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Luo Nuos scream came out from his throat.

He had lost control of his body and could only struggle.

But this struggle was already futile for him.

Because Ye Fengs [Acid] was used together with [Decomposition] and [Stomach Pouch] to continuously invade Luo Nuos body.

Luo Nuos skin began to fester and blood flowed out of his skin.

All of this was a form of torture for Luo Nuo.

Luo Nuos heart was filled with fear at this moment.

His body could no longer bear it.

He felt as if his body was being eaten by tens of thousands of ants, bit by bit.

The corrosion bit by bit.

The pain was even more painful than death.

“Big Brother Ye Feng, I admit defeat.

Dont kill me! I beg you!!”

Luo Nuo wailed.

Right now, he really felt as if he was being gnawed by tens of thousands of ants.

Moreover, this kind of pain was getting deeper and more intense.

It even made Luo Nuos body feel incomparably numb.

This kind of pain was simply a torture that was worse than death!

Ye Feng did not speak and only looked at Luo Nuo indifferently.

He knew that if Luo Nuo did not give in, then Luo Nuos pain would continue to intensify!

Luo Nuo felt as if he was about to suffer permanent torture.

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This feeling was too terrifying.

He wanted to stop, but he could not stop at all!

This pain made him almost go crazy.

At this moment, Luo Nuo finally felt death.

He couldnt bear it anymore.

He knew that if he didnt surrender quickly, what awaited him would be even more terrifying!

So, at the last moment, Luo Nuo decided to give up resistance.

Ye Feng was slightly stunned when he heard this.

“What You actually admitted defeat”

Ye Feng looked at the other party in surprise.

Wasnt this guy very arrogant Why did he suddenly admit defeat now

This scene also attracted the attention of many audience members below the stage.

Not only Ye Feng, the others were also very shocked.

What was going on

These audience members were all very confused.

“Big Brother Ye Feng, I was wrong.

Please spare me, please spare me!!”

Luo Nuos voice had a sobbing tone, but Ye Feng did not intend to let him off so easily.

Luo Nuo, such an arrogant guy, actually admitted defeat!

This scene also attracted the attention of many people.

Many people even took out their phones to film.

Luo Nuos expression was a little ugly at this moment.

He could already feel waves of pain coming from his body.

This kind of pain was simply worse than death.

If he did not admit defeat, then what would happen next, Luo Nuo did not dare to imagine.

“I admit defeat!!!”

Luo Nuo roared.

He had no choice but to admit defeat.

This kind of torture was already driving him crazy.

He would rather choose to die right now.

Ye Feng smiled slightly when he heard Luo Nuos words.

Could it be that Ye Fengs attack just now made him feel fear

However, no matter what reason Luo Nuo chose to admit defeat, he had won Ye Fengs respect.

After all, being able to persist in his hands for so long was enough to prove that he was not weak.

Because they did not expect Luo Nuo to actually choose to surrender!

Although the victory of this battle belonged to Ye Feng, Luo Nuo did not have to do this.

He should have continued to persevere and then defeated Ye Feng to obtain the final victory.

But now, he actually chose to surrender.

Such a method was not in line with his temperament.

“Luo Nuo actually admitted defeat”

“Could it be that Luo Nuo is afraid”

“Its not to the extent of being afraid.

He probably wants to preserve some of his strength by admitting defeat.

After all, the reward for being the champion this time is definitely not low!”

“No matter what the reason is, he definitely admitted defeat!”

The audience discussed animatedly and were all very surprised.

On the stage, Luo Nuos condition was very bad at the moment.

His entire body was completely deformed.

The acid had not only corroded his Xuan Turtle aura.

It had already broken all of his defenses.

If he continued down without any movement, Luo Nuo would be completely devoured and digested by Ye Feng.

After that, Ye Feng withdrew the Slime.

The effect on Luo Nuos body was instantly eliminated.

Just now in the Slimes body, the air was very oppressive.

Now that Luo Nuo had come outside and breathed in the fresh air, he could not help but gasp for breath.

He suddenly felt that he was saved.

“Are you alright”

Ye Feng smiled faintly and walked over to help him up.

At the same time, he handed him a life potion.

This bottle of Life Potion was only at the intermediate level.

It was a bottle of potion that Ye Feng had conveniently bought when he was buying cultivation items.

He had originally thought of taking it when he was weak, but now it seemed that this trembling man in front of him needed to take this bottle of potion more than he did.

“Im fine… Thank you for showing mercy, Brother Feng…”Luo Nuo said gratefully.

The current him felt as if he had climbed up from the gates of h*ll.

He did not know why, but when he faced Ye Feng, he always felt extremely afraid.

Ye Feng shook his head and smiled again.

Luo Nuo trembled as he reached out to receive the Life Potion.

His face was pale, his lips were purple, and his body was swaying.

He almost could not stand.

Seeing Luo Nuos situation, Ye Feng was also a little worried.

Was he too heavy-handed But then he remembered that the other partys symbiotic body was the Xuan Turtle.

Even if it did not have the ability to awaken, it was still one of the top existences in defense.

It should not be too affected by the acid.

Moreover, Luo Nuos willpower was indeed very strong.

Under such circumstances, he could still maintain his consciousness.

Ye Feng knew that Luo Nuo was definitely scared out of his wits.

After all, in the face of life-threatening danger, no one could remain calm.

After Luo Nuo drank the medicine, his entire person seemed to have recovered quite a bit.

Moreover, the gaze he looked at Ye Feng with became even more respectful.

Luo Nuo had never been a coward, and he would not admit defeat in this kind of situation.

But now, he did admit defeat, and he thought that it was Ye Feng who had shown mercy and saved his life.

According to the rules of the competition, Ye Feng could indeed kill him, and he did not have to bear any crime, because from the beginning of the competition, a life and death agreement had been signed.

If it was not for Ye Feng, he would have died long ago.

Moreover, he had been gnawed by the Slime until not even a bone was left.

At this moment, Luo Nuos heart was filled with gratitude.


This round, Ye Feng had won.

Even so, Ye Feng and Luo Nuos points had also reached 30 points.

Currently, they were ranked second on the scoreboard together with another contestant, Zhang Manyu.

Being able to obtain such a number of points also indirectly indicated that the strength of each contestant had already far exceeded the standard of an ordinary person.

After all, they were all top experts of Cloud Mist Academy.

Now that they had come to participate in the Promotion Exam, they only had this kind of score.

However, in that match just now, there were also many people who were unconvinced, especially Luo Nuos fangirls, who were still denouncing him below the stage at this moment.


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