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Ye Feng was slightly taken aback.

He then recalled that Professor Lei had once told him that the Cloud Mist Academy had specially nurtured a type of flower called the Soul Snatching Flower.

Ye Feng remembered that these Soul Snatching Flowers had been in their Academy for many years.

Not only that, it was also a rare flower from the Plant Department.

In Cloud Mist Academy, there were also quite a number of students who were extremely interested in it.

“So thats how it is.

Looks like the Academy has treated it as a kind of precious plant and specially nurtured it.”

Ye Feng looked at the blue Soul Snatching Flower, and a glimmer of light flickered in his eyes.

“This flower is indeed incomparably precious.

Not only is it able to cause ones mind to be momentarily confused, it is also a treasure.”

Professor Lei poured the last bit of water he had watered into the flower pot.

“So, this flower is quite precious” Ye Feng said with a smile, “But Professor Lei, is there anything special about this Soul Snatching Flower”

“Yes, the Soul Snatching Flower can absorb the elemental energy of heaven and earth to cultivate, and it can use the elemental energy to condense sharp blades to attack the enemys vital points.

Moreover, its attack range is very wide, and even some experts cannot escape its sneak attack.”

“However, the most powerful part of this flower is its color.

It can change its color to red, as long as it is the color flowing in the blood.

Moreover, it can control the plants here and make this place its world.”

“Eh Ye Feng, is the illusion just now useful to you”

Professor Lei noticed Ye Fengs abnormality and asked curiously.

“Of course, it worked!” Ye Feng answered affirmatively.

“What effect” Professor Lei continued to ask.

“It was like hypnosis, causing me to fall into an illusion state, and my chest was still a little painful…”

“You were affected by the illusion” Professor Lei was shocked.


Ye Feng nodded, indicating that he was not lying.

Professor Lei was shocked.

Logically speaking, for students like him, being affected by the illusion was nothing surprising.

However, being able to feel pain after being affected by an illusion could only mean that he had not completely entered the illusion state.

One of the biggest characteristics of the Soul Snatching Flower was that it could take a persons life invisibly.

One could not even feel the slightest bit of pain and just died silently.

Ye Feng, this guy, was actually immune to this kind of illusion!

This discovery made Professor Lei unable to calm down.

One had to know that the Soul Snatching Flower, as the Academys guardian, was planted near the Academys walls, and it also blocked countless criminals for the Academy.

Moreover, it was widely used in high-security places like the experimental building and the library as a line of defense.

If Ye Feng was not affected by this, then wouldnt he be able to freely enter the high-security buildings!

How powerful was his spiritual power to be able to contend against it!

He did not expect that there would be such a person in this world.

It really shocked him.

When Ye Feng heard Professor Leis words, his heart suddenly trembled.

He did not expect that this Soul Snatching Flower would have such an effect.

He did not know what the consequences would be if his illusion was broken by this Soul Snatching Flower.

“Ye Feng, you really surprise me.”

Professor Leis expression froze until it twitched a little.

Then, he said, “This Soul Snatching Flower doesnt have any offensive ability.

You just need to pay attention to your defense.

Even if you encounter danger, it cant hurt you.”

Ye Feng nodded when he heard these words.

“Ye Feng, although this Soul Snatching Flower doesnt have any lethality to you, if you accidentally touch a tiny bit of the Soul Snatching Flower, then you will be controlled by this Soul Snatching Flower.

This is like poison, causing people to have a fatal illusion.

Therefore, you must be careful not to be touched by this Soul Snatching Flower,”Professor Lei exhorted.

Obviously, this Soul Snatching Flower had a huge impact on Ye Feng.

“En, I got it, Professor Lei.”

Ye Feng nodded, he was also secretly vigilant in his heart.

He did not hope that he would fall for this Soul Snatching Flowers trick.

In the following time, Ye Feng was here discussing the situation regarding this Soul Snatching Flower with Professor Lei.

“Ye Feng, do you know the origin of the Soul Snatching Flower” Professor Lei suddenly asked.

“The Soul Snatching Flower”

Ye Feng shook his head.

“Ive never heard of it.

This should be a special plant-type flower.”

“Thats right.” Professor Lei nodded.

“I heard that this Soul Snatching Flower was born from a mysterious planet.

No one knows exactly what planet it is.

However, this Soul Snatching Flower has an extremely powerful ability that can cause people to fall into an illusion.

This illusion is the Soul Snatching Flowers ability to control peoples hearts.”

When Ye Feng heard this, he could not help but be shocked.

This kind of plant actually had such an ability

However, he did not panic because his strength was there.

Even if he did not release any power, this control would not be able to completely invade him.

After all, he had always been wearing the three-piece Sea Stone Set.

Moreover, the Sea Stone Crown could also provide him with extremely powerful protection.

Most importantly, his [Eternal Nightmare] had just awakened.

An existence like the Soul Snatching Flower was not enough to cause him much harm.

Ye Feng could not help but ask curiously, “Professor Lei, what is the use of this Soul Snatching Flower to us students”

“Although the Soul Snatching Flower doesnt have any offensive power, it can cause people to fall into an illusion.

This is the special aspect of this Soul Snatching Flower.

Of course, this only applies to ordinary students.

Students like us from Cloud Mist Academy basically do not have this problem.

This Soul Snatching Flower cannot do anything to them.

However, they are unable to deal with this Soul Snatching Flower.”

“This is because when the color of the Soul Snatching Flower changes to bright blue, if they approach the Soul Snatching Flower, their minds will be filled with blue.

This blue environment is the Soul Snatching Flower.

At that time, they will be controlled by the Soul Snatching Flower, and they will become extremely crazy.”


Hearing this, Ye Fengs heart tightened.

He didnt expect the Soul Snatching Flowers ability to be so abnormal.

“The teachers of the Academy wont be confused at all.

They only need a little bit of elemental energy to be able to dispel the Soul Snatching Flowers offensive ability,”Professor Lei said with a smile.

Ye Feng suddenly understood.

No wonder Professor Lei dared to let him come here alone.

It turned out that he had a way to dispel the Soul Snatching Flowers confusion.

“This Soul Snatching Flower can control the plants here, and it can make these plants attack.

This is simply like a large-scale army.

This Soul Snatching Flower has a tremendous combat strength,” Ye Feng exclaimed in surprise.

The value of this Soul Snatching Flower was really not cheap.


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