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Suddenly, dozens of wisps of black smoke emerged from Ye Fengs body and quickly drilled into Ye Fengs body.

These wisps of black smoke were very strange.

After entering Ye Fengs body, they quickly dissipated and then gathered in Ye Fengs body again.

This black smoke was from the [Black Fog Domain] that Xu Yuan controlled and extracted from Ye Fengs body, [Black Fog Power].

“What on earth is this guy trying to do” Xu Lisi frowned and asked doubtfully.

She knew that Ye Fengs strength was very strong, but in this Nightmare Realm, she did not believe that Ye Feng could hold on for long.

After all, he was just an ordinary person, and the nightmare was immortal.

Even if Ye Feng could hold on for a little longer, he would not be able to hold on for long.

Although she didnt know how strong Ye Fengs will was, it was based on the situation of most people.

His will might not be as strong as she imagined.

Ye Fengs consciousness gradually recovered.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a pitch-black void space.

There was only darkness around him.

There was no light or anything else, and even the air seemed to have frozen.

There was no fluctuation, just like a pool of stagnant water.

And Ye Feng was in this pool of black stagnant water.

Ye Fengs body was constantly floating, as if he could fall into the endless abyss h*ll at any time.

This was a terrifying sense of oppression.

This kind of oppression made his breathing become heavy.

He felt that his entire body was bound, unable to move or speak.

Even the energy in his body could not be mobilized.

It was as if his entire body had stopped and become a puppet.

Ye Fengs thoughts began to slowly increase, but his thoughts seemed to be completely useless here.

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In his mind, there was only darkness.

There was nothing.

There was no color or activity.

It was like a piece of stagnant water.

This feeling made Ye Feng very unhappy.

He wanted to break free from this binding power and escape from this d*mn place.

Ye Feng tried to use his consciousness to communicate with this space.

But as soon as his consciousness approached this space, it was instantly defeated by a mysterious force.

It was as if something was blocking his consciousness.

“Whats going on”

Ye Feng was very surprised.

He felt as if he had met a powerful enemy and was blocked by an invisible force.

He tried to use his consciousness to probe the other party, but unfortunately, the other party did not appear, and he could not find out who the other party was.

“Why is my consciousness blocked in this space”

Ye Fengs eyes flickered with a strange light.

His consciousness not only stopped operating in this space, but also continued to extend out, exploring this black world, trying to find a way to crack it.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he could not penetrate this space.

“Where exactly is this place Could it be the world of the nightmare”

Shock flashed through Ye Fengs heart.

He recalled that when he first entered this space, a similar scene seemed to have appeared before.

Could it be that this Nightmare Realm was the same as the Nightmare Realm back then

“Haha, kid, just accept your fate.

This world only belongs to me, my Nightmare Realm.”

In the dark void, Xu Yuan laughed wildly.

“I actually fell into the [Black Fog Domain].”

Ye Feng felt a little incredulous.

He looked around and saw that it was pitch-black to the naked eye.

He couldnt even see his own fingers.

As for how he entered this space, he was also confused.

He didnt think that this Xu Yuan really had his own tricks.

He could actually use the refraction of the fragments to pull himself into this space.

Most importantly, he did not even have time to react.

Ye Feng hated the dark environment the most.

In this environment, the fear in his heart would be magnified endlessly.

“I cant let myself lose my mind.

This is the [Black Fog Domain].

It contains the Nightmare, and it specifically targets the weak points in the opponents heart!”

Hearing Xu Yuans words, Ye Fengs heart was immediately shocked.

He could not help but think of that Nightmare Realm.

No wonder there were only nightmares in his Nightmare Realm and no other creatures.

It turned out that all of this was controlled by the Nightmares.

As long as there were Nightmares, it was the Nightmare Realm.

“Hehe, my Nightmare Realm doesnt belong to anyone or any force.

Everyone can only submit to my Nightmares, including you.

If I want you to die, you must die.”

“Thats right, its my world.

Now you should understand that as long as youre in my world, you wont be able to display your abilities.

Moreover, even if youre in my Nightmare Realm, you wont be able to resist my will.

Im the king here.

You only need to obediently become my food!”

Xu Yuans consciousness, who was boundless in the void, coldly swept a glance at Ye Feng before continuing.

“Ye Feng, do you still want to die” Xu Yuan sneered.

His eyes were fixed on Ye Feng, and an evil smile appeared on his lips.

Ye Feng felt that his body was enveloped by an extremely powerful aura, as if he had become a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

This feeling was very uncomfortable, as if his life was threatened and he could die at any time.

“This power…”

Ye Fengs expression changed slightly.

He suddenly realized that this power seemed somewhat familiar.

It was the [Brain-Hunting Demon] that he had snatched from that fatty back then.

‘This power that comes from the spirit, why would it appear here Could it be that I was dragged into that Brain-Hunting Demons space again this time

Thinking of the power that he had released when he encountered that fatty in the forest previously, Ye Feng felt a chill down his spine.

After all, that power was directed at peoples hearts.

Fortunately, the other party was not proficient in controlling it, so Ye Feng had the opportunity to kill him.

But no matter what, the penetration and attack of spiritual power were extremely dangerous.

In a battle here, the bottom line was that both sides would be injured, or the enemy would be heavily injured.

The person who released the spiritual power attack did not exist and would be injured unilaterally.

This was because once the spiritual attack was released, the battlefield would definitely be in the opponents spiritual world.

If they could not win, then destroying this spiritual world would cause the opponent to suffer heavy injuries.

Normally, stronger symbiotes could release their own space, just like this Xu Yuan who could release the [Black Fog Domain].

This was all because of his special symbiote.

And entering the [Black Fog Domain], both sides consciousness would be dragged in, so in this space, Ye Feng was at a disadvantage.

After all, the difference in strength was too great.

In the [Black Fog Domain], Xu Yuan could control everything!

Even the air!

But Ye Feng could do nothing here!


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