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“I called you here today because I wanted to know more about you and tell you this news!”

As the principal spoke, he took out a small card.

On the grey card with a fringe of flowers.

There were also a few beautiful words engraved on it.

Bronze Honorary Alumni!

“This is the proof that I can recommend you.”

“But I cant help you much.

Im only a Bronze Alumni myself.

I can only recommend you to the best of my abilities.

The rest can only depend on you.”

As the principal spoke, he handed this card to Ye Feng.

It was divided according to the grades.

After graduating from a higher education institution, there would be a graduation assessment.

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Finally, the scores of the assessment would be given.

The graduates would be given the corresponding qualifications.

These qualifications were extremely useful.

It was equivalent to obtaining the recognition of the Symbiote Organization.

With this recognition, one would be able to obtain an extremely high social status and be able to do anything easily.

The change in ones life was also very obvious.

Currently, the higher-ups in China all had very high qualifications.

There were also some very important organizations that could take on leadership roles.

The first thing they looked at was qualifications.

These levels were divided into Black Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Only those who had reached the lowest level of Black Iron could graduate.

For some very powerful higher education institutions, such as Cloud Mist Academy, one of the Five Great Universities, as long as one could enter the school, they would be considered outstanding at the same stage.

Therefore, those who graduated from the Five Great Universities could also use their graduation level to refer outstanding students to their alma mater.

In terms of grades, Black Iron could only be recommended, Bronze could be exempted from the written test, Silver could be exempted from the school entrance exam, and Gold could be exempted from the actual combat test.

As for the highest grade Platinum… could be directly guaranteed!

Although Ye Feng had received the Bronze recommendation from the principal, it was also exempted from the written test.


He only needed to pass the entrance test and the actual combat test.

Only then would he be able to stay in the Cloud Mist Academy!

Being able to enter a higher education institution to further his studies was already Ye Fengs dream.

And now, the principal had actually recommended him to one of the Five Great Universities, Cloud Mist Academy!

Such a reward was many times more than a top-grade Soul Gathering Pill!

A good platform could provide good resources.

Not to mention a Soul Gathering Pill, even 100 or 1,000 of them would not be able to compare to obtaining the qualification to enroll in the Cloud Mist Academy!

The various great clans and factions were all desperate to send their children to the Five Great Universities.


This was sufficient to show the preciousness of the qualification to enroll in the Academy.

Moreover, it was extremely precious.

There was a saying among the people that no matter how useless a piece of trash was sent in, even if he did not become a transcendent when he came out, he would still possess a unique skill that could allow him to return and serve the clan.


Even if they sent a pig in, he could become a transcendent pig when he came out!

Ye Feng naturally treasured this opportunity and quickly thanked him.

“Thank you for your great affection, principal.

I will definitely work harder and strive for a good result!”

The principal nodded and took out a thick document.

“This is the notebook I made when I entered the school.

You should be able to use it!”

Ye Feng took it.

This notebook was very old.

In todays era of technology, it was already very rare to have paper notes.

After flipping through a few pages, even though the surface was dilapidated.

But the contents of the notebook were preserved very well.

The handwriting on it was also very vigorous.

It gave people a very comfortable feeling.

Rather than calling it a notebook, it was more like a secret manual.

And this was a secret manual written by the principal himself!

There was a dazzling array of information recorded on it.

There were even many cultivation methods, as well as many cultivation methods that he had comprehended on his own.

According to the insights recorded on it, it was enough for Ye Feng to increase his godly speed and avoid many detours.


To Ye Feng, this was simply a treasure trove!


“Time passes really quickly.

In the blink of an eye, several decades have passed!” The principal sighed.

“Over the years, there have been many young talents.

The strongest one now has already reached the Transcendence realm, right”

As he spoke, he glanced at Ye Feng again.

“The younger generation is awesome!”

“Ye Feng, Im not afraid of your pride.

Youre the most talented person Ive seen in all these years of teaching.”

“Although those before were extremely talented, they also obtained powerful symbiotes.

Together with their hard work, they were able to reach this realm.”

“As for you, your symbiote is a Slime.

This symbiote that no one thinks highly of is actually being displayed to the fullest by you!”

“The recommendation from the Cloud Mist Academy will definitely belong to you!”

The principal smiled, causing Ye Feng to feel a warmth in his heart.

The feeling of being looked up to by others was truly different.

Moreover, he had entrusted such high hopes to him.

Ye Feng secretly made up his mind that he would definitely make a name for himself.

He couldnt let these people who were looking forward to him be disappointed.

At this moment, another old man also opened his mouth to speak.

“Kid, we have high hopes for you!”

“Before you enter the entrance examination, our schools library will be open to you! Furthermore, you will be allowed to randomly pick an item inside as a gift for you!”

“Of course, the top-grade Soul Gathering Pill that was promised before will also be given to you!”

Ye Feng smiled when he heard that.

There were many good things in the school library.

There were all kinds of weapons, as well as pills, artifacts, magic treasures, and so on.

Moreover, the library was a total of 18 floors high.

He had only been to the library a few times since he entered Wuzhou No.

2 High School.

Moreover, ordinary students could only go to the first to tenth floors of the library.

If they went any higher, only awakened symbiotes could pass.

As for the top two floors, the 17th and 18th floors, they could only enter with the schools permission.

However, Ye Feng had never seen a student who had received permission to enter this place.

After all, this place was too mysterious.

Normal people basically had nothing to do with this place.

Even teachers had a level limit.

For example, teachers below D grade were not qualified to enter this place.

Moreover, it was said that the head of the library guarded these two floors, which was equivalent to living inside.

However, Ye Feng also guessed that the head of the librarys strength was not too weak.

After all, ever since the world began to recover crazily, crises were prevalent everywhere.

Of course, there were also many symbiotic cultivators who had awakened their abilities.

They had ulterior motives and wanted to go inside and steal something to cultivate.

Regarding the theft of the collection, there were reports everywhere in China.

However, there had never been any news of anything being stolen from Wuzhou No.

2 High School.

It could be seen that the Transcendent guarding this library building was at least an extraordinary existence.

Because what was stored there was the most valuable thing in the entire school and even in China.

Of course, it was only a part of it.

But this part could also bring Ye Feng many unexpected surprises.

If he randomly chose one of them, then he would be rich.

It was said that the things there were no less than C- grade goods!

Thinking about it, Ye Feng could not help but smile.

“Thank you, Senior.

This student will definitely do his best to bring glory to the school in the future!”

All the seniors nodded their heads in satisfaction.

To be able to nurture such a talented student, they were extremely satisfied.

They were all looking forward to the road ahead.

“Cloud Mist Academys assessment will begin the day after tomorrow.

You just need to prepare for these two days.”


Ye Feng nodded his head and replied.

“But before I go for the assessment, I still want to return home and inform my parents.”

After all, Cloud Mist Academy was located in Shanghai, and it was still very far from Wuzhou.

Ye Feng was somewhat worried.

He did not know how long it would take for him to return.

He wanted to go back and inform his parents before making a decision.


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