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They were strong and weak, but no matter how weak they were, they were not something that ordinary students could compare to.

Moreover, they were all extremely calm.

Although there were many familiar faces of the freshmen, there were even more faces that Ye Feng had never seen before.

‘Looks like these are the seniors of the upper grades, right Whether it is in terms of honor or in terms of rewards, the Promotion Exam is an exam that is extremely worth participating in.

‘Therefore, the students who are qualified to participate will not easily let go of this opportunity.

Of course, the high rewards also represent a high risk.

If they kill their opponents, that will not be good.

Ye Feng said in his heart.

These opinions were some of the content he saw on the forum last night.

In the past, there would be people summarizing all kinds of information about the winners.

In comparison, Ye Feng felt that the winners of each year were extremely powerful existences.

Therefore, this time, Ye Feng also had to raise his full spirit to face this examination.

In these ten minutes, Ye Feng had already observed many opponents.

The strength of these opponents was not bad, and some of them were even stronger than him.

However, in Ye Fengs opinion… These people were only ordinary C grade strength.

However, Ye Feng could also confirm one thing.

These people were not strong, but they had all sorts of weapons.

Once they fought, he would definitely suffer a loss.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not dare to rashly attack.

He did not want to be injured.

“Those who are willing and meet the conditions to participate in the Promotion Exam, please stay on the spot.

Those who do not participate, please leave quickly!”

Following the words of the host, there were only about a hundred people left in the venue, which originally had thousands of people.

Among them, the vast majority of the freshmen stayed.

After all, they had just passed the freshmen assessment.

Now was the perfect opportunity to follow up on their victory and participate in the Promotion Exam.

Moreover, the Promotion Exam was only held once a year.

Moreover, there were only a few spots that could be shortlisted once.

With ten spots this year, there were more opportunities.

At the same time, it also meant that the competition had become more intense.

Other than the freshmen, there were also many older students who participated.

There were second, third, and fourth grades.

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Among them, the second grade had the most people.

Ye Feng did not care about these.

He especially noticed a few opponents that he would need to compete against.

The first one that attracted Ye Fengs attention was a very charming girl.

Not only did she have a very pretty little face, but she also wore a white gauze dress and had a pair of charming long legs.

However, Ye Feng could sense that the opponents powerful attack power was that of a Sword Spirit.

The second opponent was a young man.

He was very thin and was about 1.7 meters tall.

He was very handsome and wore a black suit.

He had a tall and sturdy figure, long legs, and a tall and straight body.

His temperament was sunny.

Such a person was undoubtedly the type of man that women dreamed of as their lover.

‘I didnt expect his symbiotic body to be a Xuan Turtle! Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

He was indeed somewhat surprised.

After all, his body just happened to have the defensive ability of a Xuan Turtle, and he could even summon a turtle shell to protect his body.

Now that he had indeed met an opponent who specialized in playing with turtles, it was still uncertain who would win in a round of defense!

But at the very least, Ye Fengs chances of winning would be lower than this mans.

As for the third opponent, it was a woman.

She had a sweet appearance, a slim figure, and snow-white skin.

She wore a blue dress, and her figure was very s*xy.

Every move of hers revealed a sense of temptation.

It was love at first sight.

‘I can feel that there is a very turbulent power of speed in her body.

Explosive power and speed will definitely be the main battle strength. Under the situation where Ye Feng released his perception, basically, some basic information about the contestants could not escape his eyes.

‘This girl is different from others.

Her symbiotic body is actually lightning! When Ye Feng sensed the other partys symbiotic body, he was still quite surprised.

Lightning was also an elemental power, and generally speaking, elemental power was extremely rare.

Its rarity was no less than a divine-level symbiotic body.

‘This girls strength cannot be underestimated. After Ye Feng confirmed it, he made plans for the next step.

If he faced her, he would definitely first focus on defense and find out her true level before he chose to attack.

Otherwise, if he let her succeed once, the violent power generated would be enough to make Ye Feng suffer!

Next, Ye Feng turned his gaze to another man.

This man looked a little strange, but his figure seemed to be gentle and weak.

He had the appearance of a modest gentleman, and he had a very delicate face.

As Ye Fengs perception went deeper, he discovered that he was a special symbiotic entity.

It was a mass of black fog, and his strength should be above B grade.

However, looking at his strength, he had only just broken through to B grade.

Not bad.

In this exam, the strength of these opponents wasnt too trashy! It was much stronger than the freshmen assessment! Ye Feng thought to himself.

In the end, Ye Fengs gaze fell on a man.

Ye Feng could be considered to be very familiar with this man.

It was Lei Jia, who had framed him a while ago!

‘I didnt expect that he would also participate in this exam. Ye Fengs gaze was very calm, looking at the other party without the slightest ripple in his heart.

Lei Jias body was very thin, looking extremely frail.

He was like a woman, with a head of messy hair.

He had a carefree appearance and his eyes kept rolling around.

From time to time, a wretched smile would appear on the corner of his mouth.

Even the aura he exuded was like that of a playboy.

Even if he was standing here, he could still attract the gazes of many beautiful women.

However, these were only the surface.

Ye Feng could see through him directly.

Under his frail appearance, Lei Jias body actually contained an extremely powerful aura.

‘His entire body is filled with a powerful beasts aura! Ye Feng instantly frowned.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for an ordinary person to possess such powerful strength in such a short amount of time.

Moreover, Ye Feng was clearly aware of Lei Jias level.

Moreover, from the killing aura that faintly spread out from his surroundings, it could be seen that he was a bloodthirsty and violent fellow.

‘As expected of a prestigious family, they always have ways to play tricks! This kind of person is the most dangerous.

I must be careful! Ye Feng thought to himself.

As for the others, it was not a problem for him.

Ye Feng directly sat on his seat and closed his eyes to rest, appearing very relaxed and at ease.

“Excuse me, are you Ye Feng”

A gentle voice came from nearby.

Ye Feng raised his head and looked over.

This was the white gauze dresss Sword Spirit sister from earlier.

“Oh right, Im Ye Feng.

You are” Ye Feng smiled and stood up to answer.

He did not expect the other party to take the initiative to greet him.

To be honest, in the scene, other than Lei Jia, he did not see anyone he knew.


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