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In this match, it was clear that Luo Nuo had won.

Although she had suffered a blow, Xu Liusi was not weak.

She immediately recovered from this blow.

“Alright, your name is Luo Nuo, right I remember you! Hmph, the next time you meet me, you wont be so lucky!” Xu Liusi glared at Luo Nuo, stomped her feet fiercely, and left in a huff.

“This chick is really overbearing!” Luo Nuo looked at Xu Liusi who was far away and sighed in his heart.

Luo Nuo laughed and cried as he shook his head, but he didnt say anything.

Because he didnt do anything wrong in the first place.

He was just a little straightforward.

He fought for himself in the Promotion Exam, so there was no such thing as letting the other party win.

Ye Fengs eyes flickered as he looked at the big screen on the left side of the stage.

This large screen was specially designed to record the points for each contestant.

According to the competition rules, each contestant would defeat a contestant and accumulate 10 points.

And in the first round of the team competition, the winning group would accumulate 20 points.

Conversely, it was also calculated like this.

In the individual competition, losing a match would deduct 10 points.

Once the points returned to 0 points, they would be eliminated.

In the end, the final 10 candidates would be selected based on the points.

As for Ye Feng, he had accumulated a total of 20 points because he had passed two rounds.

Currently, there were a total of three people with the highest points.

All of them had won one team competition and two individual competitions, obtaining 40 points.

They were Li Feng, Zhang Manyu, and Luo Nuo.

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Ye Feng barely managed to be in the top 10 with 20 points.

In the distance, Xu Liusi walked toward Zhang Manyu and grumbled, “Hmph, Sister Manyu, only you can take care of that b*stard!”

“If Sister Manyu draws him, you must help me take revenge!”

Zhang Manyu smiled and patted her head.

“Alright, Sister Manyu will help you vent your anger.

I know what to do!”

“En! Sister Manyu is the best!” Xu Liusi smiled sweetly and ran to draw the lots happily.

Luo Nuo watched the two of them leave, a helpless smile appearing on his lips.

These two girls were too strange.

Zhang Manyu was his teammate previously.

He naturally knew what kind of strength she had.

She was an extremely powerful existence.

Regarding Zhang Manyu, the Academy had a nickname.

She was called the strongest sword in the academy.

However, Luo Nuo also had another nickname, the strongest shield in the academy!

If the two of them had a chance to fight, it would definitely be the most interesting match.

“Sigh, am I not being punished I provoked both of them!”

“If the heavens want to punish me, then let the storm come even more fiercely!” Luo Nuo said with a bitter smile.

Since Luo Nuo had won, there was a chance to draw lots, so he randomly picked a number.

He took a look and saw that it was number 44.

“44… Uh, this number doesnt seem very auspicious.” Luo Nuo raised his head to look at the big screen, looking for his opponent.

“44 versus 90… This number is, Zhang Manyu!”

Seeing that his opponent was Zhang Manyu, Luo Nuo instantly felt a chill down his spine.

He wasnt afraid of fighting, nor was he afraid of provocation.

He didnt even care about life and death, but he just didnt want to meet Zhang Manyu.

This womans strength was extremely terrifying.

She was ranked very high in the Academy, and she was also a famous student in the Academy.

Ye Feng also vaguely felt that the atmosphere wasnt right.

After all, he was still watching the show and eating melons.

There wasnt anything about him in the arena yet, so from the beginning, he kept a very long distance.

First, it was to better observe the situation on the scene, but it was to maintain the distance between them, so as not to discover him too early.

This method was very effective.

Ye Feng immediately noticed that if the two of them were to fight, it would be a very interesting match.

Very quickly, as Zhang Manyu walked onto the stage, the match officially began.

The cheers from the audience were extremely loud.

Many people had been shouting Zhang Manyus name and cheering for her.

“The Academys strongest swordswoman has started to fight against the strongest defense.

If it wasnt for the Promotion Exam, we wouldnt have been able to witness this scene!”

“Thats right, its super exciting.

How long will it take for the strongest sword to break through the strongest shield”

“It might not necessarily be the sword that wins.

I think that shield isnt weak either.

The two of them are already evenly matched.

However, well be able to see their battle soon!”

Zhang Manyu was wearing a tight-fitting black outfit that perfectly outlined her figure.

Her skin was fair and tender, and her facial features were exquisite and charming.

She gave off a very comfortable feeling.

However, Luo Nuo knew that this seemingly charming girl was actually a very dangerous person.

Luo Nuo looked at Zhang Manyu and asked softly, “Are you ready”

“Yes, Im ready.” Zhang Manyu nodded.

“Im also ready.” Luo Nuo also nodded.

The two of them looked at each other.

“Then, let the battle begin!” After Zhang Manyu said that, her figure suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, she suddenly appeared behind Luo Nuo.

The long sword in Zhang Manyus hand brought with it the sound of the wind, and it was heading straight for Luo Nuos back!

Her speed was extremely fast, just like a ghost.

‘So fast! Luo Nuo thought to himself.

He was extremely vigilant, and his body quickly moved to the side to avoid Zhang Manyus attack.

However, Zhang Manyus attack did not stop.

She continued to chase after him!

The Sword of Infinity that Zhang Manyu used was not only able to strike extremely quickly, but it also had an electric attribute.

Not only could it release the power of lightning to paralyze the opponent, but it could also release an extremely terrifying power.

In an instant, the Sword of Infinity became a killing weapon.

The longsword made a whistling sound as it slashed toward Luo Nuos neck.

‘D*mn it! Luo Nuo cursed in his heart.

Luo Nuo knew that he could not dodge this way, so he could only block with all his strength.

He wanted to block this sword and then counterattack.

In this way, Zhang Manyu did not dare to continue stabbing at him.

However, he did not expect that Zhang Manyus attack did not stop because of his resistance.

Instead, it became even sharper.

Luo Nuo had no choice but to give up on defense and turn to attack.

He punched Zhang Manyu in the chest, wanting to force her back and then attack!

However, something that Luo Nuo did not expect happened.

Zhang Manyu actually did not have any defensive measures and allowed Luo Nuos punch to hit her chest.

With a bang, Luo Nuos fist hit Zhang Manyus chest.

Zhang Manyu did not show any signs of pain.

She only smiled faintly and her body shook.


Immediately after, Luo Nuo felt a huge electric current passing from his hand to his body.

His entire arm seemed to be disobedient.


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