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After the Nether Serpent Emperor let out an angry roar, the heavenly lightning stopped.

Under the control of the divine will, the phantom turned into a real heavenly thunder.

However, the power of the heavenly lightning was too weak to cause any damage to things.

This illusion was a fake heavenly lightning created by the Nether Serpent Emperor after it had swallowed 108 types of plants and its own power had reached a certain level.

This fake heavenly lightning was created by using the essence of 108 types of plants.

Its power was extraordinary and it was based on a type of language that Ye Feng could not understand.

The names of these plants were: Tianyuan Grass, Ghost Grass, Blood Vine, and Ghost Spirit Flower.

The next scene was when the Nether Serpent Emperor swallowed countless plants and suddenly transformed into a human.

At this moment, an extremely terrifying aura was emitted, shooting straight into the sky.

Pictures suddenly appeared in Ye Fengs mind.

The pictures were all about the Nether Serpent Emperor, and there were even some very strange flowers in the pictures.

“This is the true body of the Nether Serpent Emperor”

Seeing this scene, Ye Fengs heart was in turmoil.

He didnt expect the Nether Serpent Emperor to reveal its identity as a human.

In Ye Fengs mind, a huge vertical pupil suddenly appeared.

This huge vertical pupil that suddenly appeared made Ye Feng break out in cold sweat.

After all, this was not an ordinary eye.

Under the blood-red eyelids… There seemed to be a thin layer of blood mist covering this pair of huge vertical pupils.

In addition to the powerful oppressive feeling emitted by the vertical pupils, this made Ye Feng feel a tremendous pressure that he had never felt before from all directions.

It was as if everything was destined to fall and the destruction that was bound to happen.

Under this pair of vertical pupils, Ye Feng had a feeling of being crushed.

There was even an irresistible threat of death.

“What kind of feeling is this Why does it feel exactly like the real thing!” At this moment, a trace of doubt appeared in Ye Fengs heart.

It was as if he was personally under the gaze of this vertical pupil and was about to destroy everything.

Ye Feng did not want to die, but Ye Feng did not dare to challenge this huge vertical pupil.

If this vertical pupil was the Nether Serpent Emperors original body, then Ye Fengs situation would be very worrying.

The existence of this vertical pupil caused Ye Fengs thoughts to be pulled back to the ancient times.

This was a kind of leap between spiritual levels.

Just the leap in level caused Ye Fengs spiritual power to be severely damaged.

This feeling was very uncomfortable.

Ye Feng seemed to be jumping crazily.

If this continued, he would probably die here today!

Ye Feng did not care about the librarys management system anymore.

What he needed to do now was to save his life!

As Ye Feng broke through the restrictions, a powerful spiritual power followed, resisting against the vertical pupil.

The two powerful forces continuously clashed together.

This was almost like two forces that existed in reality, constantly sparring back and forth, fighting back and forth!

However, it was obvious that the power released by the vertical pupil was even more powerful.

In just an instant, it could completely crush Ye Feng!

Ye Feng was a little surprised, but there was still energy left in his body to escape.

That was the power of the Dragon Seed in his body!

This power seemed to be able to contend with the power produced by the vertical pupil!

Although this power of the Dragon Seed came from the Dragon race bloodline, it had already fused with Ye Fengs bloodline.

Therefore, the power of the Dragon Seed was also quite powerful in Ye Fengs hands.

The Dragon Seed contained the power of the Dragon race, so this power was also absorbed by the vertical pupil, which made this power obtain an extremely powerful upgrade.

Now it had reached a new level, but Ye Feng did not know… He still felt very surprised.

“I can actually use the power of the Dragon Seed to help resist the power of the vertical pupil.

Could it be that there are other secrets in the Multi-Form Ghost that I dont know yet”

“Phew!” Ye Feng took a deep breath and suppressed the fear in his heart.

With a bang, Ye Feng burned the power of the Dragon Seed and broke the restriction of the vertical pupil, returning to reality.

Although Ye Feng knew that some creatures could completely transform into humans and hide in the human world due to their high level, he was not surprised.

“No wonder this book is calledMulti-Form Ghost.

The identity of a creature can change so much! Although only a part of it is about the deeds of the Nether Serpent Emperor, it has many uses.”

Ye Feng closed the book.

The rest of the contents were other descriptions, which were of no use to him.

And the Nether Serpent Emperor in front of him appeared as a human.

And the reason why it became like this must have something to do with the 108 kinds of plants it swallowed.

Ye Feng was now even more suspicious.

The identity of the Nether Serpent Emperor was definitely not simple!

This Nether Serpent Emperor was actually a dragon-shaped behemoth.

This could be said to be very shocking, because they simply could not imagine what kind of creature could take the form of a Dragon.

Perhaps only the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race could do it!

The Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race were all divine beasts.

Divine beasts were born from heaven and earth and possessed extremely tyrannical power.

Such power was rarely seen.

Although the Water Elemental Dragon King that Ye Feng fought before was also one of the Ten Kings, it was also Ye Feng who killed the Water Elemental Dragon King before it fully awakened.

Such good luck would not come again in the future.

However, it was very difficult for Ye Feng to associate the Nether Serpent Emperor with the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race.

“If the Nether Serpent Emperor is really one of the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race, then how is it possible that its level is only beyond A grade” Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled, but he had already obtained some very important information.

It was the 108 medicinal herbs, as well as the fake heavenly lightning.

Finally, it was the place where the Nether Serpent Emperor released the fake heavenly lightning, the Noah Canyon.

In the end, Ye Feng also captured a very strange point, which was that in these deeds, in the end, it seemed to prove that the Nether Serpent Emperor was doing something.

It seemed that there were some secrets in that canyon.

No matter what, Ye Feng definitely had to go to this canyon.

This would become an important part of the mission to kill the Nether Serpent Emperor!

“Now it seems that these things are all linked together.

It seems that there must be a huge conspiracy behind these things!”

Ye Feng muttered to himself and then recalled this canyon.

What kind of secrets did this canyon have

“If there really is a big secret here, then that would be great.

Perhaps it would be a very good opportunity!”

Thinking of this, Ye Feng could not help but feel a trace of anticipation in his heart.


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