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Ye Fengs expression was extremely calm, as if he did not use too much strength at all.

Seeing this kind of expression, Luo Nuo was even more furious.

‘This guy, isnt he too ridiculously powerful!!!

“Since you want to die, then Ill grant you your wish!”

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei in surprise.

“You were still so childish”

“I was four or five years old then.

I was a child to begin with.”

Song Jiatongs face was a little embarrassed.

“Brother Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan doesnt deserve you at all.”

“Thats my business.

If you come to the set to cause trouble for Lin Wanwan again in the future, dont call me brother again.”

In an instant, song Jiatongs face turned pale.

Seeing her like this, Fu Wanyi sighed.

She liked this lively girl who liked to act coquettishly.

Back then, when she and Lu Zhengyu divorced, Fu Zhaoning was only gloating.

However, song Jiatong deliberately ran over to comfort her.

“Brother Zhanbei, I hate you!”After saying this, song Jiatong covered her face and ran out.

Fu Wanyi waved her hand.

“You guys can go back too.”

“Aunty, wait for me for a while.”

Lin Wanwan seemed to have suddenly thought of something and jogged out.

When she returned, there was a three-layered lunch box in her hand.

“This is a snack that aunt ai newly researched.

I tried to make it.

The taste is not bad.

Try It.”

Fu Wanyi was stunned.

She nodded with a normal expression.

“Thank you.”

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“Goodbye, Aunt.”

Fu Wanyi watched the two of them disappear.

The corner of her lips curled up slightly.

It had to be said that Lin Wanwans EQ was very high.

As long as she wanted to please someone, it was very easy to succeed.

“Could it have been affected the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse” Although Ye Feng felt some pain, it was not a big deal.

He would be able to endure it very soon.

However, Ye Feng did not expect that [Spiderweb Punishment] released could also affect the depths of his soul.

There should be a big connection between the two.

After all, the spiderweb was formed from Slimes mucus.

The Slime was also his symbiotic body and belonged to the power of origin.

It was not impossible for there to be some soul connection.

However, Ye Feng was worried that the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse would wait for an opportunity to do something.

If that were the case, he would not be able to focus on Luo Nuos side.

Moreover, if he exposed his ability, he would be in a very passive situation.

What he did not know was that the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse had already been activated.

It had already set its eyes on Ye Feng, waiting for an opportunity to devour him.

In an instant, Ye Feng seemed to have entered a new space.

This was a space created by the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse.

Ye Fengs consciousness had just been pulled into this place when he instantly felt that something bad was about to happen.

He was not worried that Luo Nuo would take the opportunity to do something to him.

After all, the flow of time in this space was different from the outside world.

There was almost no concept of time in this space.

This meant that no matter how long Ye Feng entered this space, when he left, he would still return to the time when he first entered.

In this space, Ye Feng was somewhat troubled.

His gaze swept around, looking for traces of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul.

If he could annihilate it here, it could be considered a good thing.

However, he did not find anything.

He did not even see the shadow of the Water Elemental Dragon King.

It was as if everything was just an illusion and had never existed.

“What on earth is going on!”

Ye Feng frowned.

He could clearly feel that his soul was trembling non-stop.

This was a sign that his soul was being eroded.

This feeling was very weak, but it actually happened.

In the depths of his soul, something seemed to be slowly melting.

It was a very wonderful feeling.

Ye Feng felt that his soul was gradually leaving his body and was spreading outwards.

“Not good.

This guy wants to take this opportunity to steal my soul.”

Ye Feng immediately reacted.

He knew that his soul had already been devoured by the Water Elemental Dragon King.

This was a very terrifying method.


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