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“Ill treat you to a fruit.

After eating it, your injuries will recover very quickly.”

As Ye Feng spoke, he passed a red Flame Fruit that seemed to be still burning to Xu Lisi.

Xu Lisis expression was slightly stunned.

She had never met someone like Ye Feng.

This fruit looked very beautiful, but it could not be looked down upon.

Ye Feng was able to dodge lightning and not die under lightning attacks.

This proved that he had a special ability, and it was a very strong ability.

But she did not think too much and directly took the Flame Fruit.

As soon as the Flame Fruit entered her hand, it emitted waves of warmth.

This temperature made her feel very comfortable.

“Hmm What kind of fruit is this Why is it so warm”

She looked at the Flame Fruit and found that it did not contain any poison.

Moreover, it was emitting a rich fragrance and smelled very comfortable.

She could not help but ask.

“This is called the Flame Fruit.

It can treat any disease, whether it is external injuries, internal injuries, or injuries such as tendons and bones.

As long as there is even the slightest bit of damage, it can completely heal the injuries and even remove even a trace of scars,”Ye Feng explained.

The Flame Fruit was already a regular guest of his.

Fortunately, he had picked quite a number of Flame Fruits before.

Otherwise, it would not be enough for him to squander like this.

A trace of joy appeared on her face.

She did not expect the Flame Fruit to be so magical.

Not long after, a voice broadcast sounded.

“The second round of one-on-one combat has ended.

Ye Feng wins!”

Hearing this, Xu Liusi smiled and said to Ye Feng, “You are very powerful.

Even under the situation where Sister Manyus attack is so fierce, you can still beat her.

Moreover, your speed is also above mine!”

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After saying that, Xu Liusi blinked her eyes and added, “Youre really very powerful!”

This time, her words were real.

At this time, Zhang Manyu also walked over.

“I didnt expect you to win two rounds in a row.

Its really beyond my expectations.”

Zhang Manyu glanced at Ye Feng, her face a little surprised.

She thought that Ye Feng had used up most of his physical strength in the first round.

She did not expect that he could still unleash such a high level of strength in the second round.

“Thank you for the compliment!” Ye Feng replied with a smile.

Although this woman was a little arrogant, she was indeed a very powerful person, especially with her powerful combat strength.

“Isnt it about time The tenth round is about to begin.”

Ye Feng turned to look at Zhang Manyu and asked calmly, “Isnt it about time The tenth round is about to begin.”

“En, its about time!” Zhang Manyu nodded in response.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled, looking into the distance at the same time.

A ray of light shot down from the horizon, illuminating the entire sky.

Immediately after, a group of young men in white robes slowly landed on the square.

“Welcome to the 10th round.

This round is also the match point.

The most exciting part is yet to come!”

“You have to be careful in this round.

He is publicly acknowledged to be mysterious!”

Hearing Zhang Manyu mention it, Ye Feng nodded.

He immediately guessed something.

Looking at the big screen, he also confirmed what he was thinking.

It was the player with the mysterious special symbiote!

Special symbiote.

Ye Feng had never met such an opponent.

Todays match was also fought with a very novel mentality.

He knew that the battle that he was about to face would definitely be even more intense.

This was because this special symbiote was someone who possessed magical powers.

As for what kind of powers it would release, Ye Feng naturally did not know, but he was very curious.

This kind of person could be said to be a defensive-type creature, or an offensive-type creature.

However, the harder it was to deal with, the more excited Ye Feng became.

After all, it had been a long time since he had met such an opponent.

“I know your name.

Your name is Ye Feng, right”

A low voice came out from the mouth of a man who looked very gentle and delicate.

His voice was magnetic.

This person was very thin and weak.

He looked sickly, as if he could fall with the wind.

“So weak!”

Ye Feng frowned.

He did not expect this person to be a soft persimmon.

However, he was very clear that this kind of soft persimmon was often the hardest to bite.

This kind of person was not only a soft persimmon, but also the most dangerous.

His strength must be very strong.

Otherwise, he would not dare to enter the arena.

Ye Feng could not help but raise his spirits.

“Yes, thats right,” Ye Feng replied.

As for the other partys situation, Ye Feng basically understood a little.

Previously, when the arena was introduced, Ye Feng had already understood that this man was called Xu Yuan.

His symbiotic body was extremely special.

It was said that it was a ball of black fog.

Moreover, his cultivation level wasnt low either.

He had just advanced to B grade.

This kind of grade, coupled with his special symbiotic body, this kind of special attribute made Xu Yuan add a lot of mysterious colors.

Moreover, no one knew how strong Xu Yuan was.

However, it was rumored that he was an employee of Cloud Mist Academys Science and Technology Department.

With his abilities, he almost did not need to use the symbiotic bodys ability.

Not needing to use it did not mean that he did not have the ability.

However, he had never used it, so many people had never heard of Xu Yuans name.

However, Ye Feng would soon find out!

At this moment, all the audience members were in an uproar.

“F*ck! Scholar Xu actually wants to compete with Ye Feng!”

“Holy sh*t, isnt this bullying I heard that Xu Yuans level is above B grade and he even has a special symbiotic body.

Isnt he going to be able to kill Ye Feng in a split second!”

“Putting everything else aside, I really admire Ye Feng for being able to persist until now!”

“Ye Feng is playing with his life, right This Scholar Xu isnt simple.

Not only is he strong, but hes also extremely scheming.”


Many of the audience members were discussing animatedly.

Clearly, they did not think that Ye Feng would be able to win.

After all, the difference in strength was too great.

Seeing that Ye Feng was going to compete with Xu Yuan, the audience seats were instantly filled with discussion.

Some of the irrational people had even started to curse.

“Ive long heard of your name.

Now I finally have the chance to experience it with you!” Xu Yuan said with a very strange smile.

Ye Feng nodded.

With his perception, he also knew what was going on with Xu Yuan.

His special symbiote was the Black Fog.

This was an extremely rare spiritual symbiote that could directly control peoples minds.

It allowed him to fall into a mysterious domain called [Black Fog Domain].

Moreover, his opponents had all lost in the first nine rounds of the competition!

In the distance, Lei Jia was currently wearing a sinister smile on his face.

His points were on par with Xu Yuans and he was ranked first in the Promotion Exams points rankings.

Similarly, he had won nine consecutive rounds and had a total of 100 points.

When Lei Jia saw that Ye Fengs opponent this round was Xu Yuan, it was needless to say how happy he was.

He especially hoped that Xu Yuan could teach Ye Feng a good lesson.

Moreover, Lei Jia was most afraid of fighting with Xu Yuan.

However, this time, Xu Yuan was on the wheel with Ye Feng, which meant that he did not need to fight with Xu Yuan anymore!

This was because Lei Jia was very clear about Xu Yuans strength.

He was the owner of the Black Fog symbiotic physique, so the power that he could release was absolutely terrifying.


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