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“Ah!” Luo Nuo cried out in pain.

His face had turned a little pale, and his entire body was emitting green smoke.

“Haha, this punch of yours cant hurt me at all.” Zhang Manyu smiled and waved her hand again.

Luo Nuo hurriedly leaped back and jumped into the distance.

At this moment, Zhang Manyus entire body was filled with incomparably terrifying sword intent.

It was as if a casual attack would kill him on the spot.

However, just as he stabilized his body, he felt his entire body go weak.

It was as if all the strength in his body had been used up.

His entire body felt weak and powerless.

“What terrifying strength!” Luo Nuo was indescribably shocked.

Just a moment ago, he had still vowed to exchange blows with Zhang Manyu.

But now, it seemed that all of this was just wishful thinking.

Zhang Manyus strength was too strong.

Moreover, he also felt that although Zhang Manyus strength was very strong, she was very gentle.

She did not want to cut him in half with a single slash.

Otherwise, he would not be able to stand on the stage safe and sound.

“Hehe, you cant do it anymore.” Zhang Manyu sneered.

“This time, you will definitely lose.

Obediently surrender.

I can also promise you that I will not announce the result to the public and leave you some face!”

Zhang Manyus figure flashed, and she arrived in front of Luo Nuo again.

Her body was like a ghost, fast and anxious, making Luo Nuo unable to react at all.


Zhang Manyu once again sent a heavy punch at Luo Nuos shoulder, causing him to fly backward uncontrollably!


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Luo Nuo spat out fresh blood, and his entire body crashed onto the stage.

His body sank into the soil, and he looked abnormally wretched.


Zhang Manyu snorted coldly.

Her figure flashed and appeared in front of Luo Nuo.

She reached out and grabbed his neck.

Luo Nuos eyes were wide open as if he had been forced into a desperate situation.

If this continued, Zhang Manyu would be able to severely injure him and forcefully eliminate him without him surrendering.

However, Ye Feng, who was far away, was frowning at this moment.

‘This Luo Nuo is actually not using his spiritual energy to defend himself at this time.

What is he thinking Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

Others might not be able to see through it, but he could see through it at a glance.

At this moment, Luo Nuo was only forcefully suppressing his own strength.

From the beginning until now, he had only used his physical strength to defend himself and did not make the slightest mistake in using his spiritual energy.

This was also an extremely terrifying aspect.

Even just his physical strength was already so terrifying.

If he had used his spiritual power and released his skills, the defensive attributes of the Xuan Turtle would have been completely activated, needless to say.

His entire body was like the hardest steel.

No matter how violent and terrifying he was outside, he would not be able to break through at all.

It was useless even if he was awesome.

That was because a strong defense was the true strength.

Xu Liusi, who was watching the battle from afar, could not help but cheer when she saw how sharp Zhang Manyus attacks were.

She thought that she had finally vented her anger!

However, at this moment, Zhang Manyu looked at Luo Nuo, who was continuously resisting.

At this moment, she seemed to know that the other party did not release any spiritual power.

“As expected of the Xuan Turtle.

Its defense is really terrifying!” Zhang Manyu opened her red lips and spat out a few words.

Then, she released an even more powerful force and erected the Sword of Infinity in front of her.

She seemed to be muttering something.

In the next moment, the Sword of Infinity suddenly released an extremely huge sword intent.

That sword intent was like the might of the heavens.

This sword intent soared into the sky and gathered in the air to form a huge Sword of Infinity.

It gave off an incomparable might as it slashed fiercely at Luo Nuo.

When Luo Nuo saw this scene, he hurriedly raised the long spear in his hand and fiercely attacked the Sword of Infinity.

Under this sword intent, the entire arena trembled slightly.

Zhang Manyus body also shone with an incomparable golden light.

Her body also seemed to gradually turn into a golden giant.


Then, Zhang Manyu shouted angrily.

With a roar, the buildings around the ring were instantly shattered.


Then, those buildings turned into a pile of dust and scattered in the air.

At this moment, Luo Nuo also felt that his strength was rapidly weakening, as if he had been absorbed by something.

‘Whats going on Could this be the terrifying aspect of the Sword of Infinity A hint of terror appeared in Luo Nuos eyes, and he immediately understood.

The attack just now was already so terrifying, so the attack now would definitely be even more terrifying.

Luo Nuo secretly groaned in his heart.

If this continued, he would definitely lose.


A muffled sound of a collision rang out.

Luo Nuo only felt an unrivaled power coming from the Sword of Infinity.

Following that, the sword intent landed on his shoulder.


Luo Nuo hurriedly activated all the spiritual power in his body, preparing to use his spiritual power to resist!


Zhang Manyus sword stabbed into Luo Nuos chest, sending him flying fiercely.

Luo Nuos figure directly crashed into the surrounding wall, and then crashed heavily onto the ground.

Just when everyone thought that Luo Nuo was defeated, a flash of light flashed out from the billowing dust.

This was an extremely bright light.

Those who knew it would know that this was the healing light of the Xuan Turtle!

As the dust dispersed, a figure appeared in front of everyones eyes.

“To be honest, your combat strength is indeed astonishing.

I was even forced to use the Xuan Turtle Armor.

Hehe.” Luo Nuo wiped the blood from his nose and raised his head to look at Zhang Manyu who was holding a sharp sword in the distance.

Her slender figure was indeed easy to imagine.

The blood at the side of Luo Nuos nose was also very easy to associate with the nosebleed that came from looking at her hot figure.

But no matter what, to be able to forcefully receive such a terrifying attack from Zhang Manyu, ones defensive strength was already extremely terrifying.

And Luo Nuo looked as if he had not received any damage at all!

“How is this possible This is impossible!”

“You… You actually blocked it” Zhang Manyu said in surprise, her eyes flashing with astonishment.

She had indeed used 70-80% of her strength to hit Luo Nuo.

If it was an ordinary person, a symbiotic cultivator below A grade would have died long ago.

But the other party was actually able to block it!

Zhang Manyu widened her eyes in shock.

Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Her Infinite Sword was the third move of the Infinite Holy Bible that she had inherited.

It was also the highest level of swordsmanship.

However, it was still unable to do anything to the man in front of her!

How was this possible

“What kind of freak is this kid Is he really that extraordinary” Zhang Manyus eyes were filled with a trace of fear.

She did not dare to get any closer.

“I thought you were so powerful, but it turns out that youre just so-so!”

Luo Nuo grinned, then slowly stood up and walked toward Zhang Manyu.

“I said, you will lose this battle,” Luo Nuo said coldly.

Zhang Manyu had released too much spiritual power, and she was already exhausted.

She could not support herself to release her power again, but the other party was actually completely fine.

If he continued to defend, it meant that the amount of spiritual energy consumed was very little.

Thus, Luo Nuo could be said to be conserving 80-90% of his strength.

If he attacked now, no matter how low his combat power was… He could still easily defeat Zhang Manyu.

Seeing this, Zhang Manyu could only surrender in order to preserve her strength for the next match.

Even if this continued, she would lose the dominance of the arena.

If she continued to fight, she would have no chance of winning.

It was better to preserve her strength and fight again in the next match.

If she lost a match, only 10 points would be deducted.

Zhang Manyu still had 30 points left.

This amount of points surpassed many people.

Ye Feng did not do anything and only had 20 points.

When the audience saw Zhang Manyu surrender, they also felt that it was a pity.

They exclaimed, “The Xuan Turtles defense is truly unbreakable!”


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