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This time, he unleashed all of his potential.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two continued to collide.

Their speed was so fast that it was almost impossible to see them clearly.

One could only see the two of them madly fighting on the stage.

Ye Feng had always been in a passive situation of taking a beating.

However, although Ye Fengs strength was not good, his reaction speed and speed far exceeded Luo Nuos expectations.

Every time, he would narrowly dodge.

“D*mn it! Who the h*ll is this guy!”

Luo Nuo could not help but curse.

This guys reaction speed was really too fast, three times faster than him.

This made him very depressed, but there was nothing he could do.

He could only continue to fight with Ye Feng.

Unknowingly, Ye Feng actually fought with Luo Nuo for more than ten minutes.

The surrounding audience was all dumbfounded.

One by one, they were flabbergasted.

Their mouths were wide open as they looked at the arena.

“This Ye Feng is too awesome.

He can actually hold on for such a long time, and he doesnt show any signs of retreating at all!”

“Whats going on”

“Isnt this Ye Feng a freshman from the Academy How can he have such formidable strength”

“Yeah, this is too exaggerated.

Luo Nuo is a peak B- grade powerhouse, yet he cant beat him.”

The surrounding students discussed animatedly.

Each and every one of them looked at Ye Feng with shock and awe.

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They knew that Ye Feng was powerful.

After all, during the freshmen assessment, a portion of them had also watched the live broadcast.

There were also many people who had heard of Ye Fengs deeds.

But they did not expect that Ye Feng was actually so powerful.

He could actually contend against Luo Nuo.

“This kid is quite interesting.”

Zhang Manyu was also stunned.

Her eyes were full of brilliance.

She did not expect Ye Feng to hide such powerful strength.

“Ye Feng, go for it!”

At this time, Xu Liusi was so excited that she slammed the table and shouted, “Kill this b*stard! Kill him! Kill him!”

Lei Jia, who was far away, had a livid expression.

Seeing Ye Feng display such strength, he felt as if he had eaten sh*t.

No one at the scene had expected Ye Feng to have such a strong resistance.

Of course, this was only a counterattack.

Ye Feng had not taken the initiative to attack, so everyone was watching the match with bated breath.

“Brother Feng, you are indeed strong, but dont forget that your attacks have no effect on me.

I am the Xuan Turtle symbiote, and my defense coefficient is infinitely high!”

Sure enough, after Luo Nuo finished speaking, all the wounds on his body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Although Ye Feng was mentally prepared for this scene, when he saw Luo Nuos healing speed, he could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Too amazing!”

Ye Feng could not help but exclaim in admiration inwardly,If I devour him, I should be able to obtain such a crazy healing ability!

This thought popped out from Ye Fengs heart and gave him a fright.

This couldnt be done!

This was a Promotion Exam, not actual combat.

Moreover, the other party was his senior, so how could he possibly do such a thing

If this were to be spread out, it would probably cause others to spit on him.

After all, this was an act that violated morals, ethics, and the law.

“Kid, just who are you Why are you so powerful”

Luo Nuo thought of the aura that Ye Feng released just now and immediately felt a chill on his back.

A panicked expression appeared on his face.

His forehead was sweating as he looked at Ye Feng, somewhat afraid.

“Senior is flattering me.

Being able to dodge your attack so quickly is purely due to luck,”Ye Feng calmly replied.

“Good fellow.

Since thats the case, then lets continue to spar!”

As soon as Luo Nuo finished speaking, his figure charged over once again.

Ye Feng faintly smiled and his body continuously circulated his spiritual energy.

The surroundings instantly distorted, and following that, a stream of water that suddenly appeared formed a whirlpool.

It trapped Luo Nuo within, and around the whirlpool, many tentacles formed from the stream of water extended out and fiercely locked him in place, completely severing his thoughts of struggling.

[Water Binding]!

Ye Fengs spiritual power erupted in an instant.

Luo Nuos face instantly turned pale.

He felt that all the power in his body had been restrained.

He could not move at all and could only be restrained by the water currents, allowing Ye Feng to slaughter him.

‘This b*stard, how can he use such a powerful move Didnt they say that his symbiotic body is only a Slime!

Luo Nuos heart trembled, and his face was full of unsightly expressions.


Luo Nuos expression changed greatly.

This water current restraining him was the [Water Binding] skill that Ye Feng had used previously.

He did not expect Ye Feng to also use it now.

What exactly was going on

Ye Feng did not pay attention to him.

With a shake of his hand, a water sword that was solidified from a Slime appeared in his hand and directly slashed toward Luo Nuo.

This [Water Binding] not only restricted the movements of the enemy, but it also hindered his movements.

Therefore, Luo Nuo could only take it head-on.

But he did not dare to meet it head-on.

Bang! Bang!

The two of them exchanged over a hundred rounds, and in the end, Ye Feng still had the advantage.

At this time, Ye Feng suddenly withdrew and retreated.

With a backflip, he landed steadily on the ground.

At the same time, he also withdrew the [Water Binding] ability because he had also consumed a large amount of spiritual energy.

If he used it again, it might really take longer.


At this time, Luo Nuo fell heavily to the ground, his face full of pain.

This guy actually lost so quickly and was beaten by Ye Feng to the point that he had no ability to fight back.

This shocked everyone.

“Not bad, this guy can actually fight to a draw with Luo Nuo.

This is too unbelievable!”

Below the stage, Xu Liusi was already somewhat interested in Ye Feng.

Not only was Ye Feng too calm, but his performance on the stage was really too unexpected.

Facing the Xuan Turtle with such high defense, he was also able to deal with it with ease.

This point could be seen that Ye Feng was definitely not an ordinary person.

At the very least, he was also a very troublesome existence.

If it was Ye Fengs turn to take turns later, then he would have an extra trick up his sleeve.

After all, one could not judge a person by their appearance.

In the beginning, everyone did not think highly of Ye Feng, but in reality, Ye Feng was the biggest attraction tonight, and he was also a well-deserved dark horse-level figure!

“Which class is he from Why is his strength so terrifying”

Everyone could see that Ye Feng did not use his true abilities.

Otherwise, Luo Nuos situation would not be like this.

It was just that he did not use his full strength and was able to put Luo Nuo at a disadvantage.

This made them feel extremely shocked.

Luo Nuo stood up with great difficulty.

His expression was extremely ugly.

He did not expect Ye Fengs strength to be so powerful.

With such battle skills and experience, even those teachers probably could not achieve it.

This was a monstrous existence.

This was an opponent that he had never met before.

He even suspected that there were other different cultivation methods.

Otherwise, how could he be so strong

“Tell me, how did your Slime do it to be so abnormal!”

Luo Nuo stared at Ye Feng with a serious expression and asked.

His eyes were fixed on Ye Feng, as if he wanted to find a flaw in Ye Fengs eyes.

“Abnormal I dont know about that.

I only know that our battle has just begun!”

Ye Feng shrugged and answered casually.

“Just begun Haha…”

At this time, after hearing Ye Fengs answer, Luo Nuo almost fainted from anger.

Ye Feng said what was in his heart, and it was the truth.

How could Luo Nuo accept this


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