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Ye Feng now had some understanding.

He sensed that there must be something inside this canyon, perhaps something he needed.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng immediately began to move.

Closing the book, he left the library.

According to the schedule on the plan, they were expected to set off tomorrow, but if they set off tomorrow, it would be too late.

Moreover, these three clues were hinting to him that this Nether Serpent Emperor was definitely not a simple creature.

Beyond A grade was only a side rating for it.

Perhaps this guy was not just beyond A grade!

Seeing Ye Feng walk to the library door hesitantly, Mai An jogged over.

“Whats wrong, Brother Ye Feng Did you find out something” Mai An asked curiously, but immediately stopped when he realized that he had no right to ask about this matter.

After all, this was an S-Rank mission issued by the Academy.

The level of the mission was the highest.

Ordinary people did not have any right to ask about it.

Even professors and tutors were not allowed.

Only the designated mission guidance, professors, and tutors, as well as the members of the mission team, knew about this mission.

Moreover, the mission was directly from the dean.

Ye Feng smiled and glanced at Mai An.

“I can only tell you this.

This creature may be more powerful than we imagined.

Therefore, we must act as soon as possible.”

Mai An nodded and replied, “Of course, theres no problem.

According to the plan, you guys will set off tomorrow, but if the situation is urgent, its allowed to set off early.”

As he spoke, Mai An took out his phone and dialed the number.

“Brother Xinzhe, Ye Feng has finished reading and just came out of the library.

Whats the next arrangement”

The other party replied, “The equipment for this special operation is still being prepared and has been applied according to the priority of the S-Rank mission.

It should be done before nightfall.”

Mai An glanced at Ye Feng and relayed it honestly.

Ye Feng thought about it and could only nod his head.

Since the Academys level for this operation was so high, they could not act rashly.

These equipment was all made by the Academy and they had to be properly equipped before the mission.

It was also to minimize the number of casualties.

After all, the mission this time involved high-ranking figures of the Academy.

It would not be childs play.

The two went straight to the library and sat in a red convertible sports car.

“Brother Feng, where do you want to go next Before the mission ends, I can serve you 24 hours a day,” Mai An said very respectfully.

Ye Feng thought about it and did not have anywhere else to go.

It was not very appropriate to visit the school at this time.

After all, the mission was still more important.

“Go and find Senior Sister.

I dont know what she is doing,” Ye Feng replied and also met up to tell Lin Xiaoyue about the details.

Lin Xiaoyue was the leader of the Special Task Force this time.

If he told her about this, he would probably be able to find a way to deal with it.

“Okay, Brother Feng, please wait a moment.”

As Mai An said that, he immediately started the car and sped off in a certain direction.

“Hey, do you know where it is How did you know that Senior Sister is in this direction” Ye Feng looked at Mai An who was stepping on the accelerator and was a little confused.

“Brother Feng, dont worry.

I have a name in school, and that is the little master of the whole map.

According to you, it is Map Master!”

“Before we came to the library, I noticed that Senior Lin Xiaoyue left in the northwest direction.

There are a few buildings in that direction.

There are only a few restaurants and a coffee shop that are suitable for meeting and dating.”

“If it were you, where would you choose to meet your friends”

Mai An smiled and did not say anything else.

With a step on the accelerator, Ye Feng saw that the scene in front of him had become the place where he had separated from Lin Xiaoyue earlier.

Hearing Mai Ans analysis, Ye Feng could not help but be impressed.

This meticulous observation ability was indeed very terrifying.

‘Could this be one of the sponge symbiosis abilities Meticulous Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled, but this seemed to be the only explanation.

Ye Feng sighed in admiration, but he was not too surprised, because he had long seen that this guy was different from the rest.

Soon, they arrived at their destination, a tall building.

Ye Feng got off the car and looked up at the building in front of him.

He could not help but sigh.

The building in the school was really magnificent, far surpassing the ordinary buildings.

This tall building occupied about five floors of the entire building and was three to four hundred meters tall.

At the top of this tall building, there was something that looked like a circle, like a huge moon.

This was the coffee shop that Mai An mentioned.

This was also the best coffee shop in the entire Academy.

Ye Feng walked in and indeed saw Lin Xiaoyue in a corner, chatting with another beauty.

This was a very standard Western beauty.

She had dark brown eyes and a tall nose bridge.

Looking from the side, she looked very beautiful!

Ye Feng sent a message to Lin Xiaoyue, reminding her that he had arrived at this place.

“Yo, I didnt expect you to find this place.

Your scouting skills are really good!” Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Feng in surprise when she saw him walking over.

“Its all thanks to this brother.

How is it The date is over.

We need to do some serious things,” Ye Feng said with a chuckle.

He was too embarrassed to interrupt their meeting.

“Dont be a stranger.

Let me introduce you.

This is your fourth-grade senior, and shes also our Academys librarian.

She has read the book you mentioned.” After Lin Xiaoyue finished speaking, she looked at Ye Feng with a smile, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Hearing this, Ye Feng suddenly became interested.

He had just finished reading this book and knew that it was full of Dragon Text.

If someone could read it normally and know more details, that would be great.

But to be able to read Dragon Text

Basically, it was impossible for anyone to do so!

Unless the symbiosis was a divine-level Dragon, those people would have some Dragon bloodline.

Other than that, it was almost impossible for anyone to read Dragon Text!

“This senior, I dont know how to address you!” Ye Feng said with some excitement.

“Just call me Angela,” the beauty said.

“Angela, what a good name.

I wonder if you can understand this book” Ye Feng asked directly.

He didnt beat around the bush and asked directly.

“I can understand it.” Angela nodded.

“How do you know you can understand it”

“Because we are all students here.

Besides reading, there is nothing else for us to study here, so I have some understanding of the Dragon Text.

I helped the school translate this Dragon Text book,” Angela said lightly.

“Beautiful Senior Sister, can you lend me the book” Ye Feng asked excitedly.

“No problem!” Angela said.


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