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Moreover, with the protection of the Slime armor, these lightning effects basically had no effect on him.

Instantly, the lightning ball seemed to have been provoked.

Electric currents flowed in all directions, and the entire space became irritable and restless.

Ye Fengs punch was precisely the fist attack that was added to [Starfire Meditation].

When Ye Fengs punch landed in front of Xu Liusi, the snake-like lightning suddenly exploded, enveloping everything around it.

At this moment, Xu Liusi felt that her speed seemed to be a notch slower than Ye Fengs because Ye Fengs speed was too fast.

It was so fast that she could not keep up at all.

However, Xu Liusi was, after all, a C grade expert, so her reaction speed was naturally astonishing.

She immediately reacted and swiftly moved to the left, avoiding Ye Fengs attack range and successfully dodging this attack.

This time, Ye Fengs fist did not hit her body.

Instead, it hit the ground and created a huge crater.

“Not bad! Your strength is even stronger than I expected!”Ye Feng smiled and praised.

He was indeed a little surprised.

He did not expect Xu Liusis reaction to be so quick that she avoided his attack this time.

This girls strength was indeed extraordinary!

Ye Feng took this opportunity to punch the lightning nearby, causing a deafening rumble.

Following closely behind, Xu Liusi felt a terrifying pressure being transmitted over, causing her to be unable to breathe.

Her body continuously retreated, retreating five to six meters in one step.

Ye Fengs attack was like a cannon hitting a mosquito, completely unable to cause any damage to Xu Liusi.

Ye Feng was also slightly stunned.

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He did not expect that the lightning attack was actually so weak, with not even a trace of threat.

Xu Liusi was secretly surprised.

This was really interesting.

This caused Xu Liusis pretty face to darken.

If this attack continued, Ye Fengs speed would suppress her, and she would have no room to display her abilities.

One had to know that she possessed the lightning symbiotic physique, so her only advantage was her speed.

After all, lightning attacks were also instantaneous speed-type attacks.

If her speed was inferior to her opponents, then the entire battle would be suppressed, and she would always in a passive state.

Although she knew that the probability of her failure was still very high, she still gritted her teeth and persevered.

She definitely could not lose to this Ye Feng!


Another bolt of lightning struck down from the sky and headed straight for Ye Fengs head.

This bolt of lightning was even more powerful than the previous two bolts of lightning.

If it was an ordinary symbiotic cultivator that encountered such a bolt of lightning, they would probably be instantly charred by the lightning and would not even be able to retain their soul!

However, to Ye Feng, it was nothing at all.

When he got close to the lightning ball, Ye Feng released spiderwebs and wrapped it up very cleverly.

Then, with a punch, he shattered that bolt of lightning.

This method was tried and tested.

Wrapping the ball could also prevent the power of the lightning from overflowing.

After shattering the lightning, Ye Fengs figure flashed again.

With a very ghostly footwork, he directly arrived in front of Xu Liusi.

With such a fast speed, she did not have time to react.

She just randomly released a few terrifying lightning strikes.

The violent lightning seemed to have gone out of control and started to bombard the entire arena.

“It actually went out of control”

Seeing this, Ye Feng sensed danger and directly took a step forward.

He pulled Xu Liusi and then his figure flashed.

In the blink of an eye, he was far away from the lightning bombard area.

If Ye Feng was struck by lightning, it wasnt a big problem.

He wouldnt even suffer a superficial injury.

However, Xu Liusi was different.

Even though she was a lightning symbiote and could receive the power of lightning to the greatest extent, being struck by lightning was another kind of small hook.

Just like how ordinary people needed to drink water, and drinking water every day wasnt a problem at all.

But when ordinary water turned into a means of attack, and turned into the high-pressure water in a high-pressure water gun, it directly sprayed onto your body, it was almost as if an extremely powerful bullet had pierced through ones body.

One would either die suddenly or be half-crippled.

Lightning rumbled, wreaking havoc in the surroundings.

If it wasnt for the defenses set up around the stage, the audience would have been in trouble.

Moreover, the power of this level of the explosion was practically able to destroy the entire city.

Even she herself would be affected by it.

Therefore, Xu Liusis expression changed and she hurriedly dodged.

However, she was still one step too late.

Just as she was about to be sent flying by the terrifying power of the explosion, afigure quickly approached and finally helped her block this powerful impact.

Under Ye Fengs feet, there was even a huge pit on the ground.

Moreover, his hair was already charred.

Seeing this scene, all the surrounding audience exclaimed in surprise.

They had never seen such an explosion.

“How is this possible Xu Lisi can actually erupt with such astonishing power!”

“So what if she explodes this power Its still not controllable.

If it wasnt for Ye Feng, Xu Lisi would probably have died here!”

“Yeah, this is too powerful.

This is simply beyond the scope of what we know.”


A huge force continuously attacked Ye Feng.

Xu Liusi, who was under Ye Fengs body, also received this impact.

The huge impact made her groan in pain.

“Ah Are you alright!” Xu Liusi turned her head and saw Ye Feng still holding on.

She immediately looked at him with a worried expression.

At the same time, her heart was filled with guilt.

After all, it was because she lost control that caused this scene and even implicated Ye Feng.

If he was seriously injured, he would not be able to participate in the following competition.

“Im fine, dont worry!” Ye Feng shook his head and said with a smile, “Its just that you suffered some impact.

You dont have much strength.

Its just that youre lacking in the way you control lightning.”

Hearing Ye Fengs words, Xu Liusis face blushed slightly.

Just now, when she controlled the lightning, she did use all her strength.

But she did not expect Ye Fengs defense to be so strong.

He forcefully withstood it and even said that she did not have much strength.

“I actually lost to my own lightning…”

Xu Liusi silently lowered her head.

Not only was Ye Feng powerful, but the speed that she was most proud of was also far from being comparable to him.

She was almost unable to compete with Ye Feng.

Even if she was not affected by the lightning, the chances of her losing were also very high.

“Little Sister, although I dont want to say it, Im very sorry that you lost,”Ye Feng said indifferently.

At this time, the lightning rampage had also ended.

He pulled Xu Liusi up.

As his arm was still somewhat painful, Ye Feng could only open his storage space and take out one of the Flame Fruits.


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