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The principal nodded.

“Indeed, you need to inform them.

After all, the mountain is high and the road is long.”

“How about this You go back and rest first.

The privilege of the library has already been given to you.

After synchronizing it to your identity card, you can go over whenever you want.”

“Finally, I still hope that you can pass the assessment!”

Ye Feng replied with an “En” and left after thanking him.

The school had given him so many resources.

He absolutely could not waste them!

Moreover, he had the system as his backing.

It would still be a matter of minutes if he wanted to pass the assessment, but it was also very important to improve himself.

Ye Feng thought and wanted to make a trip to the library first to see what was inside.


Just as Ye Feng left, the principal turned around and said to Li Ruyan, “What do you think you should do as a student”

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“Keep a low profile and be steady.

I believe that the assessment is just childs play for him,” Li Ruyan said after thinking for a while.

“Oh Such a high evaluation” The principal was also deep in thought.

“Of course.

I know this student the best.

I have been paying attention to him since he was assigned to my class.”

“His grades are always at the top.

His theoretical knowledge is very solid.”

“En… How should I put it It can be said that his entire person is like a ferocious beast that is hunting.

Waiting for an opportunity, he will quickly attack and kill in one hit!”

“He is a very strange person, but I cant say what is strange about him.”

After listening to the explanation, the principal took a sip of tea and seemed to be deep in thought.

“You should make a trip to Ye Fengs house later and personally tell his parents about this matter.

I hope that they can understand how precious this opportunity is.”

“If I were to miss Cloud Mist Academys assessment because of my parents, I would feel very regretful.”

Li Ruyan nodded and stood up to leave.

After leaving, Li Ruyan quickly followed Ye Feng and asked, “How confident are you in the Cloud Mist Academys assessment the day after tomorrow”

Ye Feng extended a finger and said with full confidence, “70%.”

Not to mention the difference between the symbiotes, just based on his level, his current level was enough to crush most people.

In fact, the 70% confidence that Ye Feng said was still modest.

“70%… isnt low.

In short, if you perform normally, you will definitely pass the assessment.”

Li Ruyan looked at Ye Feng and did not say anything.

With Ye Fengs character, it was very likely that he was still hiding his strength.

Moreover, boasting was never Ye Fengs style.

“It is said that the second and third places in our school have all obtained the qualification to take the assessment of Cloud Mist Academy.”

“The method of the assessment every year is different.

Sometimes it is a team cooperation, and sometimes it is a one-on-one battle.”

“In short, if you take the notebook given by the principal, you will increase your chances of winning!”

“You have to know that many people have tried their best to get this notebook, but the principal refused to give it to them.

However, when the principal saw you, he gave it to you without a second thought.

You are really lucky!”

As they walked, Li Ruyan explained everything.

“I have a rough understanding of the situation.”

“However, is there any news about the second place, Teacher”

Ye Feng had been paying attention to the second place Chen Hao, and he was also very curious.

This was because the second place had been won through battle.

It was also a proper weapon in the human world.

Such a fierce person, if he knew more about it, he would have more confidence.

“Chen Haos symbiotic body is a Flood Dragon.

The specific abilities and attributes are recorded in the principals notebook!”

Li Ruyan pursed her lips and smiled.

When Ye Feng heard this, he was a little puzzled.

“Why did Teacher say that”

“Haha, I dont know anything else, but I definitely know this because…”

“Because what!”

“Because our principals symbiotic body is also a Flood Dragon!”

Ye Feng was stunned for a moment.

A Flood Dragon, that was a mythical level symbiotic body!

The principals response was indeed different…

While Ye Feng was shocked, he felt more and more about the use of the notes.

“Oh right, Teacher, do you have a suitable cultivation technique to recommend me to use”

“The symbiotic body that Ive awakened is not suitable for developing combat abilities.”

“So, I was thinking of using cultivation techniques to make up for it.”

Ye Feng asked.

