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Lei Jia snorted lightly and did not plan to say anything more.

He was prepared to attack directly!

Ye Feng did not waste any words.

He circulated the spiritual energy in his body and countless spiderwebs broke out from the ground continuously.

Ye Fengs speed was extremely fast.

In an instant, he appeared beside Lei Jia.

His right leg kicked out fiercely at an extremely fast speed.

At the same time, countless spiderwebs seemed to have transformed into a silver snake.

With extreme speed, they charged toward Lei Jia!

Seeing this, Lei Jia did not have the slightest intention of retreating.

He clenched his right fist tightly and similarly welcomed the attack!

Their fists fiercely collided together!


An extremely terrifying air current exploded on the stage and swept through the surroundings.

This energy continuously attacked everything in the surroundings.

Sensing this scene, Zhang Manyu and Xu Liusi frowned at the same time.

They could roughly tell that Ye Feng had the upper hand in the exchange of blows just now.

However, Lei Jia was also able to unleash such a powerful attack.

This was clearly not something that an ordinary person could do!

“Even if his symbiotic body is a bear, very few people are able to unleash such a powerful punch!”

Zhang Manyu analyzed.

After all, a bear also represented a powerful strength.

However, Lei Jias attack no longer seemed to contain the strength of a bear.

“Did he take some strength-increasing medicine before he went on stage”

Xu Liusi was deep in thought.

Looking at the two evenly matched people on stage, she was a little worried about Ye Feng.

Moreover, Lei Jias actions did seem very strange.

There was an indescribable behavior in his actions.

Even if his actions werent beautiful, it didnt affect the competition, nor did it affect the rules of the competition.

However, if he took some strengthening drugs, he would be punished.

If that were the case, Lei Jia could release his strength without restraint.

Some drugs could not only increase the strength for a certain period of time, but some drugs could also replenish the spiritual energy in the body.

These things were hard to say, but the competition had clearly stipulated that no supplements or drugs could be used within six hours before the competition!

Xu Liusi and the others were only suspicious, but they didnt have any concrete evidence.


Following another round of explosions, the two people on the stage were sent flying at the same time!

Both of them were hit by this intense impact.

On Lei Jias fist, there were cracks, and blood slowly dripped down along the cracks, showing the two peoples control over their strength.

The twos strength was very great.

This level of confrontation actually did not cause any damage.

This was enough to prove that they were both very powerful.

‘As expected of the young master of the Lei family.

He really isnt simple!

Ye Feng smiled indifferently.

Regardless of the other partys provocation or wanting to compete with him, Ye Feng was not nervous at all.

“You are really arrogant to the extreme.

I want to see just how you defeat me,”Lei Jia coldly shouted.

He did not waste any words and directly pounced toward Ye Feng.

His speed was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed in front of Ye Feng, and his fist fiercely smashed toward Ye Fengs face.

“As expected, the symbiotic body is a bear.

Its really barbaric!”

Ye Feng glanced at the other party, and his body abruptly dodged to the side.

This time, Lei Jia did not miss.

His fist fiercely smashed onto the arena.


Loud sounds continuously exploded in the sky above the entire city.

Ye Feng slightly raised his head to take a look.

Then, with a flash of his feet, he instantly appeared in front of Lei Jia and swung his fist toward Lei Jias chest!

Although Lei Jia possessed a bear symbiotic body and possessed an incomparably powerful offensive ability, this did not mean that Lei Jia possessed a powerful defense.

On the contrary, he was still at a disadvantage and was directly struck by Ye Fengs fist.


His bones broke and his body directly flew backward, landing outside the distant arena.

“Cough, cough…”

Lei Jia struggled to get up.

The corners of his mouth were filled with blood, but his eyes revealed a dense excitement.


Ye Feng shook his head.

The other partys symbiotic physique was too strange.

He was completely unafraid of pain.

Even if he gathered all the spiritual energy in his body onto his palm, he was still unable to kill the other party.

“Haha, Ye Feng, I admit that you are indeed very powerful.

However, it is impossible for you to beat me.

Since you want to be abused, then I will send you on your way.”

As Lei Jia spoke, he took out a black capsule from his body and swallowed it.

Immediately, his entire body turned red, and his eyes turned red.

He roared like a madman!


This fellows body expanded twice!

His muscles bulged like lumps of iron.

His height reached 2.5 meters, and his entire body was covered in dense spikes.

“This is…”

Zhang Manyu and the others were all stunned when they saw this scene.

“This is a modified version of the Activation Pill.

It can activate the cell activity in his body! It can temporarily obtain the strength of a super soldier.

Furthermore, it also possesses a gene mutation hormone.

It can allow the symbiotic organism to obtain even greater strength in a short period of time.

However, the side effects are also very great.

It can even cause the gene to collapse…”

Zhang Manyu explained everything, but in her heart, she was cursing Lei Jia for being shameless.

The Lei family had researched symbiotic organisms.

In order to increase the combat strength of the symbiotic organism, they were willing to sacrifice humans to allow their symbiotic organism to absorb the life energy of others, thus strengthening their own bodies.

Then, he took a deep breath and punched the ground hard!


The hard cement board exploded and a huge hole appeared!

“This is…” Ye Fengs pupils contracted slightly.

“This is a pill to activate the symbiotic creatures!” Lei Jia laughed sinisterly.

“Do you know that once you activate the symbiotic creatures, you will not lose no matter what, unless the opponent has the absolute strength to suppress them!”

Ye Feng narrowed his eyes.

Lei Jia was indeed very difficult to deal with.

He had not expected that this fellow had actually concealed his strongest point!

However, this matter had been brought up by Lei Jia!

This fellow was simply despicable!


At this moment, Lei Jia grinned sinisterly.

He seemed to be very excited from the effect of his genes.

He suddenly charged forward!

Hu hu–

This time, Lei Jia did not hold back.

Directly using his strongest strength, he charged toward Ye Feng.

This time, his speed was so fast that it was like a phantom, making it impossible for others to track him down!


Ye Feng snorted.

His figure hastily retreated, avoiding Lei Jias wave of attacks!

“What an agile movement technique! However, what use is this”

Lei Jia sneered, and then his two legs suddenly stomped on the ground.

Borrowing the force of the rebound, his body leaped into the air.


His two feet stepped on the stage, directly crushing the stage.

This move of his was called soaring slash!

His two arms were bent, his two knees were bent, and his waist and abdomen exerted strength.

All the strength in his body was concentrated on his two legs, ruthlessly chopping onto Ye Fengs body.


A violent muffled sound was heard!


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