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“Professor Lei, I dont know if you know the coordinates of [Eden].

If you do, please tell me.

I have a friend who is also cultivating inside.

I want to enter that space and find my friend.”

Ye Feng scratched his head and thought of an excuse at the last minute.

“This… Im not too sure about this either.” Professor Lei frowned and seemed to be pondering something.

Ye Feng did not hurry Professor Lei.

After all, this kind of thing was very difficult to understand.

“But I can help you inquire about this.” After pondering for a moment, Professor Lei suddenly raised his head.

“Actually, I have a few students who are also studying in the Symbiotic Continent.

Recently, they received a mission to go to [Burning Thorny Road] to find fire-elemental power.

If theres any information, I can tell you right away.” Professor Lei nodded.

Ye Fengs eyes lit up.

He did not expect to have such a harvest.

In that case, even if Professor Lei did not have any information, he would still think of ways to investigate.

But now, Ye Feng really needed his help, so he could only thank Professor Lei first.

“Professor Lei, thank you so much!” Ye Feng smiled.

“Haha, you brat, why are you so polite with me! Alright, its getting late.

You should rest early.

I will help you inquire tomorrow, but it will be very difficult to get any information this time.

After all, that place is very hidden.

Even beyond A grade experts cannot find it,” Professor Lei said with a smile.

Ye Feng nodded.

After that, Ye Feng left Professor Leis room.

After walking out, he returned to the dormitory and lay on the bed.

He tossed and turned on the bed, thinking about something.

In his mind, Professor Leis words, as well as that terrifying existence, and the spatial gate kept appearing.

The spatial gate was left behind by a beyond A grade expert.

And the remains of these experts were in [Eden].

Their remains could be said to be an absolutely rare treasure.

If he obtained their remains, it would definitely allow his cultivation to reach an extreme realm!

Thinking of this, Ye Feng could not help but swallow his saliva.

The spatial gate was left behind by a beyond A grade expert! What kind of heaven-defying existence was this!

The spatial gate was at the edge of the eighth continent.

Ordinary beyond A grade experts did not dare to go near that region.

Even beyond A grade experts needed some resources to cross over.

And beyond A grade experts also did not dare to rashly provoke the spatial rift.

But for the time being, it was impossible for him to cross over.

He still needed to wait for Professor Leis message.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not think too much about it.

He glanced at his phone.

Tomorrow was the first day of class for their new students.

Thinking about it, he was still a little excited.

“The morning class is calledElements and Power.

It talks about the laws between elements and how to release them.” Ye Feng looked at the related explanation of the class on his phone and became somewhat interested.

Not to mention that he could control the power of elements himself, but he still lacked some specific details and things related to the principles.

And these courses could make up for his shortcomings!

Ye Fengs gaze landed on the teacher-in-charge.

His name was Mance, and his title was professor.

His main course was machinery, the kind of hot weapons and cold weapons practical combat course, but it was in this semesters course in theory.

This was a little strange.

‘I dont know him, but he looks quite familiar.

I wonder what will happen in class Ye Feng thought to himself.

Then, he flipped to the other courses.

This semester, he only had four courses.

Other than theElements and Power that he was going to attend tomorrow, there were still three remaining courses.

They wereGeography of Spiritual Energy Distribution,China Cold Weapon Atlas, andAura Control.


The remaining courses were practical courses.

This course was mainly about going out to complete missions, so that one could obtain GPA points.

Of course, going out to complete missions was not a problem for Ye Feng.

After all, when he was taking the freshmen assessment, he had already entered Cloud Mist Academy with an excellent result of first place.

According to the generous reward given by the dean, one of them was a reward for completing the practical class with full GPA.

This also allowed Ye Feng to have more time to complete his plan.

Entering the Symbiotic Continent and finding [Eden] was his main goal.

As long as the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse hidden deep within his soul was not removed, it was like carrying a time bomb that could have a huge impact on Ye Feng at any time.

“I have to become stronger! I have to control a tyrannical power! I will think of a way to solve the Water Elemental Dragon Kings curse as soon as possible!”

Thinking of this, Ye Feng closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning.

The sun shone through the window and shone on Ye Fengs face.

Ye Feng stretched lazily and slowly opened his eyes.

Last night, he had been working hard to cultivate.

At this moment, the qi and blood in his body had already recovered to its peak.

“En, Ill chooseElements and Power.

I hope I can pass the test,”

Ye Feng muttered to himself.

After choosing the course, Ye Feng got up and went to class.

After all, he had to master the elemental power in his body as soon as possible.

He still had the chance to inherit the elements that Teacher Andy had given him.

But if his strength did not reach the required strength, then this opportunity would be wasted on Ye Feng.

Therefore, Ye Feng also wanted to seize the time to prepare.

Early in the morning, Ye Feng arrived at the classroom.

The teaching building was in the north of the academy.

Because this place was far from the dormitory area, if anything happened, it would not affect the place where he slept.

The architectural style of this teaching building was very similar to the ancient tower, but the height was a full four stories higher than the ordinary tower.

This was a teaching building in the traditional sense, not a military training ground.

A large number of people were already sitting in the classroom.

Ye Feng had just stepped into the classroom when he caused a commotion.

The courseElements and Power was a large class.

Because the theories were roughly the same, only a few classes came to listen to the class.

“Eh, its him”

“Its that Slime genius.

He actually came to class If I was as strong as him, I wouldnt have come to class.

Instead, I applied for a mission!”

Everyone looked at Ye Feng in surprise.

Although they were not in the same grade, they did not usually interact with each other.

But Ye Fengs deeds were widely spread among this batch of students.

At this time, the classroom was already filled with people.

These peoples expressions were serious.

It seemed that this class was rather serious.

“Hello, students.

My name is Mance.

Im a new professor who just came to this class this year.

You can call me Teacher or Mance.

We have plenty of time in the future.

I hope that you can study hard!” Mance said with a smile.


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