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Zhang Xinzhe shook his head.

“There arent any canyons nearby.

This forest is very big, five times bigger than the Amazon forest! Its impossible to say that there are any canyons nearby!”

Ye Feng frowned and thought to himself,Could it be that the things recorded in that book are not very accurate

This idea was immediately rejected by Ye Feng.

This was a book written in Dragon Text.

How could it be fake!

No one could fake Dragon Text, right Moreover, that illusion was so real.

Ye Feng would rather believe that there was a problem with this environment than that there was a problem with Dragon Text.

Speaking up to this point, Mai An directly added, “There is indeed a canyon in the north, but that canyon is hundreds of kilometers away from this forest.

I wonder why Brother Ye Feng suddenly asked this”

Ye Feng was overjoyed when he heard this.

This also proved that they came to the right place, and the description in the book seemed to be correct!

Now, they only needed to find the Nether Serpent Emperor and stop it from entering Noah Canyon.

He just didnt know if it was already on the way to Noah Canyon after so much time.

Hearing Mai Ans words, Ye Feng instantly became spirited and immediately asked, “Is that canyon called Noah Canyon”

Hearing that, Mai An pondered for a moment, then, he nodded and said affirmatively, “Yes, its called Noah Canyon.

This name has a deep impression on me.

Noah is the origin of everything, and this canyon seems to be the origin of the surrounding creatures.”

Noah is the origin of everything

According to the Western saying, Noahs Ark was indeed the symbol of the savior.

If that was the case, did it mean that there were some secrets about the recovery of spiritual energy in Noah Canyon

‘Before I came here, I asked Professor Lei about some secrets about the Symbiotic Continent.

Most of them were about the recovery of spiritual energy.

If the fortune in this canyon is a big discovery, that would be great! Ye Fengs heart skipped a beat.

After all, he came here not only to complete this S-Rank mission and improve himself, but also to look for traces of [Eden].

If he found any clues in this canyon, then he would have profited.

After all, this [Eden] was not something that could be easily found!

When Ye Feng heard this, he was instantly extremely excited.

He could finally find the clues he needed, and he did not need to continue searching aimlessly.

“So thats how it is!” Ye Feng suddenly understood, and he could not help but praise Mai Ans meticulous insight.

This guys details were really useful at the crucial moment!

“Noah Canyon, I must go and explore!” Ye Fengs gaze flickered, and his eyes revealed a burning passion.

“Since thats the case, then you guys should hurry up and set off!” Mai An looked at Ye Fengs excited expression and felt a little strange in his heart.

He did not understand why Ye Feng would be so excited.

No matter what, this was a good thing.

“Were not going to the forest.

Well go to Noah Canyon and look for the Nether Serpent Emperor there!” Ye Feng directly stood up and said.

“You must have remembered wrongly.

The mission plan clearly states that the mission location is in the Nether Forest!” Zhang Xinzhe was stunned.

He did not know why Ye Feng would come up with such a crazy suggestion.

Ye Feng looked at Zhang Xinzhe and the others and said seriously, “According to the Nether Serpent Emperors trajectory, I guess it is very likely that it is no longer in this forest, and that Noah Canyon is its target!”

Hearing Ye Fengs words, Zhang Xinzhe and Lin Xiaoyue were somewhat dumbfounded.

They had never thought that Ye Feng would make such a suggestion, because in their opinion, the risk of doing so was too great!

If the Nether Serpent Emperor was in the Nether Forest and wasnt killed in time, no one would be able to bear the consequences.

Moreover, this was an S-Rank mission.

It needed to be completed strictly according to the requirements.

If Ye Feng raised the need to change the route at this time, then he needed to make an application.

Only after the Board of Education approved could it be carried out.

But now, it seemed that there wasnt that much time left.

Most importantly, Ye Feng and the others mission levels were as high as S-Rank, which also meant that they didnt need to go through the Board of Education to agree at all.

Having the highest level of mission authority, which was the same principle as the ancient times, which was to kill first and report later.

“But this is only a guess.

Maybe that Nether Snake Emperor didnt intend to go to Noah Canyon at all!” Ye Feng saw the surprise of the two of them, so he explained.

“The possibility is not high!” Lin Xiaoyue directly denied Ye Fengs guess.

She didnt want anything to happen to Ye Feng.

But Zhang Xinzhe nodded thoughtfully.

Although he didnt believe Ye Fengs words, he felt that Ye Fengs guess had a possibility.

Ye Feng probably didnt know that the book in his mind was very detailed, and there was such an introduction on the last page.

And before this, Ye Feng had not thought about this at all.

He just felt that this mission was more troublesome.

‘Although I dont know what that snake is going to do at Noah Canyon, if I dont leave early, the development of the situation will definitely exceed my expectations, Ye Feng thought so, and then opened his mouth to propose again.

“Is our mission priority R-Rank” Ye Feng asked.

“Thats right.

S-Rank is the highest rank of our Academys missions.

All of the Academys resources will open up a green passage for you.” Zhang Xinzhe nodded.

“Thats good then.

Lets go to Noah Canyon now.” After saying that, Ye Feng glanced at Lin Xiaoyue.

Although the other party did not know Ye Fengs intentions, they still chose to believe him.

“Alright then.

Since you guys have chosen to go to Noah Canyon to take a look first, then we respect your choice.

Before we set off, lets choose a transportation vehicle,” Zhang Xinzhe said as he led them to an underground garage.

This area belonged to Cloud Mist Academys test area and was also a legal test area that belonged exclusively to the Equipment Department.

The things here naturally had everything they needed.

Walking into the garage, there were over a dozen cars placed inside.

Looking at this Koenigsegg Agera 2013R, Ye Feng smiled.

Not only did this car have a domineering appearance, it also only needed 2.3 seconds to accelerate at 100 kilometers per hour.

This was definitely a luxurious sports car!

This was an old model, but it did not mean that it was obsolete.

On the contrary, due to its outstanding power engine, it was now able to appear before Ye Fengs eyes.

Although the car could not be compared to the new sports cars, it was definitely priceless.

These crazy people from the Equipment Department were really willing to part with it.

These cars were special vehicles for missions, so naturally, there were no fancy sports cars.

However, there were still sports cars like the 911 that had full horsepower.

They were also students who were convenient for missions.

They could have enough horsepower to escape from the claws of all kinds of creatures.

Ye Feng pointed at Koenigsegg and said, “Lets take this one.

We dont need much, as long as we can send it to the destination!”


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