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When Ye Feng flipped to the thirtieth page, between Ye Fengs eyebrows, a red flame suddenly flashed.

The flame jumped a few times and then turned into a dragon shape, jumping on the book.

“I can actually understand some of it.

Could it be that the Dragon Seed in my body resonated with the words” Ye Feng was immediately overjoyed.

He did not expect that he could actually understand this Dragon Text book so quickly.

Ye Feng flipped through the book very quickly.

It only took him around two hours to finish reading the entire book.

“The Dragon Text written on this book is indeed a type of mysterious and unfathomable character.

Moreover, it is an extremely mystical character.

If my guess is correct, there is a type of character that is specialized in the Nether Serpent Emperor.”

The content of this book,Multi-Form Ghost, was very long.

There were many words recorded in it, and there were also some mystical runes.

These mystical runes all had different shapes, however, they all appeared in an extremely ancient form.

Some looked like dragons, some looked like divine beasts, and some looked like snakes.

‘I dont know what these runes are, but to be able to link them to the Nether Serpent Emperor, it seems like the story in this book is extraordinary! Ye Feng thought to himself.

Although Ye Feng had a hard time reading the words in this book, Ye Feng finally braced himself and finished reading the one about the Nether Serpent Emperor.

There werent many descriptions, so Ye Feng read very quickly.

As he flipped through the pages, Ye Feng found a problem.

The calligraphy in this book was all about some strange flowers and plants, but on these flowers and plants, there were traces of green patterns.

Although these traces of green patterns were very faint and there was only a little, they were very obvious.

“Could these patterns be some kind of curse or some kind of taboo”Ye Feng muttered to himself.

At this moment, Ye Feng thought of many things.

For example, this kind of flower and grass could be a kind of medicinal herb that could assist the Nether Serpent Emperor in its cultivation, or could it be a kind of support-type attack method of the Nether Serpent Emperor

Why did it say that it was only a support-type attack method In the information that Ye Feng had seen, there were records about the Nether Serpent Emperor.

It could use its sharp claws and huge sharp teeth to create destructive power that could destroy everything in its path.

However, he did not have any information regarding the Nether Serpent Emperors skills.

Hence, he did not know.

Ye Feng continued to read and saw some scenes.

It was a huge dragon-shaped behemoth that was looking down on everything in the world.

Ye Fengs consciousness seemed to be pulled into it, as if he had appeared in the dimensional space at that moment.

Ye Feng seemed to have fallen into an illusion.

Everything here was so real that he could even clearly feel the pressure of that dragon-shaped behemoth!

It made Ye Fengs back go cold with aswoosh sound.

Even if this dragon-shaped behemoth was emitting a violent aura, he could still feel it.

Just how powerful was this existence to be able to emit such a huge and sharp might.

“Such a powerful existence.

If everything recorded in this book is true, then this behemoth probably lives in some corner of Earth.

If thats the case, then its too terrifying!”

Ye Feng felt a sense of familiarity with this kind of pressure.

This kind of feeling had only appeared on the Water Elemental Dragon Kings body, and this kind of pressure was not inferior to the Water Elemental Dragon King at all!

Suddenly, Ye Feng came back to his senses, and his eyes suddenly widened.

He was shocked by this crazy idea of his!

“Could this be the Nether Serpent Emperor!”

Ye Feng was suddenly shocked, because this dragon-shaped behemoth looked too similar to the Nether Serpent Emperor.

Although Ye Feng had never seen the true appearance of the Nether Serpent Emperor, he could still tell that this behemoth was very similar to the information Lin Xiaoyue provided him.

“How could it be a Dragon Could this be the appearance of the Nether Serpent Emperor after its evolution Doesnt that mean that the Nether Serpent Emperor is very likely to be a Dragon!”

The more Ye Feng thought about it, the more shocked he became.

The image of this giant Dragon was very similar to the image of the Nether Serpent Emperor in his mind.

Even the aura was almost the same.

This made Ye Feng unable to help but guess many things.

It was already a fact that there were Dragons in this world.

Moreover, Ye Feng had already seen it in the Water Training Hall.

Even the Water Elemental Dragon King, one of the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race, had already been killed by Ye Feng.

Ye Feng naturally believed this point without any doubt.

This thought flashed through Ye Fengs mind, but he wasnt sure.

After all, the Nether Serpent Emperor described in this book was really too young.

“But from the shape of these flowers and plants, they should be related to the Nether Serpent Emperor.”

After thinking for a while, Ye Feng memorized the shapes of these flowers and plants to prevent any accidents from happening.

These things were very precious.

Once they were spread out, it would definitely cause a huge uproar, and it might even lead to a war.

Therefore, this matter must be well hidden and must not be known by others.

Following that, he continued reading.

At the beginning of the 450th page, another snake-shaped beast appeared.

This beasts size was exactly the same as the dragon-shaped beast from before!

Seeing this, Ye Fengs pupils suddenly shrunk.

Now, he could determine that this dragon-shaped beast was the Nether Serpent Emperor.

This Nether Serpent Emperor was looking down on the entire world and the aura it emitted was incomparable!

The Nether Serpent Emperors might was extremely powerful.

It swallowed 108 plants in one go, and the plants that were swallowed by the Nether Serpent Emperor emitted waves of black smoke, these black smoke quickly merged into the Nether Serpent Emperors flesh and disappeared.

“Is this the legendary Nether Serpent Emperors power” Ye Feng muttered, and then continued to look down.

The next scene was a snake-like creature that was lowering its noble head toward the Nether Serpent Emperor.

When this snake-like creature was lowering its head, it suddenly emitted an extremely bright light.

This light illuminated everything in the surroundings, as if a sun was burning, and Ye Feng was standing next to this sun.

“Heavenly lightning!”

Ye Feng carefully observed these heavenly lightning and suddenly had some doubts.

Although the power of these heavenly lightning was very powerful, it did not have any lethality.

These heavenly lightning did not really exist, but were just illusions created by a persons divine will.

Under the control of the divine will, these heavenly lightning seemed to come to life and were shooting waves of heavenly lightning toward the Nether Serpent Emperor.


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