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In order to break this situation, he had to use his advantage in speed to break the situation.

And in terms of speed, Ye Feng also had a certain advantage.

Moreover, he could only rely on his agility to barely dodge the lightning attack.

However, he also felt the pressure.

The only thing he could rely on now was his physical strength.

Physical strength was the only thing he could rely on at the moment.

As long as he maintained his physical strength and continuously released water elemental energy, he would be able to get rid of Xu Liusis restraints sooner or later.

Xu Liusis attacks became more and more frenzied.

Moreover, each attack could produce a powerful force.

If Ye Feng was a little slower, he would probably have been turned into ashes.

Ye Feng also continuously mobilized the water elemental energy and added it into the water element that he released.

Under the constant resistance, Ye Fengs body was actually gradually recovering.

Moreover, the recovery speed was very astonishing, and he could recover in the blink of an eye.

And this was also what Xu Liusi was the most surprised about.

One had to know that her lightning was very destructive.

Even if it was steel, if it was touched by even a tiny bit, it would probably melt instantly and become rotten.

However, there were no injuries on the surface of Ye Fengs body at the moment.

Only a little black fog pervaded the air.

In reality, he did not suffer any injuries at all.

This was also something that Xu Liusi was extremely puzzled about.

Normally, even if a person was struck by lightning, no matter how strong they were, they should be screaming out loud!

The man in front of her was actually fine!

“Little Brother, how did you possess such a strong body!”

Although Xu Liu Si did not believe it, she could not help but exclaim, her eyes filled with disbelief.

There were many people with strong bodies, but it was very rare to have such a strong body, especially for people like Ye Feng who had water elemental energy, it was even rarer.

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“Dont be surprised, I just train more often!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

He didnt have any pressure to deal with this lightning beauty, not to mention that he was only at C grade.

Just in terms of level, he was enough to crush Xu Liusi.

The cultivation level between symbiotes, every small stage was like a chasm.

Not to mention the gap between them was a whole big stage!

The gap between the peak of B and the peak of C was more than enough to be compared to the difference between heaven and earth.

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Feng continued to urge his power.

He did not even need to burn his Dragon Seeds power.

Just by relying on his bodys origin speed, it was already very terrifying.

Under such circumstances, Ye Feng could easily break through the restriction of the lightning element.

Ye Fengs figure was like a ghost, constantly shuttling through Xu Liusis lightning range.

Under her lightning attacks, his body seemed to have no weight, constantly shifting.

In this strange movement, Ye Feng continuously released water elemental power.

This way, he did not dare to easily use his body to take it head-on.

After all, the speed of the lightning was too fast, there was no way to judge.

“You brat, you are really a freak.

You can even dodge my lightning attack at such a fast speed!”

Xu Liusi saw that Ye Fengs speed was even faster than the lightning.

She could not help but widen her eyes and reveal an incredulous expression.

“You are not bad either!” Ye Feng said with a faint smile.

He had already completed the condensation of the water element and had already formed a water ball.

He was only waiting for the water elemental energy to pour into it.

Ye Feng did not stay idle.

He also released the Slimes armor.

These small Slimes continued to gather on the surface of his body, forming a thick layer of Slime armor to resist the lightning.

This armor could not only block lightning attacks, but it also had an insulating function.

Xu Liusis lightning skills also had a much smaller impact on Ye Feng.

This layer was covered by the Sea Stone Set.

Even the Slime armor couldnt break through it, let alone the Sea Stone Set.

“Do you want to use this thin layer of Slime as armor to withstand my lightning attack” Xu Liusi asked with a frown, a doubtful expression on her face.

Ye Feng didnt think so.

Although the Slime armor could block the lightning effect, it was still very difficult to withstand the opponents attack of this magnitude.

Therefore, Ye Fengs initial plan was to use the Slime armor as a backstop.

Then, he would use the water elemental power to turn it into a solid state and continuously attach it to the Slime armor.

This way, he could achieve a 100% blocking effect.

This also meant that Ye Feng could completely not be afraid of Xu Liusis lightning attack in the future.

Moreover, in this battle, their only competition was speed.

Not only was it attack speed, there was also the speed at which skills were released, as well as the most fundamental speed at which the body erupted.

These three points, currently, Xu Liusi seemed to have the advantage.

But that was also because Ye Feng had yet to use his full strength.

After all, in this 1V1, he did not fight for the sake of winning.

The main point was to be able to obtain more useful information from the other party.

In this way, he would be able to find his opponents weaknesses more quickly in the next round of the competition.

The situation where he would definitely win with a single strike might also happen!

‘Her strength is not weak.

For a C grade to be able to release such a powerful lightning power, it is not something that an ordinary person can do.

I wonder if she has some kind of mysterious treasure supporting her If she does, then this persons background is not simple! Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

Under the state of full perception, he could easily see through some of the other partys foundations.

The current Ye Feng had already guessed whether the other party carried a powerful treasure.

After all, to be able to release the power of lightning so calmly wasnt something an ordinary person could do.

Moreover, it was a C grade power of lightning!

To be able to be so violent, her advantage in speed was also fully displayed.

The person in front of him must have something different.

“Slime itself does not conduct electricity.

You will know once you try it.

Bring it on.

Lets see your extreme speed!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Lightning could not do anything to him and could only display a portion of its power.

After hearing this, Xu Liusi came to a sudden realization.

But she knew that lightning attacks were much more powerful than water elemental attacks.

So whether in terms of attack or speed, she had absolute confidence in winning this 1V1 match.

“Humph! I want to see how long you can withstand my lightning attacks!” Xu Liusi shouted coldly and two sharp cold rays suddenly shot out from her eyes.


Her figure instantly rushed out for a distance, then suddenly stopped halfway and rolled in the air.


Ye Fengs speed was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the lightning.

He directly raised his hand and attacked the lightning ball in the sky.

He could use magic attacks, but that was equivalent to a long-range attack.

In the environment where lightning was everywhere, Ye Fengs magic attacks were certainly not as fast as Xu Liusis.

Therefore, Ye Feng directly used his physical strength and directly attacked.


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