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Although the Amethyst Lotus amplification effect was very powerful, its price was also not cheap.

He really could not take out this 10 million.

With this amount of money, he could completely buy more and cheaper materials.

He did not necessarily have to buy all the high-grade medicinal herbs.

However, if he could refine this Amethyst Lotus into a medicinal pill, his physical fitness would definitely increase by a large margin.

It was even possible to strengthen and stabilize his foundation.

Ye Feng thought for a moment and moved the Amethyst Lotus to the side.

Then, Ye Feng found a few more medicinal herbs in the shop to increase his physique, and they were all bought by Ye Feng.

Finally, Ye Fengs gaze locked onto a herb called Diamond Grass.

Ye Feng remembered that Diamond Grass was a herb that had a good effect on strengthening ones physique.

Moreover, this herb was a necessary ingredient for refining the Bone-Tempering Pill.

The Bone-Tempering Pill was a pill that strengthened ones physique and made the body stronger and sturdier.

After consuming it, ones strength would increase by a large margin.

However, Ye Fengs current cultivation direction was magic conducting.

Although it would not be of much use, it could still increase ones origin power.

Only stability was the foundation of everything.

It was like building a tall building.

If ones foundation was not stable, it was very easy for it to collapse completely!

No matter what, Ye Feng was determined to obtain this pill!

The basic attributes and body attributes of this world also occupied quite a large portion.

If he could obtain the Bone-Tempering Pill, Ye Feng believed that his strength would definitely have a huge leap, and it might even reach a new level.

“I want you!”

Ye Feng bought a hundred portions of Diamond Grass without hesitation.

“With these Diamond Grass, I can refine them into pills when I have time later.

Although I dont know how, the system knows how!”

Ye Feng was secretly happy in his heart.

This kind of matter should all be left to the system to solve!

Following that, Ye Feng went around again and bought quite a number of cultivation items.

After filling up his storage space, he cleared all the balance in his account and closed Zhutian Mall.

“Phew, Im finally done.”

Ye Feng stretched his muscles and felt relaxed all over.

At this moment, he looked at the time.

It was almost half past ten.

There was less than half a day before they set off.

Ye Feng had also finished preparing.

In fact, there was nothing to prepare.

Speaking of food supplies, when they went to the Symbiotic Continent, there were creatures everywhere.

Casually killing one would solve the food problem.

Moreover, Ye Feng could directly activate the [Devour] sequence and digest all of them!

With these skills, Ye Feng was destined not to starve to death.

“Lets go!” After Ye Feng packed up, he left the dormitory and headed to the meeting place.

The mission this time, other than Ye Feng, Lin Xiaoyue, and the Academy, no one else knew about it.

Ye Feng did not need to worry too much about exposing his whereabouts.

Soon, Ye Feng arrived at the meeting place.

Besides Lin Xiaoyue, there were also a few teachers here.

They were Professor Lei and Professor Si Man.

Of course, although it was a mission personally issued by the dean, it was impossible for him to appear in such a farewell scene.

After all, the process was not important.

What they wanted was the result.

“Ye Feng!”

Although Professor Lei was wearing super high-degree glasses, he recognized Ye Feng at a glance.

Ye Feng jogged over and said with a smile, “Professor Lei, why are you here too!”

“Im here to say a few last words to you.

After that, you can go on your way!” Professor Si Man said from the side.

They were somewhat gratified when they saw Ye Fengs arrival.

After all, they were all their own students.

How could they not be optimistic about them

“Im sure Xiaoyue has already told you about this mission, right” Professor Lei glanced at Lin Xiaoyue and then looked at Ye Feng.

“Yes.” Ye Feng nodded.

“Thats good.

The location of this mission is in a jungle in the northwest of the Symbiotic Continent.

That place has been turned into a medium-risk area, but you guys still have to be full of energy!”

“This beyond a class monster, codenamedNether Serpent Emperor, is not so easy to deal with.

The reason why the principal issued a kill order directly is that this creature is too brutal.

According to the current statistics, no less than five people have died at its hands!”

“It is precisely because of the high risk of this mission that this mission is classified as an S rank.

It is already the highest level mission in our school.

This special operation will be carried out by the two of you together!”

After saying that, Professor Lei patted Ye Fengs shoulder, leaned over, and said softly, “When you go to the Symbiotic Continent and complete the mission, you can go and look for your friend.”

Hearing that, Ye Feng nodded slightly.

Of course, he knew this reason.

Since the Academy had issued such a high-level mission, this mission must be very important.

Of course, it must be based on the mission.

But what Ye Feng did not understand was, who exactly were these five people who died tragically at the hands of this creature

“I think you have questions, such as what was the background of these five people” Professor Si Man said from the side.

A trace of sadness flashed in his eyes.

“They are students of our Academy, and also your seniors! During the daily inspection and scanning, the Academy was the first to find this creature and detected the power contained within it.

Therefore, they immediately sent a team of five people to hunt it.

The mission level was A rank, but all of them died mysteriously within a day after reaching their destination.”

Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue were stunned when they heard the information.

All of them died mysteriously!

“This five-man team all reached the B grade.

They were like super combat machines.

Even so, they still disappeared mysteriously.

But before they disappeared, one of the team members sent back all the information about theNether Serpent Emperor, which is the information you have now.”

Professor Si Man took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue took it and looked at the densely packed data on it.

She couldnt help but frown.

This data was very detailed.

The more data there was, the more it showed the importance of this mission and the power of this beyond A grade creature.

Ye Feng also came over and saw the news.

His face immediately became solemn.

“This creature is actually so terrifying! This level, and can be defined as a fierce beast!”

Ye Feng was extremely surprised.

She had never seen such a creature before.

She did not expect such a creature to appear in the Symbiotic Continent, and it was still alive!

‘Why can such a powerful fierce beast still jump around in the Symbiotic Continent Shouldnt they all be killed by stronger symbiotes Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

He wanted to say it and let the two professors solve his doubts, but he subconsciously felt that there was something fishy about this problem…


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