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Xu Yuans voice was still ringing in Ye Fengs ears.

It was like a demonic sound, making Ye Feng Feel dizzy.

“Kid, I know that you must be very scared now, but dont worry, I wont kill you.

I will make you my nourishment and make you my provider.

This way, not only can I become stronger, but I can also destroy you! And this is the only path you can choose.”

Xu Yuan naturally had the confidence to say such words.

After all, this space was created by Xu Yuan!

“Hmph, although my level is not as high as yours, in the [Black Fog Domain], I have endless energy.

The the energy in this space is enough for me to crush you to death several times over!”Xu Yuan said viciously.

His consciousness had already begun to permeate crazily, as if he wanted to gradually occupy Ye Fengs body.

His goal was to absorb Ye Fengs soul!

Only in this way could he completely destroy Ye Feng.

“Then lets do it!”

Ye Fengs eyes narrowed slightly, but his entire body emitted an aura that he did not understand.

Xu Yuan immediately felt a little conflicted, as if this aura was not his, and there seemed to be a lot of danger within it.

Because no ones aura would be so similar to a certain Dragons aura!

This aura seemed to be an ancient Dragon Kings aura.

Although Xu Yuan had never come into contact with a Dragon King, nor had he fought with any Dragons before, when he first came into contact with this aura, the majestic image of a certain Dragon race seemed to constantly appear in his mind.

This could not help but cause him to feel some lingering fear.

‘This d*mn guy, could he be the incarnation of a Dragon KingXu Yuan muttered in his heart, but he had never heard of an example of a Dragon King turning into a human, but he did not rule out this possibility.

After all, in his body, or in the depths of his soul, there was indeed a surging aura that came from the ancient times!

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This aura seemed to come from an ancient Giant Dragon from the ancient times, and it was an extremely powerful ancient Giant Dragon.

Although Ye Fengs Dragon King aura was very faint, it made Xu Yuan feel a trace of fear.

After all, that was the aura of a Dragon King.

The Dragon King was rumored to be a very powerful existence.

It could even be said that the Dragon King was the supreme existence of all Dragons.

Dragons were so rare that countless people might not encounter a Dragon in their entire lives.

But in front of Xu Yuan stood a young man with the aura of the Dragon King.

‘This d*mn Ye Feng, how can he have the aura of the Dragon King!!

Xu Yuan knew that he had to finish off Ye Feng as soon as possible!

After all, things had already developed to this point.

If he hesitated any longer, it was very likely that all his previous efforts would be wasted, and Ye Feng would not let him off.

Moreover, in his [Black Fog Domain], Xu Yuan still had a chance to fight Ye Feng.

“Ye Feng, youre dead for sure.

Ill definitely kill you today!”

Xu Yuans eyes flickered with an icy cold light.

His hand clenched tightly.

And this kind of aura seemed to be very similar to some kind of Dragon race!

However, he also knew that this was only a sliver.

It was absolutely impossible for it to be the true incarnation of the Dragon King.

However, this trace was enough to make him feel terrified.

What was this guys background How could there be such a thing in his body

Could it really be the incarnation of the Dragon King!

However, if the Dragon King had appeared in the human world, it would have been killed by the Chinese Symbiote Organization long ago.

How could it still be alive

Xu Yuan kept thinking in his heart, and the aura on his body kept getting stronger.

He knew that this time, he would have to go all out.

That aura seemed to be the aura of the Dragon race, but there was a little difference.

Because this aura seemed to be many times stronger than the Dragon race!

No matter what, Xu Yuan did not dare to underestimate this enemy who had suddenly appeared.

“Since you want to die, then Ill send you on your way!”Xu Yuan said through gritted teeth.

Although his cultivation had already reached B grade, facing an unknown powerhouse, and judging from his aura, this enemy was definitely much stronger than him!

Therefore, he could not fight head-on, he could only outsmart him.

Outsmart him

This seemed to be a good idea!

“Haha, do you think you can still escape from my world Let me tell you, I wont let you leave this place.”

Xu Yuan bared his fangs and brandished his claws as he laughed maniacally.

He seemed to be filled with absolute confidence in this [Black Fog Domain] of his.

Ye Feng was silent.

Right now, he had no choice at all.

His body was already firmly bound.

He could not break free from this Nightmare Realm at all, and it was even more impossible for him to escape.

His only choice was to wait.

Wait until he found the weakness of the [Black Fog Domain].

That would be the time for him to make his move!

In Ye Fengs heart, he had already greeted all eighteen generations of Xu Yuans ancestors.

“Haha, do you think the current you still have the qualifications to resist my will”

Xu Yuan laughed arrogantly.

His heart was filled with confidence.

Even if Ye Feng had some tricks up his sleeve, he could still crush him.

In this [Black Fog Domain], no matter how much power Ye Feng had, it was impossible for him to escape unless his soul left his body.

However, he couldnt do it because this area was a world created by Xu Yuan.

This was the Nightmare Realm.

In this world, Xu Yuan had the blessing of the dream world.

He could easily control the minds of others to achieve the effect he wanted.

‘Humph, since thats the case, Ill destroy this place first.

After I charge out of this world, Ill devour your physical body.

At this moment, Ill let you remember this forever.

Ye Feng sneered.

He knew that fighting here would definitely take a very long time.

However, during this period of time, Ye Feng could try to see just how powerful his current strength was.

Moreover, it was almost impossible for the outside world to know what would happen if he fought here.

This was because this was an independent space that was completely separated from the outside world.

This was a natural preparation for Ye Feng to release his strength.

However, Ye Feng was also looking for his opponents weakness.

After all, his strength was not endless.

Ye Fengs mental energy began to spread in this space.

It expanded in all directions and enveloped everything in the vicinity into his perception.

Within this space, Ye Feng was the king.



Suddenly, an earth-shattering roar sounded, deafening like thunder.

Immediately after, in Ye Fengs perception, a massive black fog surged toward Ye Feng like a torrent, directly annihilating Ye Fengs mental energy.

“Oh no! What the h*ll is this”

Ye Fengs expression instantly changed.

The power in this black fog was extremely powerful, and Ye Fengs spiritual power was completely unable to resist this erosion.


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