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The middle-aged woman on duty at the door was the librarian.

She picked up Ye Fengs student card, compared it, and then asked.


“A Grade, you are allowed to enter the library.

Let me remind you, there are three floors in the library.

Inside is a staggered space, and accompanied by a huge pressure, the deeper you go, the more obvious it is.”

“I wonder what book you want to borrow”

Ye Feng was stunned for a moment, and then said the title of the book.

“Multi-Form Ghost, right Wait a moment, Ill help you check it.” After the aunt finished speaking, she crazily typed on the keyboard in front of the computer.

In a short while, she raised her head and said with a heavy expression, “Young man, this book is very secret-related.

Its on the second floor, Row 77, Cabinet 1099, Area F.

I wish you a smooth borrowing.”

Smooth borrowing process

How could there be such a saying Ye Feng was a little confused.

After taking back his student card and thanking the aunt, he went upstairs.

“Ding! You have entered the Borrowing Area, 1099, in Area F.

Please note that the use of any weapons is prohibited here, and the use of any spiritual energy will be restricted.

If you use it without permission, you will be punished and demoted.”

Hearing the hint, Ye Feng knew that he had found the right place.

But the use of spiritual energy was restricted Why did they do this Ye Feng did not know.

Since he had already entered, he did not care about these things.

“Area F, No.

1099 Borrowing Area, right Ill go take a look first,” Ye Feng said as he pushed open the door and entered.

The moment he entered, a thick, cold wind blew over.

This wind was very strong, and Ye Feng could even feel the goosebumps on his skin.

‘As expected, this library is really not simple, Ye Feng thought to himself.

This strong wind, even if he was standing in the center of the library, he could feel the bone-piercing cold here.

But he had only just entered this place.

This bone-piercing cold wind did not come from the outside, but came from all directions, making Ye Feng feel a little uncomfortable.

This kind of wind blew on his body, like pieces of ice.

It made his skin feel pain, as if these pieces of ice could pierce through his skin at any time.

Ye Feng circulated his inner strength to resist this wind, and then slowly walked inside.

This bone-chilling wind became more and more severe, blowing against Ye Fengs clothes and making him feel a chill, it was as if a knife had scratched his body.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Ye Feng finally arrived at his destination, Row 77.

At a glance, there were many bookshelves here.

Some had some books on them, and some were empty.

However, each book was covered with a thick cover, and he did not dare to open them.

On some bookshelves, there were many desks.

On each desk, there were many books, and on the desks, there were some folders, some copybooks, and some notes.

Under Ye Fengs gaze, the books on these bookshelves were all gray and dark, and they even emitted a pale yellow fluorescent light.

It was as if the covers of these books were made of fluorescent light, and they looked extremely strange.

“What exactly is this library used for Why does it look strange” Ye Feng frowned.

Ye Feng flipped through all the books on the bookshelves and found that the books on them were all written in words.

Moreover, the words were very strange, and Ye Feng couldnt understand them at all.

“These words are so strange.

Could it be some other countrys language But why do I feel that there are some secrets in this library” Ye Feng muttered to himself.

In Ye Fengs view, these libraries should be a library, but Ye Feng couldnt understand them at all, so he didnt know what the functions of these books were.

If it werent for the restriction on the use of spiritual energy, Ye Feng could completely release the [Analysis] sequence to see which dialect these words were from.

“Could it be that the secret of the library is these books” Ye Feng guessed.

In the library, there must be some secret things in some secret place, such as some cultivation methods or secret manuals, and some unknown things.

Various thoughts flashed through Ye Fengs mind, but he could not find any answers.

“I dont want to think about it.

Anyway, I came to the library to borrow books.

Since Im here, I cant return empty-handed.”

After hesitating for a while, Ye Feng finally decided.

Since he had come here, if he did not figure out everything in the library, then it would be a wasted trip.

“Its in these books This place is really weird!” Ye Feng muttered.

Ye Feng looked carefully again.

Indeed, he saw some strange patterns in the bookshelves.

They looked a little blurry, but these patterns represented a mysterious symbol.

Ye Feng couldnt understand them at all.

“I see it.

Its this one!” Ye Feng suddenly saw something.

He reached out to pick up a book and flipped through it.

“What kind of characters are these”

This wasMulti-Form Ghost, but the words inside were not Chinese, nor English, or rather, they did not look like the characters used by humans on Earth!

Because these words were too distorted, some even only had graphics and symbols!

After Ye Feng flipped to the first page, his expression suddenly changed, because he actually discovered that at the spine of this book, there were actually golden dragons dancing.

Those golden dragons were lifelike, as if alive… This made Ye Feng involuntarily suck in a breath of cold air.

“Oh my god, this… This is Dragon Text!” Ye Feng cried out in surprise, and his face couldnt help but turn slightly pale.

Because Ye Fengs body contained the power of a high-purity Dragon Seed, he directly resonated with the words on it.

Others might look obscure and difficult to understand, but basically, no human being could decipher the Dragon Text.

However, in Ye Fengs eyes, these ancient words were like lively paintings, constantly flashing and rolling in front of his eyes.

These words were no longer in a deep sleep.

Instead, they continuously woke up and alternated.

Rays of golden light constantly overflowed and enveloped Ye Feng.

The Dragon race had disappeared on Earth for tens of thousands of years, but there were still traces of the Dragon race here.

This was too shocking and Ye Feng could not accept it.

“The bookMulti-Form Ghost actually describes the Dragon race.

Could Professor Lei mean that the Nether Serpent Emperor is actually a Dragon!”

Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled.

Of course, all of this was just speculation.

Professor Lei naturally had his own reasons for letting him check this book.

However, this book was actually written in the Dragon language.

Even Professor Lei probably did not know about this.

Ye Feng flipped through it carefully, trying to find some clues from it.

But after reading for a long time, he was still confused and could not understand anything.

“Ah! How troublesome!” Ye Feng sighed.


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