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“How could this be This is too unbelievable! This Ye Fengs strength is too strong!”

“I saw it.

The strength that Ye Feng just displayed in the elemental analysis class is probably the most powerful existence among the advanced students.

Such strength is rare in our class.

He is definitely the most talented existence.”

“Thats right, Ye Feng is indeed very strong!”

“How is this possible”

“Impossible, right This person actually passed the elemental analysis class!”

“How did he do it”

“Could it be that the professor is favoring him Or is he secretly helping him”

“It must be the latter! How could the professor help an outsider Moreover, Ye Feng clearly just passed the first class.

It is impossible for him to complete the elemental analysis in such a short time.”

Ye Fengs performance had already exceeded everyones expectations!

They finally realized that their target this time might not only be the first-year students, but their standards were also becoming higher and higher.

“Good! Since youve passed the elemental analysis class, then in theElements and Power class, youll be free to arrange the following time! This is your first time coming to this Academy.

You will need to familiarize yourself with this place for the rest of the time.”

Professor Mance smiled slightly.

Looking at Ye Feng, he felt the powerful potential of the freshman.

“Student Ye Feng, you are a genius.

I want to know, what is your student card rank Do you have the qualifications to enter the laboratory” Professor Mance glanced at Ye Feng and asked curiously.

“Student card rank Are you talking about this B grade” Ye Feng said as he took out the student card and handed it to Professor Mance.

“Thats right! B grade is already quite high rank, and I am only A grade.

It seems that the dean thinks highly of you! With your foundation in elemental power, you can go to the laboratory in the future and conduct some more advanced experiments!” Professor Mances eyes lit up as he said.

Ye Feng nodded.

He knew the level of this student card.

But he did not know that his level was actually so high.

In Cloud Mist Academy, A grade was equivalent to a professor-level.

One could go almost anywhere in the Academy.

But to be able to enter the archives of the library, these high-security places… Required one to have at least an A grade identity to enter.

However, Ye Fengs B grade identity could also enter many places.

“No problem, Ill follow your arrangements!”


“Dean, Ive already gotten someone to intentionally spread the information regarding Ye Feng.

I believe that it wont be long before Ye Feng will become the target of all the factions!”

Within Cloud Mist Academy.

A middle-aged man looked at the person in front of him with great respect as he spoke.

The dean nodded his head and said, “Very good…”

“Since those creatures are ignoring our existence, then let them know that not only do we humans have elemental inheritors, we also have young geniuses!” As the dean spoke, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man nodded his head and left.


“Ye Feng, I hope you can bring me a surprise!” The dean looked at the card in his hand and nodded with satisfaction.

A month later, in Cloud Mist Academys laboratory.


Ye Feng slowly exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and opened his eyes.

“As expected, the concentration of elemental energy here is much higher than outside! This is also the reason why there are so many high-level students in the Academy!” Ye Feng took a deep breath and said with a sigh.

“Ye Feng, youve really developed the Slimes Enhancement Potion!”

A voice came from afar, causing Ye Feng to pull his thoughts back.

He was currently sitting in the lounge taking a nap.

This was the largest laboratory of Cloud Mist Academy, and Ye Feng was currently conducting experiments here.

And the voice that followed was the appearance of a woman with a good figure.

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng immediately jumped up and ran over to take a look.

Staring at the crystal bottle in front of him, and following the systems inspection, Ye Feng finally revealed a smile.

Ye Feng stared at the bottle in his hand and said excitedly, “I thought it would fail, but I didnt expect it to be developed by accident! This thing is no worse than the Flame Fruit, and its easy to make!”

This Slime Enhancement Potion had a great effect, mainly because it could make the users blood boil for a short time!

This blood boil was not a real blood boil, but it could increase the attributes of the whole body by several times in a short time.

With the increase of potential, the users strength would increase accordingly!

The only side effect was that one would experience a temporary weakness after using it.

However, there would not be any danger of their origin.

Hence, such a potion could be sold in the Heavenly Bazaar.

Basically, the price of one bottle could reach up to 500,000 yuan per bottle.

Moreover, even if it was a high-quality enhancement potion, even if it was a bottle of 1 million yuan per bottle, there would still be people who would fight for it!

After all, a bottle of 10% explosive rate would increase by several times.

Even if it was a C grade symbiote who did not have any foundation, as long as one consumed one bottle, it would be enough to instantly kill an existence of the same realm!

In fact, the stronger one was, the greater the potential that could be activated if one consumed it!

This Slime Enhancement Potion could be called a life-saving trump card!

Lin Xiaoyue stood at the side and looked at the potion in Ye Fengs hand, saying in astonishment, “Ye Feng, you succeeded just like that”

“En! No matter what, I finally succeeded.

For the current me, its enough!” Ye Feng nodded.

“As expected of a genius, to be able to create a high-quality potion so quickly!” Lin Xiaoyue smiled and looked at Ye Feng as if she was looking at a freak.

This experiment was clearly a project that she wanted to complete, but she did not expect it to be overcome by Ye Feng, and he even accidentally developed the Slime Enhancement Potion!

“So, you dont plan to take it to test the effect” Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile.

“Ill try it!” Ye Feng smiled and poured a potion into his mouth.

Ye Feng was quite confident in his own research.

After all, the system guided him step by step to develop the Slime Enhancement Potion, so he didnt have any worries.

Almost every step was the best choice derived by the system.

Therefore, this potion could not be wrong.


A rich fragrance spread.

Ye Feng felt his stomach churn.

He could not help but want to vomit, but it was quickly eliminated.

A powerful gush of energy seemed to be about to erupt from his body.


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