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Right now, he was completely using violence to counter violence.

Fist after fist, he punched Xu Yuans body, causing Xu Yuan to be unable to retaliate.

He could only continuously dodge.

Although he was in Xu Yuans [Black Fog Domain], if he was suppressed by Ye Fengs strength, he wouldnt have a better way to dodge.

Unless he gained the initiative again, but every time Ye Feng released his power, Xu Yuans speed and strength werent even one-tenth of Ye Fengs.

But this also didnt cause any loss to Xu Yuan.

After all, he could recover infinitely.

Moreover, Xu Yuan didnt care how powerful Ye Feng was.

In his domain, no matter how powerful he was, it was useless.

In this domain, he was still a god-like existence.

This was a fact that no one could distort.

Unless, it was a powerful force!


Xu Yuans chest was shattered by Ye Fengs palm, and the organs in his chest were forcefully squeezed out by Ye Feng.

This scene seemed a little cruel, but Ye Fengs actions were to protect himself.

If Xu Yuan used any more tricks, he would definitely suffer.

Ye Feng had already released his strength, so Xu Yuan was completely unable to do anything to Ye Feng.

“Hahaha… Your strength is not bad, but you actually think you can beat me Unfortunately, youre still too young!”

Xu Yuan lay on the ground, spitting out blood as he laughed loudly.

“Ill see how long you can still be arrogant!”Ye Feng roared angrily and threw another punch.

Ye Feng did not use any strength in this punch.

He only used the strength of his physical body.

After this punch, Xu Yuan would probably be directly beaten into a pile of mud.


However, just as Xu Yuan was about to die, a sudden change occurred.

Xu Yuans body actually began to slowly heal.

“How is this possible”

Ye Fengs eyes widened.

How was this possible

He had already crippled one of his opponents arms, but how could his opponents arm grow back Furthermore, the healing speed this time was much faster than before.

It was much stronger than before.

Even Ye Fengs physical body was unable to cause him any harm.

“Ive said before, this is my domain.

No matter how strong you are, you have no chance of winning!”

Seeing Ye Fengs expression, a mocking smile appeared on Xu Yuans face.

“Is that so I think I havent had enough fun yet.

Next, Ill beat you into a pile of mud!”

Ye Fengs eyes flickered, and a powerful spiritual fluctuation spread out.

At the same time, Xu Yuan was no longer passive.

An even more powerful spiritual fluctuation followed!

Seeing this, Ye Feng immediately dodged to the side.

The surrounding scene instantly changed.

In this area, there was countless black fog floating around.

Ye Feng discovered that his spiritual power was actually suppressed, and he was unable to detect anything around him!

‘What a powerful pressure.

Whats going on Could it be that the pressure here is even stronger than the outside world Could it be because of Xu Yuans special symbiotic body

Ye Feng frowned as he guessed.

Around Ye Feng, it was pitch-black and nothing could be seen.

However, Ye Feng could sense that there was a very powerful spiritual power around him, and it was very dense.

Even if Ye Feng used his divine sense to enter, he would not be able to sense it at all.

“Hahahaha! You will never be able to escape.

The oppression here is my most powerful attack.

Just wait for your death.

No matter who it is, dont even think about escaping from my [Black Fog Domain].

Even immortals cant do it.”

Xu Yuan laughed arrogantly.

He had completely forgotten the pain.

He only wanted to extract Ye Fengs power alive.

He coveted the Dragon Kings aura in the depths of Ye Fengs soul.

If he could extract it and fuse it with himself, he would definitely become one of the strongest symbiotes of the spirit system in China.

It was very likely that there was no one else!

After all, such a powerful Dragon Kings aura was not something that an ordinary person could possess.

Therefore, Xu Yuan did not know how Ye Feng possessed this power, but none of this was important.

All he could think about now was how to completely bind Ye Feng.

Forcibly binding Ye Feng was obviously not a very good idea.

Moreover, Ye Fengs strength was not ordinary.

Ever since he entered the [Black Fog Domain], Ye Feng had not used that Dragon Kings power.

This was enough to show that the current situation was enough for Ye Feng to feel that it was a critical moment.

Xu Yuan felt a headache, but if he continued to waste his energy in this space, no matter how strong Ye Feng was, he would still be defeated by him in the end!

“Listen to my advice, youd better obediently accept your death!”

After Xu Yuan finished speaking, he threw another punch at Ye Feng.


Ye Feng snorted coldly and suddenly jumped forward, dodging Xu Yuans fatal punch.

In this space, Xu Yuans attack and speed increased tenfold.

Therefore, even a simple punch just now could instantly release ten times more terrifying power than Xu Yuans punch.

If Ye Feng forcefully received it, he would definitely suffer a great loss.

Bang, bang, bang–!!

On the contrary, Ye Fengs speed also increased very quickly.

His fists were like raindrops, continuously landing on Xu Yuans body.

Xu Yuan retreated bit by bit, and finally knocked down a huge tree.

It was hard to imagine that in this [Black Fog Domain], there were actually a few ancient trees that were arranged by Xu Yuan in a poetic manner.

Although the tree was thick, it could not withstand Ye Fengs attacks.

Under Ye Fengs powerful strength, it could not resist and was broken by Ye Feng.


Xu Yuan wailed continuously.

The clothes on his body had been torn into pieces.

His upper body was naked and his entire body was covered in blood.

Everything was just like in the movie theater.

Xu Yuan was also covered in blood, just like a bloody ghost.

Xu Yuans expression became more and more ferocious.

He had already lost one leg, and the other leg had been broken by Ye Feng.

His current condition was very bad.

Even walking became a difficult task, so he could only run.

Then, Ye Feng had a plan in mind.

‘Since I cant harm Xu Yuan in the [Black Fog Domain], what effect will I have on him if I use the devour skill

Ye Feng thought so and felt that he could give it a try.

After all, in the first round, when Ye Feng fought against Luo Nuo, it was also a devour skill that completely defeated the other party.

But at that time, Ye Feng showed mercy and did not really want Luo Nuo to be devoured.

In the current situation, Ye Feng had no choice but to use all of his strength and completely unleash the devour skill.

Moreover, the devouring [Decomposition] could not only suppress the opponent.

If it was useful, wouldnt it be able to directly find the opponents weakness

At this moment, not far in front of Ye Feng, Xu Yuans body was continuously regenerating and recovering.

In the next instant, a powerful spiritual power was unleashed.

Ye Feng retracted his thoughts and urged his power.

With a wave of his hand, a shield made of Slime was formed, blocking all of this spiritual power.

‘Then, lets try this move!


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