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This secret manual seemed to be tailor-made for him.

With the power of the Dragon Seed, cultivating this secret manual was simply like a fish in the water!

Without saying anything, Ye Feng directly injected his consciousness into this secret manual.

At the same time, he subconsciously activated the surging power of the Dragon Seed in his body!

Ye Feng had a full 72% of the Dragon Seed in his body!

Due to the powerful gene resonance, for a time, this secret manual continuously emitted a dazzling radiance.

On the secret manual, an unknown power was used to catalyze an incomparably huge fruit.

This was a Dragon Bloodline Fruit.

After eating this fruit, it would strengthen the Dragon bloodline of the user by a hundred times.

Moreover, it could also use the Dragon clans Dragon Might skill.

This was a brand new ability.

It could make Ye Feng instantly enter a berserk state, and then within a second, his strength would increase by 10 times.

10 times! What kind of concept was this

10 times strength was equivalent to 50 times Ye Fengs strength when he was at his peak, which was 10 million jin of strength!

This was simply as terrifying as cheating.

And it wasnt just strength, it also included skill damage and some special talents of the Dragon race.

Even if it was a steel plate, Ye Feng could easily break it.

“I actually broke through the first chapter so quickly!” Ye Fengs eyes flickered with light.

The Dragon race was the master of the planets will.

Their every move would affect the entire universe and even this world.

Therefore, the ruins they left behind must have a huge secret.

It might even be the greatest wealth in the entire universe.

Ye Feng felt that his luck was really not bad.

Three layers combined into one, and he could cultivate thePower of a Dragon and Elephant.

“The Power of the Dragon and Elephant What the h*ll is this”

Ye Fengs heart was filled with doubts.

He could not help but frown.

Why did he feel that a brand new clue had appeared in his mind, but he did not understand what it meant

“Forget it, Ill first circulate the second chapter!”

This kind of cultivation speed made people really love it.

A secret manual that others might have to cultivate for dozens of years had been broken through by Ye Feng in a single day.

As Ye Feng circulated his power, a strand of consciousness was once again injected into the [Dragon Vein Technique].

In an instant, a wave of coolness swept through his mind, and a stream of information surged into his mind.

Subsequently, Ye Feng closed his eyes and sat cross-legged on the bed.

In his mind, many revolving incantations and moves related to the [Dragon Vein Technique] surfaced.

These were all related to the second chapter, which was also the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter!

As Ye Feng slowly comprehended, his face gradually revealed a joyful expression.

He finally understood why the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter appeared.

It turned out that this [Dragon Vein Technique] was actually fused with a special cultivation method.

This fusion was not just a formality, but a complete fusion.

It was as if two people had established an intimate relationship with each other after living together for a long time.

The second chapter was called the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter.

After the transformation chapter, the Dragon Tendon would turn into one section, and then one section would turn into two sections.

The higher it went, the tougher it became.

Finally, it turned into a Dragon Tendon.

This Dragon Tendon was the pinnacle of the Dragon Tendons, and it could be called the Dragon Vein!

The formation of this Dragon Vein required countless years of time, especially with the support of the first chapter.

However, Ye Feng directly skipped this period.

The thinner the Dragon Tendon, the better, the tougher, and the more powerful it was!

In other words, the stronger the Dragon Seed, the better!

As Ye Feng continued to revolve, waves of energy gushed out from Ye Fengs pores.

These energies condensed in the air, forming incomparably thick thin threads that wrapped around Ye Fengs limbs and bones, then, they began to continuously attack Ye Fengs meridians.

His meridians continuously endured this pain, but this bit of pain was completely bearable for Ye Feng.

All of this was cultivated according to the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter.

The Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter was extremely difficult.

Ye Feng did not dare to guarantee that he would be able to smoothly reach this chapter!

Ye Fengs consciousness had already entered the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter.

At that moment, his mind was completely blank, as if he could not remember anything.

Only the method to revolve the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter was left.


Ye Feng suddenly let out a scream.

His face became as pale as paper, and cold sweat kept coming out.

Ye Fengs consciousness had completely lost itself in the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter at this moment.

He was like a walking corpse, completely unaware of what his body was doing.

Unknowingly, Ye Feng felt his body becoming heavier and heavier, as if a huge mountain was pressing down on his body, making him unable to breathe!

The veins on Ye Fengs forehead bulged, and beads of sweat kept falling down.




Another scream.

Ye Fengs consciousness was struggling in pain.

The skin all over his body became red at this moment, like a freshly cooked crab.

His entire body was filled with heat waves, and there were scales on the surface of his skin, it was as if he was a monster!


Suddenly, an angry roar was heard, followed by a ray of golden light shooting out from Ye Fengs body!

Ye Feng opened his eyes.

In his eyes, two rays of divine light shot out.

These two rays of divine light pierced straight into the sky, causing the elements in the world to tremble.

“Dragon Tendon Transformation!”

Ye Feng muttered in a low voice.

At this moment, the clothes on Ye Fengs body completely exploded!


His entire body was covered in shining golden scales.

It looked as if he was cast from metal.

Moreover, the muscles on his body were firm and solid, filled with explosive power!

The muscles on Ye Fengs entire body seemed to be cast from steel.

They emitted a metallic luster.

Even his bones were golden in color, as if they were made from gold.

Moreover, Ye Fengs skin was suffused with a faint luster at this moment, as if there was a layer of membrane covering him.

At this moment, Ye Feng could no longer be considered a human, but a creature.

No matter how small his body was, his body was still very huge.

Streaks of blood seeped out from his body, and in a short while, Ye Fengs entire body was dyed in blood.

An intense pain came from Ye Fengs body.

This kind of pain was almost tearing.

However, Ye Feng still gritted his teeth and stood firm.


Ye Fengs body suddenly expanded and instantly expanded by dozens of times.

Moreover, a layer of golden scales grew on the surface of Ye Fengs body.


Ye Feng could not bear it anymore and suddenly let out an angry roar.

The meridians in Ye Fengs body were full at this moment, as if they were about to explode.

However, Ye Feng gritted his teeth and didnt make a sound.

He was enduring!


Ye Feng let out another angry roar, and the muscles on his body instantly protruded out.

Even his blood vessels swelled up like a balloon filled with air.

Within these blood vessels, there were faint black lines swimming about.

These black lines were like tadpoles writhing.

Ye Feng felt a wave of dizziness and almost fainted.

Fortunately, his consciousness was strong to the extreme and forcefully expelled the thought of fainting.

This time, not only were the tendons and bones in Ye Fengs body broken, even his meridians were continuously ruptured.

This kind of rupturing speed was much faster than before.


Ye Fengs chest exploded once again and a stream of blood sprayed out.

Ye Feng once again endured the pain!

Ye Fengs consciousness once again fell into a coma.

Ye Feng let out a roar and the flesh on his body squirmed rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, he had completely returned to normal.

However, Ye Feng did not stop absorbing the energy of the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter.


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