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The method of probing was also very simple and crude.

It was fine to directly release strength to bombard the other party.

After all, only by being so crude could one test the other partys reaction and ability to respond.

This was the most basic battle method.

Before the start of the competition, their strength was actually to understand each other.

Only by understanding each other would they be able to achieve the best cooperation and obtain victory in the end.

This move was also very practical, because only practical techniques could unleash its power.

After all, the opponents in Group B were all extremely powerful existences.

There was a special feature of the Promotion Exam, which was that before the drawing of lots, there was a registration of the contestants information.

This included all sorts of basic information.

This was in order to better match the corresponding opponent.

In other words, those who could match up with each other were usually evenly matched.

This was also to prevent the difference in strength between the two sides from being too great so that there would still be interesting points in the examination.

Therefore, the strength of Zhang Manyus side was actually the same as the strength of the opponent, the old and the young.

It was just that their performance wasnt too obvious.

Moreover, the competition this time was relatively simple.

There wasnt a need for overly complicated moves.

Because they both won with speed, as long as they reached a certain level of speed, they would be able to instantly kill their opponents.

At the start of the competition, both sides rushed toward each other.

An intense battle began between Group A and Group B.

In the four-person team competition, other than Luo Nuo, the other three people all carried weapons.

Moreover, their weapons were all long weapons.

Zhang Manyu was a long sword, the opponents youth was holding a mace, and the black-robed man was holding a long staff.

Both sides were very fast.

They drew waves of sharp whistles in the air, causing everyone to be indescribably shocked.

Their strength was very strong, especially that youth.

His strength even surpassed the black-robed mans.

He was exceptionally powerful.

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“These contestants are indeed extraordinary!” Looking at the situation on Group Bs side, Ye Feng secretly analyzed in his heart.

After all, by watching the battle, one could also achieve some of the objectives of analysis and roughly know the opponents level.

Ye Feng did not want to miss this opportunity.

These contestants were indeed extraordinary.

The fighting styles of the four people were very simple and crude.

Moreover, they were very sharp.

Each of their attacks was thunderous and extremely terrifying.

The speed of these fists was extremely fast, and their strength was extremely great.

When they punched out, the entire space seemed to be trembling, and even the floor was cracked!





Under Zhang Manyus violent sword intent, Luo Nuo also began to attack.

His body suddenly disappeared from the spot.

Next, an incomparably huge fist appeared on the faces of the two opponents.

The collision of these fists produced a series of muffled sounds.

The momentum was great and the power was great.


Under the violent impact of these fists, the long-robed man let out a miserable howl.

He felt as if his bones were broken, and his body was sent flying.

The young man was also suppressed by the sword intent and couldnt move at all.

In an instant, Group B fell into a disadvantageous position.

Under the preemptive action, Zhang Manyu and Luo Nuo already knew the opponents strength.

They heaved a sigh of relief, returned to their original positions, and looked at each other with a smile.

In the distance, the long-robed man could no longer endure Luo Nuos punches.

He directly fell to the ground and fainted, no one knowing whether he was dead or alive.

The youth by the side was obviously stronger.

Under the punches, he still looked very relaxed.

However, after seeing the long-robed man fall, his expression changed greatly.

After all, without a teammate, his chances of winning would be reduced by half.

The youth immediately went into hiding.

Due to the large size of the arena and the fact that it was very spacious, the youths hiding area had also become much larger.

When Zhang Manyu saw the other party disappear, she did not panic.

This was because she already knew what skill the other party was going to use.

“Hmph, no matter how you try to escape, the final result will be my victory!” Zhang Manyu snorted coldly and immediately launched an attack.

At the same time, she released her weapon.

It was a yellow longsword that appeared slightly ancient.

If one looked carefully, there was an azure dragon circling on the longsword.

It gave people a vague feeling of a surging power.

The ancient sword tip gave off a sharp sword intent.

Zhang Manyu waved the longsword in her hand.

Immediately, countless sharp sword intents appeared on the sword tip and swept toward the direction where the young man had disappeared like a rainstorm.


A sword intent that was like a violent storm exploded wildly in that direction.

At the same time, it contained an extremely powerful aura that instantly covered the entire scene.

This sword intent made Ye Feng, who was watching the battle from afar, instantly feel a chill on his back.

He couldnt help but feel a chill in his heart.

He didnt expect this young girls sword technique to be so tyrannical.

He also knew that Zhang Manyus Sword of Infinity was definitely a very powerful sword.

Moreover, the sword aura on this sword had already condensed into a material form.

This could already be considered an extremely powerful weapon.

Ye Fengs gaze was fixed on Zhang Manyus sword tip, and his eyes revealed a trace of fiery passion.

Although Ye Fengs path was that of a magic conductor, he was very sensitive to swords.

Therefore, he could also tell that Zhang Manyus sword was definitely not an ordinary one.

The power of this sword intent had already reached the level of A grade.

Although it was only one move, it was the power of a peak A grade sword technique.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streaks of sharp sword intent flashed in the air and formed a dense net-like sword aura net that enveloped the young man.

“Is this your ultimate skill” The young man revealed a mocking smile.

He waved the mace in his hand and suddenly thrust it out like a huge spear!

A series of crisp clanging sounds rang out continuously, and streams of sharp spiritual energy shot out.

Ye Feng also sighed, “This sword is really powerful.

As expected of a divine weapon longsword.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The young man also used his own skill.

His figure flashed and appeared, and under the attack of the sword intent, he continuously flickered.

His movement technique was very strange.

Not only did he dodge the sword intent, but he could also attack Zhang Manyu while dodging the sword intent.

However, under the barrage of sword intent attacks, the young man also began to be unable to withstand it.

“That was close.

If my reaction was a little slower just now, Im afraid that I would have been injured too!” The young man looked at the bleeding marks on his body and spoke with some relief.

At this moment, Luo Nuo suddenly threw out a punch!

Puchi–!! The young man was sent flying in the next moment.

His eyes went black and he fainted instantly.

At this moment, the audience only saw the process of the young man being sent flying and then falling to the ground.

However, in the eyes of Zhang Manyu and Luo Nuo, these few minutes were a very good opportunity for them to launch hundreds of attacks.

However, they were not like this.

After all, the strength of the other party was not on the same level as theirs.

This could be considered as them showing mercy.

“D*mn it, I will definitely… Forget it, surrender!” The youth struggled to get up.

He glanced at Zhang Manyu and the others on the stage and then left the stage dejectedly.

Zhang Manyu curled her lips in disdain and said, “Hmph! At least you know whats good for you!”


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