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“Ill go look for Professor Lei and ask if I can find a way to get to [Eden].”

With this thought in mind, Ye Feng packed up and left.

It was already late, but it was very lively outside.

Actually, the number of students in Cloud Mist Academy was not many.

There were a total of four grades, and each grade only had a few hundred people.

There was a total of about 3,000 students.

Excluding some third or fourth-grade students who were out on missions, there were about 2,800 students left behind in the entire Academy.

Although the number of students was less than some universities, the rich life of the Academy had transformed the entire Cloud Mist Academy into an extremely exquisite and beautiful academy.

According to the navigation, Ye Feng arrived in front of a building that was built in a Gothic style.

This building had a total of six floors.

The name of this building was written on a huge sign at the top: Shi De Building!

This building was an office for the instructors.


Professor Lei was on the fourth floor.

Ye Feng had been there once before, so he had a deep impression.

“Professor Lei, Im sorry to disturb you so late at night.

I have something I want to…” Ye Feng pushed the door open and found Professor Lei staring at a flower.

He was fully focused on observing it, so he immediately stopped talking.

Because when Ye Feng opened the door, he very keenly smelled a scent.

This scent was very strange.

It was a very pleasant floral fragrance, but within the floral fragrance, there was an extremely soul-stirring feeling.

‘This is…

Ye Feng realized that unknowingly, it was as if someone was pulling at his spirit.

This force was extremely great, almost stripping Ye Fengs entire spirit out!

‘Whats going on Could this be some kind of illusion

Ye Feng was surprised by this sudden change in space.

Although he had encountered Xu Yuans powerful spatial ability in the Promotion Exam, and he had also awakened the [Eternal Nightmare] skill, logically speaking, his mental state should have reached a very powerful level.

There was even mental strengthening.

To actually be pulled by such an illusion, this was something that had never happened before!

No wonder Professor Lei was observing the plant and flowers.

It turned out that he was observing the illusions from it.


This word flashed through Ye Fengs mind, and he carefully inspected this area.

Sure enough, in this area, some unknown plant was emitting waves of light blue halos.

This halo was very magical, as if it could bewitch ones mind.

Ye Feng noticed this and quickly reacted.

In an instant, he used his own elemental energy to resist these strange halos.

Not long after, Ye Feng opened his eyes.

‘This plant actually has a trace of blue on them, and it looks very strange, Ye Feng thought to himself.

‘It looks like this power was deliberately released by Professor Lei.

Ye Fengs gaze fell on the flower, and then with a thought, the elemental power attacked the flower, wanting to use the elemental power to find out the true secret of this flower.


Not long after, Ye Fengs brows were tightly furrowed, because he found that this flower actually had an extremely strong protective membrane.

Such a sturdy protective membrane was something that even Ye Fengs elemental energy was unable to break through.

This indicated that the value of this flower far exceeded his imagination.

‘Could it be that it was specially made to be like this

Ye Feng guessed, but he could not think of anything that could turn an ordinary flower into a treasure.

‘This is a school, and its also Cloud Mist Academy.

The treasures in this kind of place will definitely not be too low.

If it was elsewhere, it might not be possible, but its absolutely possible here.

Ye Feng made a decision in his heart.

Not long after, Ye Feng discovered a strange phenomenon.

The elemental energy was actually unable to penetrate these fresh flowers.

‘How could this be Ye Fengs brows furrowed as he was puzzled in his heart,Could it be that Im wrong

‘Regardless of whether Im wrong or not, lets try first before we talk.

Since he was unable to probe the secrets of these fresh flowers, Ye Feng could only continue to try.

His elemental energy once again surged towards this plant and surrounded it one by one.

Not long after, waves of elemental fluctuations gradually became thicker under the effect of the elemental energy.

The thicker the elemental fluctuations, the higher the level of the illusion in these flowers.

‘No, these blue flowers are definitely not simple.

The illusion here is definitely not an ordinary illusion.

Ye Feng discovered a problem and immediately stopped what he was doing.

If it was an ordinary illusion, then he was not afraid at all.

He could even break the illusion.

But these blue flowers gave him a sense of danger.

‘The power of these flowers is too powerful.

These illusions are constantly overlapping and intertwining.

They are so complicated that even I am unable to detect them. Ye Feng frowned.

The elemental fluctuations became more and more intense.

Even Professor Lei, who was at the side, was startled awake.

He discovered that Ye Feng was standing at the door, and his expression was abnormal.

Seeing that his brows were tightly furrowed, Professor Lei hurriedly asked, “Ye Feng When did you come over What happened to you Why did your face become so pale!”

The elemental fluctuations gradually weakened.

Ye Feng felt that the elemental energy in his body seemed to be pulled at the same time.

A piercing pain was transmitted, but Ye Feng forcefully endured it.

“Professor Lei, Im sorry.

I suddenly thought of something, so I didnt knock on the door and directly walked in.”

Ye Feng smiled apologetically, and then he felt a faint pain in his chest.

“Oh, oh, I didnt even notice that you came in!”

Professor Lei laughed loudly and touched his bald forehead.

Ye Feng walked over and looked at these beautiful flowers and asked curiously, “Whats the name of these flowers It can actually release such a powerful illusion!”

“This flower is called the Soul Snatching Flower because the flower is blue.

It can also be called the Blue Soul Snatching Flower.

When the flower is growing, it can release a faint smell.

Anyone who inhales the smell will be affected by an illusion.”

“An illusion attack doesnt discriminate.

It has a feeling similar to prying open the head and taking out the brain.

This kind of illusion is unavoidable for almost everyone.

Even an existence like Teacher Andy will be affected by the Soul Snatching Flower, but the intensity of the impact is different.”

Listening to Professor Leis explanation, Ye Feng felt that it was more and more powerful.

He did not expect such a powerful flower to exist, and it could also release illusions indiscriminately!

“Oh right, the Soul Snatching Flower was specially cultivated by our Academy.

You cant see it outside.” Professor Lei laughed and poured some water on the flower pot.


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