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“Dont panic, the principal specially entrusted me to come this time.

Please come to the school and have a seat.”

Li Ruyan smiled slightly.

“Ah Is the matter very serious”

“But… Fenger is usually so obedient.

How could it be… Teacher Li, are you mistaken”


Li Ruyan shook her head and said with a smile, “No, Im not mistaken.

This is a big matter.

How could I be mistaken!”

“This directly concerns Ye Fengs entire life!”

“Ah Its that serious!”

“Ai, since this has happened, then it can only be like this.

If anything happens to Fenger, we will all bear the responsibility…”

Hearing the two old people say this, Li Ruyan also felt relieved.

They loved Ye Feng so much.

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If she told them that Ye Feng would go to Cloud Mist Academy to further his studies, they would be the happiest for him.

Presumably, they would not raise the idea of stopping him.

After all, such sensible parents, there were really very few of them now.

“Dont panic, elders.

This is a surprise, but its not a bad thing.

Go to the school principal and he will explain it to you personally.”

“I will wait for you outside.

We will go over after you finish eating.”

Li Ruyan smiled and was about to find a place to sit down.

Hearing that, the two elders immediately put down the things in their hands and said in an urgent tone, “No, no, lets go over now.”

“Ha Ye Feng is really fine.

Its good news, but the principal still wont let me tell you.

He wants to tell you in person, so I can only keep it a secret, haha.”

“Good… Good news”

“Yeah, Ye Feng got a good ranking in this training competition!”

Li Ruyan thought about it and told them a bit.

Which training competition wasnt big

The discussions on the internet were also wave after wave.

Looking at the dumbfounded expressions of the two elders, Li Ruyan also guessed that they didnt have cell phones at all, nor did they have the conditions to surf the internet.

In addition, this was the suburbs, so it was indeed quiet.

There were almost no people around.

Therefore, they naturally didnt know that their son had actually won the first place.

“If thats the case, well be relieved…”

“But, why did the principal call us over”

“Lets talk about the specifics when we get back to the school!”

After saying that, Li Ruyan brought the two elders back to the school.

“Did Fenger steal the first place and then get targeted in the dark”


“Then his path will be difficult…”

On the way, mother was still worried about Ye Fengs situation.


“Dont talk nonsense.

Fenger has always done things in an open and aboveboard manner.

He should know better than us what to do about symbiote cultivators.

Moreover, in short, he wouldnt do such a thing!”

Li Ruyan looked at the two elders and reminded them again, “Dont worry, youll know later.”

As they spoke, they arrived at the principals office of Wuzhou No.

2 High School.

“Please come in, the principal is waiting for the two elders!”

“Ill explain the specific situation to you.

Of course, I hope youll consider this opportunity as well.”

Li Ruyan smiled and left after she finished speaking.

She pushed the door open.

They saw a bald middle-aged man.

“Hello, Ye Fengs parents, right”

“Please sit down!”

The three of them sat together and started to talk about Ye Fengs situation.

When the two elders heard Ye Fengs results, they couldnt help but show shocked expressions.

“Are you sure its first place!”

“What first place!”

“First place in the training competition! 1,011 points! Its a record that has been broken for a hundred years!!!”

“Ah Are you sure its Fenger”



The two elders excited expressions made the principal happy.

What a glorious event this was!

Being in the top ten of the training competition was already a pretty good result.

At the very least, it could bring glory to the ancestors.

To break through to the top three, there was no need to mention the outstanding ones at this stage!

First place!

That would be heaven-defying!

One had to know that throughout the years of the training competition, the top three were basically obtained by the various large clans.

Only those clans with deep foundations would have a large number of resources to nurture an extremely outstanding descendant.

Moreover, only after obtaining the top three spots would one have the chance to be recommended to one of the Five Great Universities of higher learning.

Basically, for hundreds of years, the top three spots had been taken by these large families.

Even the top ten did not have a single person with an ordinary background.

Basically, they were all existences with large family backgrounds.

However, Ye Fengs appearance seemed to have completely broken this shackle.

That was fine.

But Ye Fengs points were still unstoppable.

They directly broke through the highest point in a hundred years and directly reached 1,011 points!

What kind of existence was this!

Even if the principal did not recommend Ye Feng, there would naturally be various universities coming over to poach Ye Feng.

However, among these universities, there was naturally no one from the Five Great Universities.

After all, these veteran universities had always been by recommendation and did not take the initiative to recruit students from outside.

But this was also enough to be awesome.

For a moment, the burden in the old couples hearts was finally relieved and they let out a long breath.

What a glorious sight!

When they heard the principal say that he was going to recommend Ye Feng to Cloud Mist Academy, the air suddenly froze for an instant.

After that, their father was the first to excitedly hold the principals hand.

“Principal, thank you so much for nurturing Fenger.

I will never forget your kindness in this lifetime…”

“Ai, thats not true!”

“These were all obtained by Ye Feng.

Seeing how open-minded you two are, I am relieved!”

“The Cloud Mist Academy is a long way from here.

After we head over there, we wont know when well be able to make a trip back for a while.

Since you guys are at ease, then he should make good use of this opportunity!”

The two elders nodded their heads heavily.

They had been looking forward to such an opportunity for far too long!

Finally, with this opportunity, how could they bear to let Ye Feng give it up!

What reason did they have to let him give up!

This was the best way to improve!


At the same time, in the library.

With the help of special privileges, Ye Feng easily arrived at the top floor of the library, the 18th floor.

The things here were indeed dazzling.

This was also the first time.

Ye Feng entered the most mysterious place in the library.

According to the classification of levels, the 18th floor was the most valuable place in the entire Wuzhou No.

2 High School.

After all, the items here were all of a different level.

The level was far beyond everyones imagination.

Ye Feng came to a huge iron door and took out his identity card.

He put it up and swiped it.

He only heard a beep.

The huge iron door didnt open with a bang.

Instead, it formed a medium-sized teleportation tunnel in the middle.

This tunnel was just big enough for one person to pass through!

“A teleportation tunnel appeared Why didnt they open the door directly”


In confusion, Ye Feng opened his legs and walked in.


A wave of dizziness followed.

Not long after, Ye Feng regained his consciousness.

“This is actually a space…”

Seeing that his surroundings were almost completely dark, Ye Feng immediately understood that he had passed through that tunnel and arrived at a different space!

This was the most mysterious place on the 18th floor!

If he directly pushed open the door and walked in, it would be an ordinary collection.

But even though it was ordinary, as long as it appeared on the 18th floor, it would not be ordinary.

It could be considered a top-notch treasure.

Compared to the things inside the tunnel, it was only ordinary.

This space was very mysterious.

Even if Ye Feng released his perception, he would not be able to detect the size of this space.

It was like extending out a cage.

Even if you used all your strength, it would be useless.

‘There is an extremely powerful array here, right Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

He did not care anymore and walked inside.

As Ye Feng went deeper, other than the darkness in the space, hidden cabinets kept appearing.

Inside the hidden cabinets, countless items appeared with Ye Fengs thoughts.

It was actually controlled by the mind!

As Ye Feng was surprised, a vigorous and powerful voice appeared, followed by an extremely powerful spiritual energy fluctuation!

“Who is it!”



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