“Cultivation technique Why didnt you say so earlier Youll be participating in the assessment the day after tomorrow.”

“If you cultivate now, you definitely wont have time!”

Li Ruyan looked at Ye Feng in surprise.

“Hehe, dont worry about this, Teacher!”

“Dont I have the privilege of the library I can choose anything at will.

This opportunity is extremely precious to me!”

“Of course, I cant waste it.”

Ye Feng spoke cheerfully.

After all, he had advanced to the path of a mage.

It was really difficult to choose a good skill or cultivation method.


And now, he had accidentally learned the discovery of magic.

As long as he combined it with a skill that could attack, that was simply like adding wings to a tiger!


The librarys 18th floor, the innermost room, is the library directors special treasure room.”

“Theres something you want in there!”

“Dont say that I told you, or else Ill be scolded by that old thing for a long time, haha!”

Li Ruyan also compromised in the end.

After all, Ye Feng was also preparing for the assessment.

Therefore, Li Ruyan also did her best to satisfy Ye Feng.

“Alright, thank you for your guidance, Teacher!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Now, he had a goal!

He wouldnt have to go to such a huge library and search everywhere.

That would waste even more time, and there would be an assessment later, so he didnt have much time left.

“However, I have to remind you that although the skills learned through cultivation techniques and secret manuals are powerful, the spiritual energy consumed is also very huge, so under normal circumstances, try not to use them casually.”

“Moreover, as a symbiote, you also have to cultivate the abilities of the symbiote.

If its an ability derived from the self-awakening, then that would be the best,” Li Ruyan said with a serious expression.

“Dont worry, Teacher, I wont use it casually!” Ye Feng also explained with a smile.


“I really cant guess the thoughts of young people.

To comprehend a top-tier cultivation technique in just over a day…”

“Under normal circumstances, even a strong person wouldnt be able to comprehend a top-tier cultivation technique in just a year or so, not counting the time spent on cultivation…” Li Ruyan said helplessly.

Ye Feng only smiled in response and did not say anything.

After all, it was indeed impossible to comprehend a top-tier cultivation technique in a short period of time.

However, he had the system!


What followed next surprised Ye Feng!

“Im going to your house to invite your parents over to the school so that I can tell them about your situation directly.”

“Do you want to go with me”

Ye Feng thought about it.

Since she was going to the school, he might as well just wait for them to come.

Moreover, Li Ruyan also had Ye Fengs home address, so she did not need Ye Feng to lead the way.

“Id better go to the library first.

Ill have to trouble Teacher to bring my parents to school!” Ye Feng said with a smile.

Li Ruyan replied with an “En” and left after a few words of advice.


In the outskirts of Wuzhou.

In a lonely courtyard, a robust middle-aged man was sitting at the entrance with his back hunched.

He was smoking a pipe and looking into the distance.

It seemed like countless worries were drifting into the distance along with the thick smoke.

In the courtyard, a woman was choosing vegetables.

It seemed that the couple was preparing to cook.

They saw Li Ruyan walking over.

They stopped what they were doing and looked at Li Ruyan eagerly, waiting for her first question.

Although they did not have any impression of her, they knew that this was Ye Fengs form teacher.

They had seen this form teacher on the day the new students entered the school.

Until now, three years had passed, but they still hadnt forgotten.

“You are Ye Fengs parents, right” Li Ruyan looked at the couple who were looking at her with wide eyes.

She felt very embarrassed.

She didnt walk in front of them, but opened her mouth to ask.

“Yes, yes, we are Ye Fengs parents.”

“Its like this.

The principal invites you to the school to discuss Ye Fengs matter.”

Li Ruyan had just finished speaking when the couple panicked.

With an extremely nervous expression, the man asked first, “Teacher Li, did something happen to my Ye Feng”

“I heard that the training competition has just ended.

Its been so many days and I still havent seen him come back.”

“Did he get into some big trouble…”


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