this, the host of the rostrum took out a black box.

On the box were written a few words of different colors: lottery box!

‘Its exactly as I thought.

Well take turns fighting and then decide the order of appearance by drawing lots! Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

Even so, it wouldnt be difficult for him.

Of course, if he could appear later… He would be able to grasp more information on the field.

Many of the freshmen present were eager to try.

They all wanted to participate in this Promotion Exam very much.

“Alright, everyone get ready! The competition will begin immediately!” the host said.

Hearing the hosts words, Ye Fengs eyes narrowed.

Because when Ye Feng was observing, he discovered that these 100 plus participants all had different auras.


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