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However, Ye Feng couldnt be bothered with a good-for-nothing like Lei Jia.

Ye Feng didnt know what was going on with the strange power in his body, but there must be something fishy about it!

“Hello, my name is Zhang Manyu.

Im good at using swords.

Ive heard a lot about God Ye Feng,” Zhang Manyu said with a smile.

Her tone very polite.

“Oh, its Miss Zhang.

Nice to meet you.

Im not very good.

Im just lucky!” Ye Feng said politely.

“Hehe, thats not true.

I heard about God Fengs deeds on the forum, so I specially came here to participate in the exam.

The purpose is to spar with you!” Zhang Manyu said with a smile.

She looked at Ye Feng with a strange light flickering in her eyes.

Ye Feng said with a smile, “What are you talking about, Miss Zhang You are my senior.

To participate in the Promotion Exam, we naturally have to spar with each other.

When the time comes, remember to let your junior know!”

Zhang Manyu immediately covered her mouth and smiled.

“I dare not accept it.

Then Ill look forward to the exam later.

I hope that Great God Ye wont kill me!”

“Miss Zhang, what are you saying Ill see you on the field!” Ye Feng smiled slightly.

Seeing her like this, he immediately felt a cold sword aura.

The sudden appearance of the cold air made Ye Feng shudder.

It was hard to imagine that such a cute girl could actually release such a powerful aura.

This was indeed beyond Ye Fengs imagination.

Zhang Manyu smiled and nodded.

As if she knew something, she covered her mouth and smiled, then took her leave.

“Her strength… should be between B- to B grade.

Shes another troublesome opponent.” Ye Feng felt a headache coming on.

He also knew that the other party had released an aura just now and wanted to test him.

After all, it was usually like this when symbiotes tried to test each other.

However, it could be seen that Zhang Manyu was still too inexperienced for an old fox Like Ye Feng.

This level of probing was equivalent to a thief openly stealing from the head of the household.

Instead, Ye Feng knew the strength of the other party.

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Ye Feng smiled and felt that the other party was somewhat cute.

However, when he thought of that cold aura, he immediately dispelled this thought.

After all, the draw competition was about to begin.

The period of rest and preparation before the competition was an especially important period of time for some experienced people.

It could even directly affect the performance of the next match.

The few people who were probed by Ye Feng just now saw someone walking over to greet Ye Feng, and they also walked over one after another.

“Hey, youre Ye Feng, right I heard that you killed a Flood Dragon by yourself during the freshmen assessment.

Its really amazing,” one of the men said, his tone filled with admiration, and his gaze toward Ye Feng was filled with a fiery light.

This man was called Luo Nuo, and his symbiotic body was the Xuan Turtle.

Ye Feng only knew that the other party was so strong and sturdy after taking a closer look.

He was indeed worthy of being a Xuan Turtle symbiotic.

His physical defense had already been maxed out.

The other few people also began to compliment Ye Feng.

They were the lightning symbiotic body, Xu Liusi, who was wearing a blue one-piece dress, and the weak scholar, Xu Yuan, who possessed a special symbiotic body.

These were all contestants who had been recognized as relatively strong by Ye Feng.

Now that all of them had come over to greet him, it was likely that his reputation had gradually exploded within Cloud Mist Academy.

Not only did they know Ye Fengs name among the freshmen, even the seniors knew of Ye Fengs deeds.

He was indeed an extremely strong existence.

In Cloud Mist Academy, the stronger the person, the easier it was for him to be respected.

“Ke ke, everyone is flattering me.” Ye Feng smiled slightly and did not take the words of these few people to heart.

After all, he himself also knew that he was able to obtain the final victory because of all sorts of opportunities.

Ye Feng knew a few of the people present in the arena.

They were all people who had interacted with each other on the battle arena and had a certain degree of friendship.

“Lets not talk too much nonsense.

We also need to make some preparations before entering the competition.

Ill take my leave first.

See you on the fighting ring later!” Luo Nuo glanced at Ye Feng, cupped his fists, and left.

Although they were competitors, they also had some sympathy.

After all, they all came from the same place and were a group of people with similar cultivation talent.

Therefore, when they conversed together, they had many common topics and could also improve their own strength.

Among the people present, a few of them were ordinary people.

They were all talents nurtured by the big families and big forces.

At such an occasion, when they saw Ye Feng, they would definitely feel fear in their hearts and could not help but say a few words of praise.

In this world, strength represented everything.

The stronger one was, the smoother the cultivation path in the future would be.

The enemies they met would also become stronger and stronger, even surpassing their own limits!

‘Basically, the people gathered here are all extremely powerful experts.

be it the freshmen or the older students, they are all existences with extraordinary strength! Ye Feng sighed in his heart.

During the freshmen assessment, in the Water Training Hall, he indeed had the strength to easily defeat everyone.

But it was different now.

Ye Feng had to be careful.

“Haha, what a coincidence.

God Ye is actually here to consider.

Looks like this exam, we will definitely have a fierce battle!”

“Yeah, is there a place for us in this exam”

These people all had evil smiles on their faces.

It looked like their goal was very obvious.

They were here for Ye Feng.

“Haha, Im also looking forward to who will be the victor!” Ye Feng also looked at the other party with a smile.

He did not shrink back in the slightest.

Instead, there was a kind of excitement that was eager to give it a try.

“Ke ke, if we win against you this time around, you better not go back on your word!” One of the people laughed mischievously with a wretched expression on his face.

The remaining people, without exception, greeted Ye Feng very politely and respectfully.

After all, Ye Feng was currently a star-like existence.

Many people had heard of his deeds.

Those who were able to enter Cloud Mist Academy to study were far superior to ordinary people in all aspects.

They also possessed a humble heart at all times.

Everyone knew that although Ye Feng was not focused on the path of a warrior, his combat strength was not the most advantageous aspect for him.

But even so, Ye Fengs combat strength had still reached an extremely terrifying realm.

They had also paid quite a bit of attention to the trending searches and forum posts.

They all knew of Ye Fengs terrifying strength, so they were all respectful, even though they were all experts from the various large classes.

“Yo, isnt this our classs new genius, Student Ye Feng What an honor.

I didnt think that Student Ye Feng would actually have the time to participate in this Promotion Exam.

It really makes me admire you!”


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