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Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue looked at each other and walked over.

Beside these equipment stood a young man.

He was the technician in charge of the research that Mai An had mentioned.

He looked at Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue and said, “Students, our equipment needs to be tested first.

If there are no problems, we can put it into use!”

“But the quantity is limited.

We can only test it once.

And in this test, you have to learn how to use it.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue both nodded.

After all, the weapons in the Equipment Department were extremely rare.

If they could not be used normally, it was absolutely impossible for them to be put into production, especially for some of the more important weapons.

The quantity that could be produced was already very rare.

It was even more impossible for them to be tested casually.

Seeing that Ye Feng had confirmed it, the man walked into the stone-sized generator.

In fact, this was just like a small-sized launcher.

The main purpose was to launch these stone-sized generators.

Ye Feng did not know what was hidden in such a small generator, but when he recalled the nuclear bomb generator in his previous life, he no longer looked down on this device.

After all, just a small nuclear bomb could instantly wipe out a city.

On the other hand, this was the product of a group of lunatics from the Equipment Department.

No matter how bad it was, it could not be that bad!

And this device was just as Ye Feng had expected.

After Mai An helped him with all the equipment, he gently triggered the switch, and a stone-sized device was instantly shot out!

This kind of generator was very small and exquisite.

Before it was shot out, it could not be detected at all, and it did not need any aiming to be able to shoot directly.

At the moment it was shot out, a ball of red light instantly exploded.


A loud sound exploded beside Ye Fengs ear, and Ye Fengs body was blown away, crashing into a towering tree and sliding far on the ground!

Ye Feng covered his chest and looked at the red device with an ugly expression.

At that moment, he even felt that he had been hit by an extremely powerful missile!

If that red device had not hit a tree but a creature, there was no need to guess what would have happened to it.

Even if it was a beyond A grade creature, if it was completely hit by this, it would still be heavily injured.

This was the confidence of the Equipment Department of Cloud Mist Academy!


After hearing another thunderous sound, the stone-sized device exploded once again.

The second explosion!

“Haha, with this attack, even a peak A grade creature would be instantly killed.

As for the beyond A grade creature that we will have to face in the future, as long as it is hit, I reckon that it will lose at least half of its life!” Zhang Xinzhe who was by the side laughed out loud.

He was laughing very happily.

Although he could not kill the beyond A grade creature this time, he could beat it half to death!

Such power was enough.

Mai An also said with a smile, “Thats right.

With this, the probability of completing the mission will be greatly increased.

Even if there are other unexpected situations, you can still operate it with ease.”

“Actually, your mission process is also very simple.

That is to lure the creature out and then shoot the cannon at it.

The rest of the work, with your level, should be very easy to finish.”

“Thats great!” Lin Xiaoyue smiled.

Seeing the terrifying power of the device, she immediately beamed with joy.

“Humph! Of course, this is our secret weapon!” Mai An nodded with satisfaction, looking at the explosion of the device, a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“This is the latest ultra-destructive weapon developed by our Equipment Department.

As you have just heard, when this bomb appeared, it was like a tiger descending the mountain.

The sound of the explosion was even more like the roar of a tiger.

Therefore, this is also called a Tiger Roar Bomb!”

‘Tiger Roar Bomb The name does sound quite domineering.

I just dont know if it will be useful! Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

After all, the other party was from the Dragon race.

How could the Dragon race be so easily repelled!

However, this was after all a new technology developed by the Equipment Department of Cloud Mist Academy.

No matter what, he had to give it a try.

No matter what, it was better than using his own hands!

Ye Feng nodded.

There were only two shots of the Tiger Roar Bomb, so other than his own, the other shot was also equipped on Lin Xiaoyues body.

This way, one of the two of them would be able to fire this bomb.

As long as they could pin down the Nether Serpent Emperor, then they would have a chance to engage in a standoff.

Ye Feng saw the effect of the Tiger Roar Bomb and immediately knew how powerful the other party was.

This Tiger Roar Bomb added a trace of space attribute to its attack power!

The power of space attribute could affect the enemy within a certain range.

For example, Ye Feng was affected just now.

If it wasnt for his quick reaction speed, he would have been shattered by this bullet long ago!

The effect of this Tiger Roar Bomb lasted for half an hour, and the attack range was very far.

If the Nether Serpent Emperor couldnt finish them off within this half an hour, then the only thing waiting for it would be death.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng had some confidence.

At least this Tiger Roar Bomb could also cause a lot of consumption, especially when dealing with powerful opponents.

This kind of technological power was even more important.

If Ye Feng had a Tiger Roar Bomb like this in his hands back then, the speed at which he could finish off the Water Elemental Dragon King would probably be greatly increased, and some unnecessary casualties could also be avoided!

Ye Feng had to protect Lin Xiaoyues safety no matter what.

Ye Feng did not want to see his teammates die by his side again!

“Were ready.

We can set off now,” Lin Xiaoyue said to Zhang Xinzhe after glancing at Ye Feng.

Zhang Xinzhe nodded.

He raised his hand and pointed in one direction.

“We are now at the edge of the forest where the Nether Serpent Emperor appeared.

That forest is called the Nether Forest.

The Nether Serpent Emperor is probably in the other direction of the forest, which is toward the canyon.”

“I dont know why, but the Nether Serpent Emperor always likes to travel in the direction of the canyon.

It seems that its looking for something.

Its looking for the exact location of the last mission where the team was wiped out, and its also looking for the most recent satellite observation.

The place the Nether Serpent Emperor concentrates in is that direction.

I dont know if its a coincidence, but the Board of Education has also noticed this, so let me especially remind you.”

“This is the Nether Forest” Ye Fengs heart thumped when he heard this.

“What is the name of the canyon you mentioned” Ye Feng asked.


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