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The legendary fierce beasts were extremely powerful existences.

Only S grade symbiotes had the ability to compete with them!

Experts who reached such a level could be said to be truly important.

With a stomp of their feet, the entire continent would tremble a few times.

Moreover, the intelligence of these beyond A grade creatures was very intelligent, possessing powerful intelligence.

“Then when do we set off”

After understanding all the information, Ye Feng became restless.

This was not only a brand new challenge for him, but also a great opportunity to advance, especially to be able to reach the Symbiotic Continent!

This continent was completely ruled by creatures.

There were creatures everywhere, and their levels were all very high, much higher than the continent they lived on now!

Moreover, he had a chance to go to [Eden].

How could he give up such an opportunity!

“Youre so impatient” Lin Xiaoyue chuckled.

“Well set off in an hour.”

“So fast!” Ye Feng was a little surprised.

This mission was so temporary!

“What level is this mission” Ye Feng asked curiously.

He still wanted to know why this mission was worth sending them out to kill.

Logically speaking, the Symbiotic Continent did not lack experts, especially since there was a group of people from Cloud Mist Academy on the Symbiotic Continent, which was also the main campus.

The people there would definitely be of a higher level than them.

Since they wouldnt send out such people, they would instead choose to dispatch the personnel of the branch campus far away in Asia.

“Youre so curious.

This isnt a good thing! This mission was ranked S rank and was directly ordered by the dean.

The Board of Education had full authority to entrust it to Professor Lei and Professor Si Man as the commander.

Our Special Task Force consisted of two people.

I am the team leader, and you are the team member.”

“Any other questions”

“No, senior Xiaoyue, remember to protect me more.

After all, this is my first time going to the Symbiotic Continent.

I heard that its… quite dangerous there.”

Ye Feng smiled and looked at Lin Xiaoyues pretty face.

“Who isnt going there for the first time”


“But dont worry, well be met there.

The Academy wont let us fall into a dangerous situation.”


“Youre so confident” Seeing that Ye Feng wasnt flustered at all, Lin Xiaoyues eyes lit up slightly.

“Isnt Senior here How can those creatures bully me” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Hearing that, Lin Xiaoyue lightly knocked Ye Fengs head.

“Go back to the dormitory and pack your things.

Well gather at the West Square in an hour!”

Lin Xiaoyue waved to Ye Feng, turned around, and walked toward the dormitory.

Looking at her back, Ye Feng shook his head with a smile, turned around, and walked toward the dormitory.

After returning to the dormitory, he packed his luggage, took his backpack, and walked out of the dormitory.

Under Lin Xiaoyues gaze, he took a car and drove toward downtown.

Ye Feng didnt have anything to prepare.

He just went back to greet that d*mn roommate Su Bai.

Unfortunately, Su Bai was also out on a mission.

But according to the time, he should be ready to come back soon.

Lets prepare a surprise for him.

After all, he had just eaten a meal.

Ye Feng didnt know when he would come back after he left, so it wouldnt be a big deal to prepare some Spirit Fruits for him.

Plus, he had developed a Slime Enhancement Potion, which could be a good opportunity for him to try.

After all, Su Bai had been in school for so many years, so he had some connections.

If he were to leave a message saying that he had developed this potion himself and wanted to mass produce it, he wondered how he would react

Maybe he could even help him!

“When I come back this time, I must figure out how to mass produce Slimes!”

“By the way, the Slime Enhancement Potion is a potion that can increase ones physique by ten times.

How much can it be sold for”

Ye Feng was eager to give it a try.

His previous Slime Enhancement Potion was very overbearing.

He did not know how much it could be exchanged for.

Moreover, it was priceless!

If everyone in this world took the Slime Enhancement Potion, then he could really do whatever he wanted.

He would definitely be a top existence even on the continent!

After all, there was no such thing as a Slime Enhancement Potion in the entire Zhutian Mall.

There were only countless other strengthening potions.

However, there was no Slime Enhancement Potion.

If it could really be mass-produced, this medicine would definitely sell like hotcakes!

After all, Ye Fengs Slime Enhancement Potion back then was only for him to use alone.

While he was at it, he would also go and see if he could buy some training materials.

This way, he would at least not have to spend time searching for resources.

Walking on the road, Ye Feng felt somewhat emotional.

From the moment he entered Cloud Mist Academy, the dangers he had encountered along the way were simply uncountable.

Now, he was finally about to leave the Academy and go to another unfamiliar place.

Although the level of danger would increase in a straight line, it still made him feel an inexplicable pressure.

After returning to his dormitory, the first thing Ye Feng did was to open Zhutian Mall.

Looking at his account balance, he still had a total of 20 million yuan.

This was not a small amount of money, enough for him to buy a lot of cultivation materials.

Ye Feng glanced at the warehouse.

The cultivation materials had long been used up.

“What should I buy”

Ye Feng looked at the medicinal materials listed on the side.

He was currently lacking a large number of medicinal materials, and these medicinal materials were expensive, so he could not bear to part with them.

Ye Feng started searching in the mall, and his gaze finally stopped on a three-thousand-year-old ginseng.

“Hmm What kind of plant is this”

Ye Feng looked over and discovered that this plant was a ginseng.

Its entire body was pale yellow, three feet long, and there were many patterns on it.

There were many ginseng, and most of them were varieties that ordinary people couldnt identify.

And this ginseng in front of him was obviously a high-quality ginseng.

Ye Feng did not know what its name was, but he knew that the price of this ginseng was definitely over 5 million.

When he clicked in and looked at the price, it was indeed as Ye Feng had expected, a total of 8 million!

Ye Feng was stunned.

This was the first time he had seen such an expensive thing.

However, he also knew that ordinary ginseng was definitely not as expensive as this ginseng.

The nourishing effect of ginseng was still very powerful, especially this expensive ginseng in front of him.

The overall training effect was definitely worth it.

Ye Feng steeled his heart and directly bought a top-grade ginseng.

Seeing the balance of his account instantly decrease by 8 million, Ye Feng felt very distressed.

However, in the future, once he realized the mass production of the Slime Enhancement Potion, he would not be short of money!

“As expected of a top-grade ginseng.

Its really expensive!”

Ye Feng shook his head in distress.

Looking at the ginseng in his hand, he could not help but frown.

He had never seen such an expensive ginseng.

One was worth 8 million!

But it was precisely because of its preciousness that Ye Feng was very satisfied.

After buying the ginseng, Ye Feng searched around the mall again.

Finally, his gaze fell on a medicinal herb called Purple Jade Ganoderma.

The price of this medicinal herb also reached 8 million!

However, Ye Fengs target was not a medicinal herb like Purple Jade Ganoderma, but the Amethyst Lotus.

Its price reached 10 million.

Although this price was high, it was still a distance away from an Amethyst Pill.

The effect of this Purple Jade Ganoderma was even worse than the Amethyst Pill.

It did not have the effect of increasing ones physique at all.

However, the effect of the Amethyst Lotus was not bad.

Not only could it greatly improve ones physique, but it could also double ones combat strength.

It was even better than the Amethyst Pill.

Ye Fengs gaze stopped on the Amethyst Lotus.

He thought about it and still did not buy it.


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