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“Yes, this car is originally only for advanced students.

However, your S-Rank clearance is enough for you to drive any car in Cloud Mist Academy.

This car is also allowed!” Zhang Xinzhe threw the keys to Ye Feng.

After that, Ye Feng let Lin Xiaoyue sit in the front passenger seat while he sat in the drivers seat.

“In addition to the Tiger Roar Bomb, there are also some emergency medical kits and powerful planetary communication devices.

Our support team will provide assistance to you 24 hours a day.

The Board of Education will also pay close attention to you.

In the end, I wish you a successful mission!”!Zhang Xinzhe said and saluted.

Ye Feng also nodded in response.

He stepped on the accelerator, and the blue Koenigsegg horsepower was instantly activated.

Like a burning monkey, it instantly turned into a blue light and rushed out of the underground garage.


In the car, Lin Xiaoyue asked, “Ye Feng, are you sure you want to go to Noah Canyon first”

She was still confused about these things.

Ye Feng nodded and explained, “We have to go to Noah Canyon.

I saw from the book that the Nether Snake Emperors nest is in this canyon.

This forest is probably its habitat.”


“Yes, theres one more thing.

I have to tell you in advance so that you can be prepared.

The Nether Serpent Emperor is very likely a Dragon, and its rank is probably not lower than beyond A grade,

Ye Feng said seriously.

He had to explain this matter to Lin Xiaoyue clearly.

“You just said that the Nether Snake Emperor might be a Dragon Is this true” Lin Xiaoyues beautiful eyes widened when she heard this.

Although she had heard it before, it was a different feeling to hear it with her own ears.

“Yes, Ive read the introduction in this book.” Ye Feng nodded.

“Do you know its origin” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

Ye Feng shook his head.

He really didnt know the Nether Snake Emperors origin.

“How about this, send me the Nether Serpent Emperors picture first.

Ill take a look at it,” Lin Xiaoyue said after thinking for a moment.


Ye Feng nodded and sent the picture of the Nether Serpent Emperor to Lin Xiaoyues phone.

Lin Xiaoyue took the picture and looked at the picture.

She suddenly stood there in a daze, her eyes wide open.

“WhatswWrong” Ye Feng looked at Lin Xiaoyue with puzzlement.

He didnt know what had happened to her.

She seemed to be a little scared.

“How… How did this guy become like this” Lin Xiaoyue said in surprise.

Obviously, this picture had shocked her.

“How is it Can you confirm that its the Nether Serpent Emperor” Ye Feng asked.

Looking at Lin Xiaoyues shocked expression, it seemed that it was very difficult to confirm the identity of the Nether Serpent Emperor.

“Yes!” Lin Xiaoyue nodded affirmatively.

“In that case, lets go to Noah Canyon first,” Ye Feng said.


Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

Then, after archiving the photo, Ye Feng began to control the car and rushed in the direction of Noah Canyon.

The road around Noah Canyon was a grassland, and one could basically see the end of it.

Therefore, they did not encounter any obstacles on the road, and the road was smooth and unimpeded.

In addition, this Koenigsegg was full of power.

It was like a small beast that was bombarding the road.

Ye Feng drove the car and kept thinking about the Nether Snake Emperor.

This was a creature that was rated beyond A by the Academy.

This was also the first time Ye Feng had encountered a creature of this level.

Even if he used his full strength… Could he kill the Nether Snake Emperor

Ye Feng felt that it was very difficult.

After all, the difference between his strength and the opponents was too great.

They could not be compared at all.

“Senior, Im saying that if… if we cant win, what will you do” Ye Feng asked casually.

“Dont worry.

I have a way to ensure our safety,” Lin Xiaoyue said, as if she had seen all kinds of scenes.

Ye Feng did not ask any more questions.

After all, she was the team leader, so she should be the one making all the decisions.

Moreover, she had a lot of combat experience when she went out.

Otherwise, she would not have gone to the deep sea area alone to find him when she was in the Water Training Hall.

Even though she knew that there was some kind of powerful creature here, she still came.

This fearless spirit was indeed very powerful.

“But Im very curious.

Why would the Nether Serpent Emperor hide Even if its the Nether Forest, it wouldnt go so far as to hide.

Its strength is so strong that its enough to dominate an area.

Moreover, why would it be in the nearby canyon Could it be waiting for something” Lin Xiaoyue frowned and said in puzzlement.

“Because its nest is inside this canyon!” Ye Feng replied.

“Of course thats my guess, but didnt Mai An say that Noah Canyon is the source of Western discourse, and its very likely to be a site of a small spiritual energy revival If theres anything in there that could be responsible for all of this, its very easy to explain.”

And that was exactly the kind of power that the Nether Snake Emperor needed to give itself a stronger source of power.


Ye Feng flew all the way and arrived at the area where Noah Canyon was located after three hours.

This was the entrance of Noah Canyon.

This was a vast and boundless plain.

There was no vegetation on the plain and it was all sand and soil.

It looked very desolate.

On the ground, there were a large number of corpses scattered.

These corpses had already rotted and looked as if they had been dead for a long time.

Moreover, some of the corpses had already turned into dried corpses and some of them were still in complete shape, it looked very strange and even made peoples hair stand on end.

They did not dare to approach it.

After Ye Feng stopped the car, he got out of the car and stood in the middle of the desert, sizing up the canyon.

This place was no different from an ordinary desert, but the ground here was covered with green plants.

Even in the daytime, it was a lush scene.

Even in the air… was filled with the faint smell of grass.

Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue got off the car and looked at the plain in front of them.

They couldnt help but sigh.

This place was like a paradise.

Birds sang, flowers were fragrant, and green trees surrounded it.

It was very beautiful.

If it werent for the danger here, few people would come to this place.

Lin Xiaoyue looked up at the sky and asked in surprise, “Is this Noah Canyon”

“Yes, its here.

The plants here are very lush, and there are many insects and ants.”

Noah Canyon was filled with black fog all year round.

A gust of cold wind blew away the black fog, revealing the scene inside.

Right above the canyon, there was a huge black shadow.

Its body was like a small mountain, hovering above.

A strong aura of death made people feel cold.

On the ground inside the canyon, there was a thick layer of black mud that was constantly bubbling.


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