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Hearing this, Zhang Manyu also frowned.

“Since you have the confidence to defeat me, why are you still stalling for time” Zhang Manyu said.

“You dont understand this, right Stalling for time will give you more opportunities.

This is the wisdom of battle!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Ye Fengs current intention was very obvious.

He wanted to stall for time so that Zhang Manyu would completely lose the ability to counterattack.

In fact, after just a few moves, it could already be seen that if Ye Feng was unarmed, he would definitely not be able to fight Zhang Manyu a few more times.

But Ye Feng was now using the Sea Stone Trident!

This was the Sea God Kings divine weapon!

One of the ancient divine weapons!

It was on a completely different level from the Sword of Infinity.

If the Sword of Infinity was called a noble in the sword, then the Sea Stone Trident could be called the Sea Gods most powerful weapon, the ancestor of the trident… Not only was it within the range of the trident, but it was also the ancestor of cold weapons!

Therefore, Ye Feng could easily kill Zhang Manyu.

However, Ye Feng wanted to test Zhang Manyu from many aspects.

After all, the 1V1 rules did not count as an official competition, and there was no rule for points.

Therefore, Ye Feng completely regarded the 1V1 as a sparring competition.

In any case, he did not have any losses.

After hearing Ye Fengs words, Zhang Manyu gritted her teeth and glared at Ye Feng.

“Junior, it seems that I can only bring out a little of my true strength,” Zhang Manyu said.

Her eyes revealed a trace of a cold light.

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Following that, Zhang Manyu raised her hands over her head and pressed her palms together.

A circle of light immediately appeared.

The circle of light contained an extremely majestic power.

Moreover, there were traces of ripples in the surroundings.

It was extremely beautiful.


When Ye Feng saw this scene, he was stunned for a moment.

What was going on

“Junior, please enlighten me!”

Zhang Manyu let out a delicate shout, and the longsword in her hand suddenly slashed down.


This sword strike was like a bolt of lightning, as if the sky was falling and the earth was splitting.

An enormous pressure covered the sky and earth as it shot toward Ye Feng, causing the entire space to tremble.

“So powerful!”

Seeing Zhang Manyu use this move, Ye Feng was also a little excited.

He suddenly took half a step forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A majestic power instantly erupted.

This was the second time Ye Feng used this ability.

Ye Feng had long reached a realm where practice makes perfect.

Now that he used it again, he was naturally familiar with it.

“Sea Stone Trident, sweep across a thousand armies!”

Ye Feng roared loudly, and the trident in his hand instantly left his hand.

As Ye Feng swung it, the trident was like an arrow that left the bowstring.

It cut through the air and flew toward Zhang Manyu.

The sound of the trident cutting through the air was extremely sharp.

It was accompanied by waves of hissing sounds, just like the angry roar of a wild beast.

When Zhang Manyu saw Ye Feng suddenly unleash such a ferocious attack, she could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The power of Ye Fengs attack had exceeded her expectations.


In the next moment, the two met, and a destructive wave of air swept through the surroundings.

This wave of air formed a huge shock wave that spread out in all directions.

Wherever it passed, houses collapsed.

Crack, crack, crack…

The floor cracked inch by inch, and the wooden floor shattered into powder.

Zhang Manyus clothes were flipped over by the shockwave, and the buttons on her chest fell off.

A sliver of faintly discernible snow-white skin appeared.

Seeing this, Ye Feng immediately felt that the golden spear was stiff.

Fortunately, he had many years of experience in suppressing the spear, so he quickly suppressed it.

“Cough cough… You b*stard!”

Zhang Manyu was a little shy, so she hurriedly covered her clothes.

A hint of red appeared on her gentle and jade-like face.

Ye Feng awkwardly coughed twice.

However, Zhang Manyu did not care about this.

She waved her arm, and a layer of golden sword intent instantly covered Zhang Manyus entire body.

At the same time, an incomparably sharp sword ray spread out.

At this moment, Zhang Manyu was like a golden sword god that had appeared.

“This is the perfect fusion of a symbiotic body and the host! Sword Spirit Possession!!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng was instantly shocked.

One had to know that although symbiotes all possessed symbiotic bodies, not every symbiote could achieve a perfect fusion with a symbiotic body, let alone a perfect fusion!

Even Ye Feng was currently unable to perfectly fuse with the Slime, let alone release a fusion skill.

When Ye Feng and the Slime were symbiotic, they had achieved 100% compatibility.

Up until now, Ye Feng had not been able to perfectly fuse.

So when he saw Zhang Manyu fuse with the Sword Spirit, he was shocked.

He thought to himself, what realm should he cultivate to before he could fuse and trigger the fusion skill!

This was something that he couldnt do right now.

The Sword Spirit was the pinnacle form of the sword, and this was the Sword of Infinity.

The level of the Sword Spirit was also quite powerful.

Summoning the Sword Spirit not only could greatly increase the sword intent, but each of the following moves and moves would greatly increase all kinds of attributes.

Thus, she could reach the most powerful and perfect release state she had ever reached!

Being able to release a Sword Spirit by Zhang Manyu was enough to show how powerful Ye Feng was.

Otherwise, he would not have put her in such a sorry state.

It could be said that Zhang Manyu had already forced her strength to its peak.


Zhang Manyu slashed out with her sword, bringing with it an incomparably dense sword intent that rose from Ye Fengs surroundings.

Following that, it brought with it an incomparably violent might as it fiercely collided with the trident in Ye Fengs hand.

This was a pure collision of magic and physics, without any fancy words.

The blood in Ye Fengs body boiled, and the qi and blood in his entire body surged.

His strength once again increased by a lot.

‘Looks like I have to burn some of the power of the Dragon Seed.

Otherwise, I still wont be able to withstand this move!

As Ye Feng thought so, the blood-red aura on his body continuously evaporated.

The smell of blood was terrifying.

A bloodthirsty look appeared in Ye Fengs eyes.

His strength increased once again, and his entire person became incomparably ferocious!

Following that, Ye Fengs aura suddenly increased by a lot, and the long trident in his hand exploded with a burst of blinding light.

While the blood in his body churned, the terrifying aura on his body also became more and more condensed, even causing the surrounding air to become viscous.


Suddenly, a furious roar sounded.

Ye Feng stomped on the ground, his right hand holding the trident tightly.

With a vicious stab, his entire bodys speed suddenly exploded.


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