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At this moment, Luo Nuo also realized that he was currently in the body of a giant Slime!

Logically speaking, a Slime was the weakest creature in nature.

Even if it devoured him, he could easily escape with just a slight struggle.

However, no matter what he did, it was as if he had lost his effect.

There was nothing he could do.

At this moment, when the audience saw this scene, they were all dumbfounded.

“Luo Nuo is actually trapped in the body of a Slime! What kind of strength is this to be able to possess such terrifying strength!”

Everyones hearts were about to jump out of their throats.

This Ye Feng was too terrifying.

He was actually able to trap Luo Nuo.

One had to know that Luo Nuo was the strongest symbiote in the second grade of Cloud Mist Academy.

His cultivation level had also reached a terrifying B- grade.

In the entire Cloud Mist Academy, he could be considered as one of the top experts.

However, he was currently trapped within the body of a Slime.

This was truly a little frightening.

However, everyone speculated that even if he were to devour Luo Nuo, it would be impossible for him to be trapped within the body for a long time.

After all, the Xuan Turtle was not something that could be faked.

By activating the strength within the body, it could also raise the strength of the host by more than ten times.

It was more than enough to break through the soft body of the Slime.

Currently, Luo Nuo was unable to break through.

Ye Feng had only activated his spiritual energy and formed some form of confusion.

Once this confusion was over, Luo Nuo would definitely be able to charge out.

With Luo Nuos powerful defensive ability, Ye Fengs wave definitely would not cause him any harm.

The match might very well end in a draw!

“Luo Nuo, this cant go on.

You have to use all your strength.

Otherwise, it will be very easy for you to suffer a loss.

Dont forget, my current strength has also reached B grade, not much different from yours.

This is a waste of effort.

You will only be wasting your own strength.”

Ye Feng spoke indifferently, his eyes filled with mockery.

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“Ive said it before.

You forced me to use all of my strength!”

Luo Nuos face was extremely gloomy.

His body emitted a dense demonic qi.

His eyes were red, and his clothes all swelled up.

The skin on his body swelled to the limit, as if it would explode at any moment.

Ye Feng was secretly surprised when he saw Luo Nuo use all of his strength.

‘This guy is really willing to risk his life.

But this is also good.

The higher my strength is, the greater the hope for me to win, Ye Feng thought to himself.


A terrifying sense of oppression was felt.

“Ha!!!”Luo Nuo shouted in a low voice and slammed his palms onto the ground.

His palms slammed down fiercely, and the earth trembled.

Under the ground, pieces of soil flew up.

These pieces of soil carried a huge gust of wind and were extremely fast.

They were like cannonballs, as if they wanted to shatter the Slime that was devouring him from the inside out!

Seeing this scene, many people below the stage began to discuss animatedly.

“Luo Nuo is finally going to use his full strength.

Looks Like Ye Fengs Slime isnt able to completely devour and restrain him.”

“Slime wants to devour the Xuan Turtle How is that possible Hes going to spit Luo Nuo out soon.”

“Thats right.

A Slime doesnt have the defense of a Xuan Turtle to begin with, and its interior is even weaker.

Once he finds a breakthrough point, not only can Luo Nuo come out immediately, but he can also take the opportunity to heavily injure Ye Feng!”


The audience discussed animatedly.

On the stage, Ye Feng was still calmly dealing with it.

“You want to escape But I have to tell you some bad news.

Before you surrender, Im afraid youll have to stay in the belly of a Slime.”

Ye Feng looked at Luo Nuo, who was constantly resisting, and spoke indifferently.

It was as if he wanted to crush him mentally.

“A small Slime, isnt it just a little tougher than an ordinary Slime Later, Ill smash your Slime all over the ground.

Dont feel sorry for me!”

After saying that, Luo Nuo released all his strength once again.

Waves after waves of violent brute force had indeed increased his strength significantly.

One punch!

Ye Feng felt a faint pain in his abdomen.

Looking at the man in front of him, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

‘Looks like I still have to add some spice to you!

Thinking so, Ye Feng activated the spiritual energy in his body.

For a moment, the mucus in the giant Slimes abdomen instantly became extremely sticky.

The effect of the poison, the stickiness, the sharpness, and so on.

These were all the special attributes of the Slime.

For a moment, all of them were attached to the body of the giant Slime.

Luo Nuo instantly felt his entire body go numb, and the pain was unbearable.

It was as if he had drunk a bottle of poison specially brewed by the King Eye Snake in the depths of a tropical rainforest.

Almost in an instant, Luo Nuos entire spiritual energy was greatly weakened.

Although his entire body had a strong defensive ability.

He had already isolated more than 90% of the poison, but even the slightest trace of the poison seeping into his body was still unbearable!

Luo Nuos body started to struggle violently.

Furthermore, Luo Nuos strength was also affected by this intense pain.

It continued to decrease.

In the end, Luo Nuo couldnt even use half of his strength!

“This… This is impossible! How is this possible! With my Xuan Turtle body, even if I meet a B grade powerhouse, I wouldnt be afraid.

But why do I feel so much pain now!”

Luo Nuo looked at his body that had become ethereal.

His face turned pale and he found it hard to believe.

He had always felt that he was very strong.

There were very few opponents of the same rank.

But now, he felt that his strength had been greatly reduced.

Moreover, he couldnt even move now.

What was even more terrifying was that Ye Feng had finally activated the [Decomposition] and [Stomach Pouch] abilities.

When the two skills were mixed together, not only could they greatly increase the devouring ability, but more importantly, they could also contain larger objects that were being devoured and devour them for a longer period of time.

They could also decompose objects that could not be devoured.

This also meant that it was not completely impossible to completely devour Luo Nuo.

[Ding! Host is currently devouring the Xuan Turtle.

[Acid] skill has been awakened!]

[Acid] skill.

Acid, able to corrode metal.

Based on the properties of [Acid], Ye Feng naturally knew that this skill was quite powerful.

Not to mention the Xuan Turtle, even if it was a divine-level creature, if it was devoured by him and released the [Acid] skill… It was likely that it would be completely devoured!

Hearing the system notification sound in his mind, Ye Fengs face revealed a smile.

At the same time, Ye Feng immediately felt a huge force surging into his body.

That force was extremely violent, as if lava was surging out of his body!

Ye Feng felt as if his body was being torn apart in pain, and all the cells in his body seemed to be screaming in pain.

At this moment, within the body of the giant Slime, Luo Nuo, who was constantly being devoured, also felt a surge of intense pain, and his body suddenly stiffened.

“D*mn it, how could my body be destroyed so easily”

Luo Nuo was somewhat shocked.

As Ye Feng released his [Acid] ability, a flash of shock appeared in Luo Nuos eyes, and then he saw viscous liquid appear on his feet, and the viscous liquid was rapidly spreading to his skin.


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