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“Lets go!” Ye Feng said as he instantly activated the [Devour] sequence skill [Perfect Possession]!

With the help of the [Devour] sequence skill, the spiritual energy in Ye Fengs body circulated rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it covered his entire body, and it was still squirming non-stop.

The next second.

Ye Feng felt as if he had fallen into a virtual space.

Countless cells and organs in his body were squirming non-stop, like a huge machine.

‘This… What skill is this No wonder my strength was suppressed.

So this is the reason!

In the next moment, Ye Feng released all of his mental energy, and he used a huge amount of spiritual energy to forcefully penetrate this huge machine-like organ!

“Ah!” Xu Yuan cried out in surprise.

His body was already under Ye Fengs control.

At this moment, Ye Feng also knew that the person he was controlling was actually Xu Yuan!

“Xu Yuan, your power is indeed very strong.

If it was under normal circumstances, I might not be your match.

However, right now in my world, I am the ruler.

My power can easily crush you!”

Ye Feng smiled coldly.

His body moved and he charged toward Xu Yuan.

At the same time, he also cast a black ray of light to envelop Xu Yuan.

This scene caused the black fog in the surrounding air to boil.

“This… How is this possible”

Xu Yuan was extremely shocked.

He could clearly feel that his strength was constantly being eroded.

Even if Ye Feng did not use the [Devour] skill now, there was nothing he could do.

“What Are you afraid Only now do you know fear Its too late!”

Wisps of white light suddenly appeared on the tip of his finger.


“Eh What is this Could it be that his finger can also emit light”

Xu Yuan cried out in surprise and looked at Ye Fengs finger in disbelief.

At this moment, wisps of white light appeared on Ye Fengs finger and quickly fused into Ye Fengs palm.

Following that, Ye Fengs fingers rapidly expanded and became the size of a stone.

There were even cracks all over it, just like porcelain that would shatter at the touch.


Xu Yuan sucked in a breath of cold air.

He knew that Ye Feng was a monster.

Now that he had become powerful again, it had already exceeded his expectations.

“What kind of power is this”

Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled.

Under the crazy operation of the [Devour] sequence, he seemed to have sensed a brand new power quietly emerging!

Ye Feng began to observe carefully.

Gradually, his eyes revealed a look of shock.

In his field of vision, several hundred black vortexes appeared, and the shape of these vortexes was very similar to the devouring technique that Xu Yuan had just used.

Ye Feng was extremely shocked.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, for possessing the opponents skill.

You have obtained the spiritual type skill [Eternal Nightmare]!]

Before Ye Feng could react, the systems cold notification sounded in his mind.

[Eternal Nightmare: Can release a domain that can devour the opponents thoughts.

can permanently possess the memories of others, and can also seize the bodies of others.]

‘F*ck, this is too awesome! This is even more heaven-defying than a divine skill! And it can even obtain the other partys ability!

Ye Feng was extremely excited.

Only now did he understand that the new skill [Eternal Nightmare] that he obtained using the [Devour] sequence was far more powerful than Xu Yuans [Black Fog Domain]!

Just the ability to duplicate, the [Black Fog Domain] could no longer make any comparison.

And the spiritual power that Ye Feng possessed was extremely terrifying, even more powerful than Xu Yuans spiritual power.

This kind of power had already exceeded Ye Fengs comprehension.

Ye Feng did not expect that this [Devour] sequence skill would actually obtain such a powerful ability.

This skill could allow Ye Fengs strength to soar by a large margin, and it could even possess him!

“F*ck! You actually dare to possess me”

Right at this moment, an angry voice sounded.

Following that, Ye Feng felt his body suddenly fly out and crash into a huge tree.

This huge tree, which was at least three meters thick, instantly collapsed after being hit by Ye Feng.

Countless wood chips fell to the ground, making a series of muffled sounds.

“D*mn it!”

Ye Feng rubbed his forehead.

He almost smashed his head into pieces just now.

Although Xu Yuan was swallowed by him, he was still able to reflect some of his strength.

Therefore, his strength had also increased greatly!

However, this situation did not last for long, and Ye Feng did not give him a chance.

“Alright, now its time to reel in the net!”

After Ye Feng finished speaking, his body flashed with a dazzling white light once again.

He waved his hand, and countless spider webs pounced forward.

At this time, Xu Yuan was already completely controlled by Ye Feng.

He could only brace himself to receive ye Fengs attack.

However, Xu Yuans strength was still too weak.

Although his spiritual power was very strong, it was clearly somewhat difficult to deal with a powerhouse at Ye Fengs level.

However, Xu Yuan was not so easy to be killed.

After all, this was still the [Black Fog Domain], and it was still his world.

Under the influence of the world, no matter how powerful Ye Feng was, his attacks were unable to penetrate the [Black Fog Domain]s barrier.

However, this situation did not last for long.

Ye Fengs eyes suddenly opened, and his hands drew out in the air.

Immediately, a black hole appeared beside him.

This black hole was at least one meter long and wide.

It looked a little strange, and it was emitting a sinister chill that made people want to tremble.

The moment the black hole appeared, Xu Yuans body trembled.

He felt a dangerous aura.

“This… What the h*ll is this thing!”

Xu Yuan cried out in shock.

His pupils continuously constricted.

He could feel that the black hole in front of him was the energy attack that Ye Feng had displayed.

Ye Feng did not say anything.

With a move of his right hand, a terrifying black light immediately burst out from the black hole and swept toward Xu Yuan.

[Eternal Nightmare]!

The instant the skill was released, the audience present saw an extremely strange scene.

The entire arena was originally enveloped by the black fog, but after a ray of light was activated, the entire black fog actually turned completely red.

Rather than calling it a black fog, it was more like a red fog!

Within this red fog, thunder rumbled incessantly, as if it was the birth period of ancient times.

“F*ck, whats going on This Xu Yuan is so powerful!”

“Is it possible that this is the power released by Ye Feng!”


Look at the big screen, Ye Fengs heart rate is now as high as 300 beats.

This is the effect of fear causing his heart rate to rise.

As for Xu Yuans heart rate, although it is also very high, it is far from being as excited as Ye Fengs!”


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